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just like the subject heading says: more images from the show ...
these were shot by kinkerbelle - http://www.kinkerbelle.com/





Someone commened the other day on one of these images from my Dallas performance. They mentioned how it looked really cool and couldn't wait to do it. Basically, they were going to take my idea and do it themselves. Great. Not sure how I feel about that one - oh yes, I think I do. What crap. It's not like they even understood the concept going on in my head especially when all most people see online are the images. And even for those in the audience, I'm pretty sure they didn't realize that I did have a concept in mind and wanted to feature aspects of minimalism for this  show... Oh well. meh.

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performed in Dallas.
here's one of the shots i got so far
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Within the space of a single month this year, I flew into Texas twice from London. The first time was near the end of May for the Houston FetishBall and the 2nd time was in June. First I flew into Dallas and bounced over to San Antonio for a couple of days and then headed back to Dallas for the rest of my visit.

2010 june 22 - LHR to DFW to SAT

2010 june 23 - san antonio

Several months ago, around the time of my birthday, I made a couple of decisions. The first was to use the rest of this year to wrap up my shooting - that is, to travel as I normally would, but also tell any interested photographers that this would be my last year of booking such shoots. I'll still do some work next year with friends like Valentina and HW/FetishLive though. The other thing that popped into my head was the idea that I wanted to try and hang. There are a number of people I am friends with that regularly do this, but when it came to figuring out who I'd look to for my first attempt, it was pretty much a no-brainer. So off to Dallas it was to visit [livejournal.com profile] allenfalkner . Samar flew in from San Francisco to help out (make me bleed) and Athena Fatale was there as well to document. Courtney arrived after work to help out a bit too.

There were another thing I was certain of as well. I wasn't interested in putting on a performance. Shifting into doing hook suspensions for shows is still not my intention. I wanted this to be a private, personal attempt and putting myself on display like I normally do for work would detract from my goal.

I made the decision to do this sometime around February/March of this year. I also mentioned it to Allen when he came out for my birthday party. After that I really didn't think much about it until I had to book my flight into Dallas. Once that was done, again, i didn't think much about it at all. For some reason I thought that it'd be something to slightly stress over but in the end, the idea only started to make me nervous about 30 minutes before the first hooks went in.

So I spent the week hanging out with Allen & Samar and even Kurt from Art with Latex who hooked me up with some cool pasties for my Sunday evening performance at the Church. We even went shopping at Ikea to buy candles... super great smelling candles. But the show is another story. Hell, I think the ropes hurt me more than the hooks in the end. It seemed definitely more traumatic to be honest, especially after the uncontrolled rack-like experience the audience subjected me to.

2010 june 24 - dallas

2010 june 24 - dallas

2010 june 24 - dallas

tweeting at each other
2010 june 25 - dallas

2010 june 25 - dallas

2010 june 27 - dallas

2010 june 29 - dallas

OK. So here are the photos of the hanging day.
It's almost funny to see how stressed out my face is before the first hooks compared to after the 4 are through.

2010 june 29 - dallasfrom Athena’s mobile

2010 june 29 - dallasfrom Allen’s mobile

2010 june 29 - dallas

2010 june 29 - dallas

here are more shots from athena's phone

2010 june 29 - dallasfrom Athena’s phone(a lil out of order)
2010 june 29 - dallasfrom Athena’s phone (a lil out of order)

2010 june 29 - dallasfrom Athena’s phone(a lil out of order)

2010 june 29 - dallasfrom Athena’s phone (a lil out of order)

SushiTime after that.
2010 june 29 - dallas

The next day (June 30)  I headed over to the aquarium to walk around and check it out for a couple of hours before heading to airport for the flight back to California finally. I'd been away for just over 3 months this time.
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i dunno, but it's after 5am here in Atlanta.
oh damn.
i updated the moblog completely

i need to sleep,
but first, since i've not been around
here are some shots from a shoot my last day in arizona with co-model cookie haworth and photographer Andy Hartmark:

(btw, these were snapped by his iPhone)

2010 february 09 - Tempe(from Andy Hartmark’s phone)

2010 february 09 - Tempe(from Andy Hartmark’s phone)

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by *kumimonster on deviantART

Clickedy for the larger image n stuff.

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After Lyon, instead of staying on the continent, i flew back to London in time for the London Fetish Weekend.
First thing I did was visit Holloway Road to see Atsuko Kudo, then spent some time at Fettered Pleasures. Ended up meeting up with Samppa and Aneta for sushi at Bento in Camden. Then back to the house.

I think I became slightly addicted to the xbox and Guitar Hero. not good!

I was planning on getting to TortureGarden a little later but forgot about the fact that i'd need to do the rehearsal for the fashion show thingy.
Ended up getting there a touch before 19h00 where me and [profile] helene_atsuko got to see the HW Design outfits for the first time. They ended up looking like pieces from Flash Gordon/Superman - but think more along the lines of the evil characters! (Ming or Ursa from Krypton!)
The latex featured was the transparent but paint patterned sheeting with smokey black trans and black accent with a little bit of trans.

I wanted to head back to the house but realized that would just be a waste of time so I stuck around the club and got some food nearby.

The bondage show with Amrita was a smaller version of our Lyon performance - must less rehearsed and I planned on exerting less energy but during the show I kind of changed my mind and ended up becoming completely inverted for a while. Owie on my shoulders!
And AUA on my back too after Amrita sat on me.
Of course, I only realized how much it hurt the next day!

These one is from Mathieu Richardoz:

And this one is from Siberfi:


After the show, I put the latex back into the box and threw on my latex track suit n flip flops and ran to the bar. Ended up dancing around and having a blast. I didn't get home until sometime near 05h30. I even left after the TG office crew so I didn't get paid out for my show even! lol!

The next day I felt the pain, but ended up meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond and Sacha, Eden and Heiko, and [profile] hyperion_101 for dinner in Shoreditch. [livejournal.com profile] ynl and his work buddy came too. After eating we stumbled over to Hoxton for some drinks before stumbling home.

The following day, I packed up my things and headed for the airport for my trip to Edinburgh!

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Le Tendon Revolver - Number 2

Avec par ordre d’apparition :
Gilles Berquet (facial), Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, Francesco Defourny, Lolmède, Olive, Marie Nöel DöBY, Harukawa Namio, Bruno Richard, Xavier Robel, Stéphane Blanquet, Mïrka Lugosi, Marie-Laure Dagoit, Chris Hipkiss, Ryan Standfest, Fanny Michaëlis, Céline Goergen, Ichiba Daisuke, Nuvish Mircovich, Frédéric Fleury (Dorsal).

36 Pages – format 17×26cm
Couverture “couleur” sur Rives 170 gr.
Intérieur noir et blanc sur papier centaure 110 gr.

Prix public (et démocratique) :  5 euros

United Dead Artists
Juin 2009


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it's almost midnight here in Eureka.
we're about to shoot one more set (video).
just gotta wait for the lighting to get set up.

here are some webcam shots i took today between sets.

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paris, fr
shooting: Gilles Berquet/Mirka Lugosi
la maison témoin - kumi
12 may 08
this is from our 4th or 5th shooting session.
mirka shot behind the scenes while we worked.
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too much text, not enough photos!

so here's another one :-)

berlin, DE
foto by [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond 

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here's a shot i posted over in [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing 

there's now a featured gallery over at the website

go take a lookie loo!

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Unfortunately, Satomi can't make the party we were going to perform at in Lyon.
But luckily, I have a perfectly wonderful back up!
I've already performed with Amrita in London several times, Essen, Rome, and Athens.
It'll be our first time performing together in France.
It's a new show I've come up with and instead of a super messy ink and paint covered girl, I'll be getting a little crispy!
(actually, i hope not).
There will be bondage (of course), suspension, and fire.
I can't wait to dress the stage. I've become used to the idea of performing on a stage that's been completely set rather than just jumping up and trying to do a show on a club stage which usually leaves a lot to be desired. I prefer being able to create an actual environment and this piece will require it in order to look good!

london, UK
torture garden bday ball - elements of suffering show

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In Berlin [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond  scored this really great location found inside (and beneath) a swimming pool hall.
We showed up earlier that day to shoot before Lukas & Satomi headed over with SaSa.

Right now Satomi is trying to arrange her schedule in order to meet me in Lyon for the Bal des Supplices event happening at the end of September. She's somewhat nearby, only she might be a bit rushed getting to/from events.
The one i have planned is going to be great - a bit of bondage, a bit of fire, a bit of ... well, I can't just give it away, but it'll be a very pretty one, and not as messy as some of the other shows have gotten!

Here's me trying to make it look like it didn't hurt I guess. There is a color version too, but for now, I think I like the B/W.

berlin, DE

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just found this online
shot by manolo
quite a while ago!

London, UK
[livejournal.com profile] madmaxtattoo  in the dark bit

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these are from [livejournal.com profile] hedonydesign 
he said he liked the show
and he didn't get messy either - til after

you can find the rest at FetishBoudoir.com ( > blog)

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here's the first image i received from my shoot with harmony in melbourne.
i like it tons

melbourne, au
face painted by mishka

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and one more from Gilles Berquet

open the image up in a new window as it's at 800 pixels here but should be 1000 - can't really see it when it's small.