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oh wow! tomorrow is actually xmas!

i'm sick too. cough cough. achoo achoo.
hawaii was awesome, post on that later.
but the day after flying back i woke up with a sore throat and it's not gone away.
instead it's gotten worse. so meh. good time to catch up on things...

obviously the world is on facebook - aside from certain portions of it.
if you find me on there (i only add people/friends i know in real life now), i've just posted/updated/finalized my flying 2010 album.
here's the public link:

flight list:
february 04 - SJC to PHX
february 09 - PHX to SJC
february 10 - SFO to ATL
february 16 - ATL to TPA
march 02 - FLL to IAH to SAN
march 02 - SAN to SJC
mar 31/apr 01 - SFO to LHR
april 14 - EDI to AMS
april 20 - DUS to VIE (canceled)
april 21 - DUS to VIE
april 26 - VIE to BLQ
april 29 - BLQ to LGW
may 12 - LTN to HAM
may 17 - HAM to LTN
may 19 - LHR to IAH
may 24/25 - IAH to LHR
may 29 - LGW to FCO
june 07 - BLQ to VIE
june 16 - VIE to LGW
june 22 - LHR to DFW to SAT
june 24 SAT to DAL
june 30 - DAL to ABQ (to LAX)
june 30 - LAX to SJC
july 16 - SFO to SAN
july 25 - SAN to SFO
august 02 - SJC to LAS to TPA
august 10 - TPA to PHX
august 16 - PHX to SJC
october 08 - OAK to SAN
october 10 - SAN to OAK
october 13 - SJC to PHX to SJD
october 22 - SJD to LAX to SJC
november 10 - SJC to AUS to LUV
november 15 - LUV to AUS to SJC
december 10 - SJC to HNL
december 19 - HNL to SJC

2010: Point to point 43 times. I took advantage of the rail in order to enjoy the scenery from the ground: TPA to FLL (across Florida), LON to EDI (stopped in Malvern then N via York - nice station, btw), AMS to Essen (flying makes no sense, 1st class rail yes), Rome to BLQ (1st frecciarossa is nice, large stations under construction, no!). 2011 will hold less, but I still have future flights confirmed!

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A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip down to San Diego with some friends.
A pretty simple itinerary. Airport, Hotel, Food, Sleep, Dive, Dive, Dive, Food, Sleep, Zoo, Airport.

It was fun tho I was pretty grumpy cuz of owie teeth. (which I took care of right after the SD trip in the bestest way!)
And before flying out of Oakland airport (instead of San Jose), me n Alexis was in San Francisco running errands and scarfing up yummy stuff at Ti Couz.

2010 october 07 - san francisco

2010 october 07 - san francisco

scallops overload!
2010 october 07 - san francisco

2010 october 08 - Oakland

scooba shirt!

2010 october 08 - oakland

2010 october 08 - OAK to SAN

2010 october 08 - OAK to SAN

dana hotel!
2010 october 08 - san diego

spicy yummy soup
2010 october 08 - san diego

2010 october 09 - san diego

2010 october 09 - san diego

2010 october 09 - san diego

2010 october 09 - san diego

2010 october 09 - san diego

drying all the dive gear!
2010 october 09 - san diego

2010 october 10 - san diego

2010 october 10 - san diego

2010 october 10 - san diego

2010 october 10 - san diego

2010 october 10 - san diego

2010 october 10 - san diego

long exhausting day of walking all around the zoo. but it was fun!
2010 october 10 - san diego

2010 october 10 - SAN to OAK
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My year in review.

yes. i realize the year isn't done yet but i've got some changes happening and now is as good a time as any to summarize the past year of travel and work - especially since i've decided it's the right time to move on.
i have some flights booked in the next couple of months. one is a flight from the US to London, the other is a flight from Copenhagen to Vienna, and another for Vienna to Bologna. I'm going to cancel them or else postpone them for a later date (in 2011) and we'll see what happens.
Otherwise, I'm going to be staying state-side for the next few months. I don't want to say that my days of traveling are over, but I will say my days of working as a fetish model are. It's time for a fresh start, yup yup!

One major thing I notice now with my blogging is that it completely went to shit. Too many of my LJ entries are twitter crap.
Well, at least i've stopped the retweets into my LJ. Unfortunately that didn't necessarily keep me posting so there are empty gaps that should have been filled with proper blogging. I need to fix that.
Luckily I do have the moblog so at least I have some sense of where I was during the year without having to sift through hundreds of one-liners.

BTW, clicking on links below will lead to more detailed LJ entries. some have lots of photos in them.


