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I'm heading back to the Netherlands in April for Wasteland!
Performing April 17 and most likely with [livejournal.com profile] mirja  !!!

Lukas Zpira and Satomi will also be at this one too!

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Back to Amsterdam!
Ended up changing one of my December flights on EasyJet into something I can actually use:

Wednesday 14 April
Edinburgh To Amsterdam
flight 6923;
dep 16:50
arr 19:20


I'm flying back to London on 31 March
then after a bit of thought, I realized I'd take the train up from London to Edinburgh instead of flying. Should be a nice trip that way.
Most likely on the 5th of April.

I think I'll start booking those dates now if possible.
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um, yeah.
well this coming Sat is the VonGutenberg FetishBall up in San Francisco.
It used to be called the Marquis America or Marquis FetishBall up until a few months ago (July) when the first one happened.

I'm not performing at this one, unless stumbling around in latex is considered a performance of sorts. In any case, i'm currently in negotiation for the March fetish weekend. It should be settled by the end of next week.

Probably end up going with [livejournal.com profile] sokkmonkey and [livejournal.com profile] vienna_la_rouge and a buddy from local bar. Hopefully the sokk-ed one will drive, then I can drink. um.... not sure what i'm wearing. maybe another HW catsuit n hood outfit or else i'll go girly with the atsuko kudo or maybe even that white/red Syren thingy. I really do think i should do the heavy rubber though cuz everyone always dresses nice and pretty at these things and i can actually go all out with the crazy stuffs.


In other fun & fetishball-y news, I'm confirmed for April 17 at Wasteland in Amsterdam next year. Going to do a big show using gear from MedicalToys.com and maybe even [livejournal.com profile] mirja will do it with me...

I really like the job they did on this video from last April. The one from November is up and it's good too, but it just doesn't have me in it since I didn't go (yet i was going to be booked for it too grrrr). lol. Someone played this song the other night at the local bar and I couldn't stop thinking about the video. hah!

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here's a video with a sampling of the guests and shows during the April 2009 event
I posted it over at [livejournal.com profile] fetishparty  but since I never posted it in my own blog, here it is!

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now just trying to sort out how many shows and which ones exactly!

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uploaded all the fotos to the moblog from my mobile (for Amsterdam and Essen)

the rest are at http://kumimonster.tumblr.com

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The Moblog is updated!

Blue skies over London, Mar 30

Still blue at Stansted! April 1

clear night at Schiphol - april 1

seriously gorgeous day. dam square. amsterdam april 3

gorgeous peoples getting ready for gorgeous party night ! - april 4

gorgeous gato

rubbers april 4

staring down the edamame - april 5

rawrrrr - april 5

april 6 - she's like "i've had it up to here... i told you to go before we left the house!!!"

dendermonde april 6 - lovin' it.

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So today was gorgeous!
Ended up heading out the door to Centraal to find the hotel [profile] vima_sophia  was staying in and then taking her down Sluitstraat and visiting [livejournal.com profile] mirja  over at PaarsLingerie. Oh what a dangerous shop! Chantal Thomass, Lejaby, Aubade, La Perla (Black Label too), Wolford. The Marlies Dekkers was just dee-vine!
We escaped with ourselves (ie.wallets) intact and headed over to get some DimSum and then up to Aboslute Danny's shop where I introduced Danny to her cover model. Hung out a bit, and she offered me a gig for June 12/13 Clinic Weekend as well as December (though i don't know if i'll be around then). I have to make sure i have remaining Schengen days to return to the EU before I confirm.
Well now I have to figure out a heavy rubber show to do. Can't do anyting trite, so I'll have to think on it. Probably get [livejournal.com profile] mirja  to do it with me too. We'll have to figure out a good show. yikes!
Took a quick stroll over to the flea market, then headed back to the lingerie shop because our feet were tired (and our heads too).
This time the shopping commenced (not for me though). Vima picked up some sexytrans pieces and a gorgeous fragile top by La Perla Black Label. Hopefully the feathers will remain. I will end up going back to get something after the Wasteland show. And I know exactly what i'm getting too!

Back to the hotel for her, then back to the house for me. Tonight staying in while [livejournal.com profile] mirja  and [livejournal.com profile] x5nder  hit some techno party in Rotterdam. I'm being good annd saving my energy for tomorrow nite. Watching TV shows on the laptop.
My Skype just rang a little while ago. It was the San Francisco Chronicle trying to sell me a subscription I'm guessing, "Good Afternoon, This is the SF Chronicle" I kind of had to laugh a bit while asking, How did you get my SkypeIn number and it's actually more like 1am since I'm in Amsterdam!" She hung up after a short pause. Oh well!

This is tomorrow nite!!!!


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thought this was already booked. well it is now.

London Stansted to Amsterdam

flight 3009; dep. Wed 01 Apr 19:05
arr. Wed 01 Apr 21:10

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Wasteland Saturday April 4th
North Sea Venue, Hemkade 48, Amsterdam - Zaandam.
From 22.00 till 06.00
45 Euro - ex fee

Buck Angel: AVN 2009 Nominated transsexual performer of the year(USA); Hip Sick Theatre; Kumi Monster (USA); Boogshe vs Miss Camilla in "Nasty Boys";
Tatjana Warnecke Fashion Show (Ger); Amrita (Jap); Chris Cross Cortortionist (Uk); Run paint run, Coco, Peter Diablow & The Blood Squad; Mrs Lucrezia (Bel), and much more...


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a simple and uneventful flight into amsterdam via Sterling.dk. the airport at CPH has had some changes. a larger security walk though area, as well as a big new shopping area that you have to walk past to get to the gates.
landed in once piece and went to pick up my bag, then meet up with Chantal and [profile] ropemarks. [profile] x5nder had also just flown in from somewhere and [profile] mirja was there to meet him so we all jumped into the car and headed to the houseboat i was staying in with [profile] fd_midori  and [profile] sfracerx. The bags were dropped off and then a walk to dinner at a restaurant that was quite tasty (forgot the name). i ended up with the lobster half and slightly spicy tomato and red pepper soup followed by a chocolate bombe thing with choc macadamia nut ice cream. yum yum yum!

the next day we walked around looking for an internet cafe without the pot menu. ended up walking all the way up to the Dam but the Irish pub we ended up in was kind of nice. Finally, i headed out towards Geuzenveld to see Louva and Anton as well as D (not seen her since right after she was born). Only had a little time for a visit. Back to the houseboat to meet up with M n K and get our butts over to DasArts n set up for our show thing.

I didn't get to see the other performances as we were dressed up and in costume but [profile] sfracerx did. i think her reports were that the stuff was kick ass (not her exact words though). Our show went off nicely, and as usual, i have some bruises n bumps including one on my left boob that [profile] ostanine noticed. Ended up finding a bottle of vodka (one of the students' bday) and we drank from that a bit. then back to the houseboat. i headed out to the corner bar where i started to get my drink on. ended up talking to guys in from Denver. I told them they reminded me of DJ Jazzy Jeff. I dont think they took it as an insult, as they bought me a drink. I told them they should head up to the RedLight and get laid before the city cleans itself up. [profile] fd_midori and [profile] sfracerx showed up (they had to have food or something) and then we jumped into a cab and got our asses to the ARC bar where we hung out with bootyful gay boys watching fashion tv.

Cab, stumble to houseboat. drunkeness. woke up too early. hangover. owie. finish packing. ink all over skin from show still. cab to airport  (worth every cent of the 40 euro i spent). head in pain. check in desk lady asked me if i wanted window or aisle. i requested window. get chocolate at fancy store for [profile] ostanine then liquids for me. drink drink. get on plane and realize i got shafted with a center seat. (BOO! Olympic Airlines). fuck.
so uncomfortable. and it's a 3+ hour flight. oh well. i lived. must make certain that doesn't happen again. (nor the vodka followed by jack daniels part).

Very smooth landing (yeah Olympic Airlines). didnt even noticed we touched down. back in Greece. during the flight i had a blanket rolled up and i used it for a neck cushion. at the baggage claim area a lady came up to me with it and said i forgot it on the flight. ooh nice. but i explained it was olympic airline's blanket. i still thanked her though. got bags and saw John right away. so many people  flying in last nite. a ton of tourists too. i guess the tourism ads promoting winter travel in Greece is working!
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05 Nov 2007 - ATH to VIE - olympic airlines (i really need to get my icarus card/frequent flyer thing set up with them)

11 Nov 2007 - VIE to CPH - Air Berlin. (i love this airline.)
(i'm just missing the manifest party by a day. oh wells!)

16 Nov 2007 - CPH to AMS

18 Nov 2007 - AMS to ATH - Olympic Airlines


all booked n confirmed.

i still have to settle my Paris and London dates
but at least this bit is ready to go!