Jan                  San Francisco, CA

Feb 04-09         Phoenix, AZ
Feb 10-16         Atlanta, GA
Feb 16-23         Tampa, FL
Feb 23-Mar 02   Fort Lauderdale/Miami

Mar 02-31         San Francisco, CA

Apr 01-06         London, UK
Apr 07-14         Edinburgh, UK
Apr 14-19         Amsterdam, NL
Apr 20-26         Vienna, AT
Apr 26-30         Bologna, IT
Apr 30-             London, UK

May 12-17        Berlin, Hamburg
May 17-19        London, UK
May 19-24        Houston, TX
May 24-29        London, UK
May 29-            Rome, IT
May 24-29        London, UK
May 29-            Rome, IT

Jun 01-04         Bolonga
Jun 04-16         Vienna, IT
Jun 16-22         London, UK

Jun 22-23         San Antonio, TX
Jun 23-30         Dallas, TX

Jul 01-05          San Francisco
Jul 05-11          Eureka
Jul 16-24          San Diego/Ensenada/Channel Islands @ Sea

Aug 02-10       Tampa, FL
Aug 10-16       Phoenix, AZ
Aug 16-26       San Francisco, CA
Aug 26-30       Sacramento, CA

Sep 29          ATL/LHR
Oct 12          CPH/VIE
Nov 05          VIE/BLQ

January - I'd been staying local. Not doing much besides going to the Nuthouse. I started using FourSquare and I also had to start up a new FaceBook profile due to being deleted. For NYE i stayed local & didn't fly anywhere exotic. Wow. Exciting. Got to go to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] meico  and [livejournal.com profile] ayia  visiting from Scotland. That was cool. Oh, I also cemented in plans for my big bday bash (taking place in March). I was supposed to perform at another party but since they couldn't take the time to confirm, I decided to throw my own. (and it was awesome). I ranted about models (again) and i saw Up in the Air (and I liked it). Gilles Berquet sent me a book (i'm in it). Oh, I also spent too much time ranting about Alt vs Fetish.

February - Samar and I flew to Arizona for the fetishball out there. It was great. I was so excited to be at an airport after almost like a billion days of no air travel (it was about 84 actually). and when we got to SJC, it was new and different too! (airports=porn). then in Arizona we hung out with cookie mostly, went out, and i got to swim in a super heated pool and then check out the Desert Botanical garden which gave me a renewed interest in seeing as many Chihuly scluptures as possible during my travels. I also did a lil shoot too. After I got back to Cali, I unpacked and then packed for my flight to Atlanta the next day! That was fun. Hung out with all sorts of peeps, and then jumped on a flight down to Tampa where most of my days were spent in the sun enjoying the weather by the pool and hitting DisneyWorld. Then I decided at the last minute to head over (by train) to Ft Lauderdale to visit Kendra James & Gary.

March - stuff happened. like my decision to 'retire' came into my head. had a huge bday party and almost everyone showed up (ok not EVERYONE). It was awesome. it was great. it was just about perfect. tho samar had a lil accident and [livejournal.com profile] allenfalkner  spent a little more time in the hospital than he wanted to. oh, and at the end of the month, i flew to London (hello British Airways strike!).

April - arrived in London to find my upcoming travel plans to places like Great Malvern & Edinburgh about to be disrupted (hello Rail strike!). Luckily, they were not in the end. yes, flying would have been cheaper but this time it was about the journey! there was a festival in london with a bunch of people into japanese bondage. it was fun. i skipped a fetish party to go see the Royal Philharmonic play StarWars with [livejournal.com profile] craigclare  and it was awesome (but not as awesome as my bday party). Went with [livejournal.com profile] ynl  to see the Van Doesburg avant-garde exhibit at the Tate (and that was awesome too). Spent some time in Worchestershire then headed up to Scotland where I discovered my white latex catsuit covered in stains (lesson: no more lending my shit out to bitches). Then I flew to Amsterdam. The day after my flight trouble erupted! (hello Eyjafjallajokull! btw, if you're actually reading this and you do that thing where you read to yourself but just tripped, here's a little hand: “AY-yah-fyah-lah-YOH-kuul.”) Amsterdam was super and i got to perform with [livejournal.com profile] mirja  at Wasteland. The volcano really screwed stuff up. I took a train to Dusseldorf to catch my flight to Vienna (while constantly keeping track of updates). After checking in to my flight and waiting around to board, it was canceled. I spent too much money cuz of the damn volcano. But eventually flew to Vienna. Then ended up in Bologna. And then finally back to London.

May - Torture Garden Bday - performed with Satomi one night, then the following night had an awesome show with SukaOff. It was awesome (like many other things this year). I went to Holloway Rd to do some shopping and some fucktart FedEx man stole my phone. I chased after him. He got in trouble. Flew to Hamburg for the GermanFetishBall & stayed with [livejournal.com profile] tatsu_otoko  a bit. It was a nice visit! Performed with Amrita (it was super fun) and ran around with [livejournal.com profile] ropemarks  & [livejournal.com profile] sleek_imager  & other friends a bunch! Hung out in the Hamburg airport lounge a little longer than i wanted to but figured out how to spend the time wisely. (Hello again, Icelandic volcano). Flew to Houston (Hello, BritishAirways strike, AGAIN) for the Texas FetishBall & performed 2 shows with Athena Fatale. Hot weather & awesome relaxation time & good hanging out time too! Then back to London for a bit so I could pack for Rome!

June - the last nite of the TG/Ritual Rome party I performed. It was fun too. It was a great weekend even though doing this one performance finally turned me off on the idea of performing anymore. Doing shows like this for so little compensation is just frustrating. I can't work the days after due to soreness and marks. yeah. So this actually turned out to be one of my last show in the EU. I headed up north via train and spent time around northern italy: Ferrara, Modena, Asti.  Even went to this nudist place which was actually very nice (and kick ass weather!). Eventually, back to Vienna, then back to London. Watched a massive amount of World Cup games. I barely missed any!  Saw ron athey discussion with [livejournal.com profile] ynl  which was cool. [livejournal.com profile] gurlesque  was there too. and then back to Texas (Yes, again! Yes, again British Airways issues!) Did a lot of things in Dallas. Performed with [livejournal.com profile] allenfalkner  and then a couple of days later he suspended me. we also did more stuff. Also remembered [livejournal.com profile] olmendoza 's birthday - or what would have been his birthday.

July - ROAD TRIP!!! with Samar. Headed north to Eureka, and then north again. RAWR.Got covered in goo on the beach while wearing BritishPetroleum colours. Flew to San Diego and then journeyed to Ensenada (Mexico-land) to jump on a fucking boat. (do i need to mention the awesome?) Spent ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR - FIVE - SIX & SEVEN days on the Nautilus Explorer and went diving just about every day! RAWRRRR. Then, gorgeous days spent in San Diego and ComicCon just happened to be around at the same time as was [livejournal.com profile] sissystck  [livejournal.com profile] corruptmorals  and [livejournal.com profile] stevedietgoedde  !

That's good enough for now.
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I attempted to fly from DUS to VIE on april 20th.
the flight was canceled in the end and I had to fly out the next morning.

I don't think i've seen an airport so quiet - except for some crazy 4am type of thing.
but then, even at that hour, it doesn't have the same feel of emptiness.

2010 april 20 - DUS to VIE (canceled)

2010 april 20 - DUS to VIE  (canceled)

2010 april 20 - DUS to VIE (canceled)

2010 april 20 - DUS to VIE (canceled)

2010 april 20 - DUS to VIE (canceled)

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I'll be performing with Amrita during the main party and then doing a little demo at the expo of some sort - either a latex themed one or perhaps even a little bit of bondage.

got my air booked too:
Flug 2323
London Luton nach Hamburg Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010 15:00
Abflug: Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010 15:00
Ankunft:Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010 17:35

Flug 2324
Hamburg nach London Luton Montag, 17. Mai 2010 18:00
Abflug: Montag, 17. Mai 2010 18:00
Ankunft:Montag, 17. Mai 2010 18:35

Back to London on the 17th instead of heading down to Vienna because I need to catch a flight on the 19th to Houston, Texas for the Texas FetishBall where I'm performing a new show with Athena Fatale ;-D
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once again the traveling will start soon!
I've gotten most of my April itinerary sorted out.
This time, not just air, but quite a bit of rail too!

Mar 31/Apr 01
British Airways 286

Apr 06
rail to Leicester
rail to Worcester Shrub Hill / car to Malvern

Apr 07
rail to Edinburgh

Apr 14
EasyJet 6923

Apr 19
rail to Solingen

Apr 20
Air Berlin 8812

Apr 26
Austrian Air OS 550

Apr 29
British Air

Still need to figure out when I am flying to Hamburg. Might stop off in Berlin first.
Then leaving for Houston after the German FetishBall for a gig and returning to the EU after most likely.

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Back to Amsterdam!
Ended up changing one of my December flights on EasyJet into something I can actually use:

Wednesday 14 April
Edinburgh To Amsterdam
flight 6923;
dep 16:50
arr 19:20


I'm flying back to London on 31 March
then after a bit of thought, I realized I'd take the train up from London to Edinburgh instead of flying. Should be a nice trip that way.
Most likely on the 5th of April.

I think I'll start booking those dates now if possible.
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flights booked:

03 November
14h05 - 18h35
London Heathrow to Atlanta, GA

27 November
19h50 - 14h00 (+1)
San Francisco to London Heathrow
British Airways
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All about the small airlines for these next bounces:

30 Sep 2009
Lyon to London Stansted
EasyJet 3190
18h35 - 19h15


05 Oct 2009
London Luton to Edinburgh
EasyJet 15
16h10 - 1725


13 Oct 2009
Edinburgh to Bologna
RyanAir 4327
12h05 - 15h45


19 Oct 2009
Bologna to Vienna
Austrian/Tyrolean 550
20h05 - 21h45


28 Oct 2009
Vienna to London Luton
EasyJet 2198
21h00 - 22h20


London to Atlanta
03 Nov


26 Apr 2010
Vienna to Bologna
Austrian/Tyrolean 549
17h45 - 19h30
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Itally to Austria booked.
LOL @ April 2010 date


Bologna to Vienna
19 Oct  - 20h05 / 21h45
OS 550
Tyrolean Airways


Vienna to Bologna
26 April - 17h45 / 19h30
OS 549
Tyrolean Airways
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Monday 05 October
London Luton To Edinburgh

flight 15; 
dep. Mon 05 Oct 16:10
arr. Mon 05 Oct 17:25

booked n confirmed

i hope i wont freeze my ass off in edinburgh. june was already a bit chilly!

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NO other airlines that do Edinburgh to Bolonga direct by RyanAir ?!?

From Edinburgh (EDI) to Bologna G Marconi Airport (BLQ)
Tue, Oct 13Flight   4327
DepartEdinburgh (EDI)      12:05
ArriveBologna G Marconi Airport (BLQ)      15:45

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Mon 27/04
Bologna to Vienna
Wed 06/05
Vienna to Paris
Mon 11/05
Paris to London
Mon 18/05
London to Lisbon
Wed 27/05
Lisbon to Berlin
Berlin to Amsterdam (tent)
Amsterdam to London
London to San Francisco
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the next few bounces:

Thu 09/04
Amsterdam to Essen
Wed 15/04
Air Baltic
Dusseldorf to Riga
06h35 - 09h40
Wed 15/04
Riga to Tallinn
Tue 21/04
Air Baltic
Tallinn to Riga  
08h50 - 09h45
Riga to Venice (Marco Polo)
11h25 - 13h05
Mon 27/04
Bologna to Vienna
Thu 07/05
Vienna to Edinburgh
Sun 10/05
Edinburgh to London
Mon 18/05
London to Lisbon

heading back to Amsterdam in June.
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Wed 15/04
Dusseldorf to Riga
06h35 - 09h40

Tue 21/4
Tallinn to Riga  
08h50 - 09h45
Riga to Venice (Marco Polo)
11h25 - 13h05
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thought this was already booked. well it is now.

London Stansted to Amsterdam

flight 3009; dep. Wed 01 Apr 19:05
arr. Wed 01 Apr 21:10

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flight booked. gonna try out this Virgin America thing
irritating i can't get VirginAtlantic miles on it though.

Monday, 3/2/2009 Depart: New York, NY (JFK) 4:40 PM
Flight 25 Arrive:  San Francisco, CA (SFO) 8:35 PM

three weeks in cali to chill out
but now thinking about hitting Hawaii with mom n pops!
it's birthday time after all!

march 10-19 on oahu with a jump over to Maui :-)

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Monday 18 May
London Luton To Lisbon

flight 2367;
dep. Mon 18 May 16:45
arr. Mon 18 May 19:30
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  Atlanta, GA (ATL) to New York, NY - LaGuardia (LGA) Flight 337
  2:48 PM     5:00 PM

hmm. airtran. i hope it doesn't suck.

house is only 10 minutes from airport without traffic. so hope it's not too shitty at 5pm.

Tattoo Appt set up with lovely mr Patrick Conlon for Feb 24 at 1pm!

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back on BA

Flight numberBA2227
FromGatwick (London) Terminal N
Depart17 Feb 2009 11:50
Arrive17 Feb 2009 16:25

see you [livejournal.com profile] kippiepoo !!!

Flight numberBA0284
FromSan Francisco International Terminal I
ToHeathrow (London)
Depart25 Mar 2009 17:15
Arrive26 Mar 2009 10:25

then to amsterdam, essen, bologna, vienna, etc...