And I must remember to pack LIGHT but WARM!
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so [livejournal.com profile] ulorin_vex scanned the Demask advert out of the last Skin2 for me
this was shot during one of my trips to Amsterdam (though it was just to fly in to shoot the catalog, then i took off for another city for another shoot. early am wake up. fly in. go to Demask. get to bed. airport the next day - or something like that).

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so Demask has updated their site as well
also, i am on the new full page ad in the new issue of Skin Two
tho i've not been able to get a scan yet. (anyone wanna help?)


amsterdam, NL
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november 4 at:

performing with Bob from Ropemarks

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just a quick itinerary change

no berlin for november
instead directly to vienna from amsterdam
tho via bratislava..
oh well, cant beat 11 euro total!

Mon, Nov 06, 2006
Amsterdam - Schiphol >
12:00 14:05
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Billund is in Denmark.
like here:

there's even a LegoLand too!

danish village... ja ja

pirate village... for [livejournal.com profile] captianmenace[livejournal.com profile] misstiamaria[livejournal.com profile] _yungfuktoi_


i leave Billund on the 4th. Just in time to bug Ancilla and Alexander for a short while, before heading off to do a bondage show with [livejournal.com profile] ropemarks at the Wasteland party that night.

26 OCT
19:50 21:05

- - -

04 November, 12:50, Billund Billund
04 November, 13:35, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt Terminal 1

04 November, 14:55, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt Terminal 3
04 November, 16:20, Amsterdam Amsterdam
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still trying to pin down dates n things
this next travel binge is getting a bit odd
a lot of invitations which is great, but it's getting tougher to get confirmations.
a variety of reasons, other parties, payment issues, itineraries, other performers, etc.
if promoters take too long to confirm, that means they have to pay more for airfare though...

bouncing over to London first (around 17)
waiting on hearing about Dublin. [livejournal.com profile] suka_off is going to be there. i'd like to go and see them as well, though it will mean pushing back my visit to Athens. They have some new shows and there are the ones I have in mind too.

end of September (30) i have Torino confirmed. though i'm waiting on the girl i am supposed to do a show with. She's been offered to go to Lyon. (suka off will be there as well). If she does to the Lyon party, then that's fine. The guy doing my Torino party is going to try and get Amrita, though this time i'm trying to get [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori the gig with me.

London, rubberball. I'm working for HWdesign at the expo. that's settled. [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori and I must figure out if we're doing the RubberBall or the TG party. waiting on TG's offer. no x-booking again this year. though i'd love to do my show with [livejournal.com profile] suka_off too since they'll be at TG (already booked independently from me). One of the shows i have in mind (with suka_off) requires destroying a perfectly good latex catsuit that i have (white, skin 2, about $300). i also need to order an HW kitty hood in white. i would rather have it be ruined at a larger event. oh well.

mid october more work. i must bounce over to Berlin, shoot, see [livejournal.com profile] anna_phobia and the others. then do a couple shoots in Bremen, then get my ass over to Vienna. I have to figure out what i'm doing for Halloween too...\

I have a shoot in London at the end of Oct but i can always shift that so I dont have to go back.

Wasteland is confirmed for November 4. a bondage show with Bob - and Chantal too i hope.
Soon before or after Amsterdam, I should get to Copenhagen - perhaps Halloween there if not Vienna?

looking at Athens after that (nov 10) though could do the. Must see what the promoters will agree to. it will have been long enough from our (me n suka off's) last visit to warrant bringing us back out.
I think I have a shoot with [livejournal.com profile] chantarose near the 3rd week of November so must head back to London eventually.

I'd really love to hit Paris again. I must figure out how to swing that. Or even Stockholm. Or somewhere... Nuit Elastique is early December but they dont usually pay for performers and well, I dont perform for free. Plus, I've been trying to be with my family for days like Thanksgiving especially since i've not really been home more than a month. I can switch and do Xmas at home. Last year I spent Xmas in Amsterdam and the year before i was in London.

gah. a couple of days before some of these actually confirm, then i can confirm others...

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so the new flyer is out.
seems a bit odd. bright. just odd.

that'd be Ancilla Tilia, DJClark Kent from Berlin's KitKatClub and me.
latex from HWdesign.at (hat from atsukokudo.com)

shot by TonyWard
@ Jimmy Woo's
that was when edgar davids showed up!

november 4 at: