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here's the first image i got back from the shoots in berlin with torsten solin.
no dead animals as the shop didnt prepare the creatures for him on time.
but teddy bear babies and massive amounts of grey paint (later for those)

berlin, DE
torsten solin

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too much text, not enough photos!

so here's another one :-)

berlin, DE
foto by [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond 

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[livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond  sent me some pix of our shoot the other day
i'm trying to not post them all at once ;-)
some bondage one and some well, just fun ones.

this slide was cool. it's in the shape of an elephant :-)

Berlin, DE

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In Berlin [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond  scored this really great location found inside (and beneath) a swimming pool hall.
We showed up earlier that day to shoot before Lukas & Satomi headed over with SaSa.

Right now Satomi is trying to arrange her schedule in order to meet me in Lyon for the Bal des Supplices event happening at the end of September. She's somewhat nearby, only she might be a bit rushed getting to/from events.
The one i have planned is going to be great - a bit of bondage, a bit of fire, a bit of ... well, I can't just give it away, but it'll be a very pretty one, and not as messy as some of the other shows have gotten!

Here's me trying to make it look like it didn't hurt I guess. There is a color version too, but for now, I think I like the B/W.

berlin, DE

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Well it's been quite some time since i've been to Berlin, I guess this year i'm making a visit with [livejournal.com profile] ropemarks  to perform at the German Fetish Ball & Expo :-)

I'm actually performing with Chantal for the main party. We've come up with something a little messy, a little wet, and a little bit full of OW (for me). Bob's going to sit this one out so Chantal gets to play with the ropes!

Then for the expo we've all got something fun in mind too of course!


still need to write about the Tallinn party n post stuff -

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here's a shot from a set i just found.
i never uploaded this to my site after i received them.
this was before we actually started shooting.

andreas neubauer
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ok. so worked a bunch on photos today.
all sorts of loose images sitting in emails from various people, places, and shows.
they're all cleared out and ready to update on the site now.

here's one from last year

berlin, 2006
shot by GiliShani
latex shorts from VexClothing

gotta go nap, then dinner at RAN
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i'm headed back into it!

London for a few days, then off to Athens. mostly Athens.
possibly somewhere else, depends.

Flight number:  BA0284
From:           San Francisco International Terminal I
To:             Heathrow (London) Terminal 1
Depart:         14 Jan 2007 16:15
Arrive:         15 Jan 2007 10:30

Flight number:  BA0285
From:           Heathrow (London) Terminal 1
To:             San Francisco International Terminal I
Depart:         21 Feb 2007 10:30
Arrive:         21 Feb 2007 13:15

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more blondeness with a touch o blood

shot in berlin by that guy named on the huge watermark under my tits
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ok. so this is from the other day at the kit kat club in berlin. monika did the make up.

berlin, DE
shot by gili shani
latex from vex
(based off of some new valentino stuffs!)
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so it seems a bunch o peeps coming to berlin for the pornO weekend.
michael from erosartist.com
[livejournal.com profile] tatsu_otoko from hamburg-schlagzeilen.de too!
a shitload of others...
but i need to go to bed so i wont mention em

so me n [livejournal.com profile] anna_phobia decided why the hell not.
dinner at MIRO.
the opening party for the prOn weekend is at 21h00
so get there 18h45 - 19h00

Raumerstr. 29
10437 Berlin
Pankow / Prenzlberg
S Bahn Prenzlauer Allee

read more:

rice queen
Danziger str. 13
10405 Berlin Pankow
U Bahn Eberswalder Str.


who's in?
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supposed to go visit lustwandel to pick up bday gift
but i be tired n cold
so bett.

[livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond will come over this evening then off to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] anna_phobia.
Sascha from www.bombboutique.org is going to cook for us.
then off to some bar somewhere.

tomorrow shooting all day at KitKat

going to shoot a couple of flyers for the Blood party and other things with Gili
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2nd trip to Vienna booked and confirmed.

YEah more Air Berlin

Nov 08
TXL - VIE AB 8752 19:20 20:30

Nov 14
VIE - DUS AB 8241 12:35 14:05
DUS - STN AB 8676 15:05 15:20
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Martin Munkácsi. Budapest – Berlin – New York
Retrospective of the Great Photographer

Venue: Martin-Gropius-Bau
5 August – 6 November 2006

Berliner Festspiele. An exhibition of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg/
Haus der Photographie with friendly support of Joan Munkacsi
and ullstein bild

F.C.Gundlach, Enno Kaufhold, Klaus Honnef

Berlin sponsor: Hauptstadtkulturfonds

He was the best-paid star photographer of his time. Budapest, Berlin and New York were the stages on his road to success. He photographed athletes and dancers in action, freed fashion photography from the confines of the studio, and set the static medium of photography in motion. Martin Munkácsi (1896-1963) is regarded as the most important pioneer of modern photojournalism. The evolution of the medium and changes in taste caused him soon to fall into oblivion. The Grand Retrospective in the Martin-Gropius-Bau entitled “Martin Munkácsi – Photographs” now restores to this son of Hungary his unique position in the history of photography.

The exhibition shows more than 350 photographs from the years 1923 to 1963, including 300 original prints. Many photos were never republished after their first appearance in newspapers and magazines and are therefore almost unknown today. The search lasted for years.

Major American museums refused the donation of the Munkácsi archive after his death in 1963. His pictures and negatives were scattered all over the world, and a large part of the work he left behind was lost. Only the Ullstein Archive in Berlin and the F.C. Gundlach Collection in Hamburg still possess complete portfolios of his life’s work from the Hungarian, German and American phases.
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so [livejournal.com profile] anna_phobia



was there a FICKSCHNITTEN?

(i like fickschnitzel better)


i want to hear details...
[livejournal.com profile] cazgatita [livejournal.com profile] misteremit(your bday too!) [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermund [livejournal.com profile] lati_bin [livejournal.com profile] firstaidkid the others... ?~?~~?~??!?!?!
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so Tegel/Berlin to Bergamo/Milan

19 October
19:05 20:35

Just in TIME for DINNER!


CDG/Paris to LHR/London
14 December
13:50 14:05

nice. star alliance accepts Virgin frequent flyer cards.
next: SAS billund to amsterdam
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my buddy paul nathan is in the UK now
he's headed over to Berlin soon
i think his bday coming up as well

Paul will be performing at the Edinburgh Festival from August 3rd until August 11th.
Paul will be Performing in London from August 12th through August 30th.
Paul will be performing in Berlin September 1st through the 11th.
Sept 8 & 9 Paul hosts Berlin's best Berlesque show, The WILD ROSE REVUE

a few of you probably know him from the FetishEvolution parties in Essen, AbsoluteKink in Amsterdam, or from Jamaica at the KinkInTheCarribean events.

his email is listed at his site
and i know he's looking for fun distractions and people while in Berlin!
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so a couple years ago i was in Berlin.
I ended up heading over to the KitKatClub with [livejournal.com profile] abwaerts

I remember ordering drinks from this one bartender.
she was pretty hot
or it might have been the JD

she was wearing a wife-beater, an ammo gunbelt, and engineer boots.

talking to GiliShani now.
he tells me her name is Tanya.
now i have name to face.

we're going to shoot
Gili n me
just gotta figure out a date which of the dates when i'm in Berlin
the site is at
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comin together nicely now


starting out in london...
oct 2 shoot
oct 5-8 rubberball weekend
oct 11 shoot
oct 12 bounce to bremen
oct 13 shoot
oct 14 shoot
oct 15 bounce to berlin (or maybe the 14)
oct 18 to athens
oct 20/21 underworld (must confirm things still)
oct 25... hmmm vienna? copenhagen? prolly. gotta figure out where i wanna spend halloween if i dont go back to london.
all i know is nov 1 to amsterdam
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still trying to pin down dates n things
this next travel binge is getting a bit odd
a lot of invitations which is great, but it's getting tougher to get confirmations.
a variety of reasons, other parties, payment issues, itineraries, other performers, etc.
if promoters take too long to confirm, that means they have to pay more for airfare though...

bouncing over to London first (around 17)
waiting on hearing about Dublin. [livejournal.com profile] suka_off is going to be there. i'd like to go and see them as well, though it will mean pushing back my visit to Athens. They have some new shows and there are the ones I have in mind too.

end of September (30) i have Torino confirmed. though i'm waiting on the girl i am supposed to do a show with. She's been offered to go to Lyon. (suka off will be there as well). If she does to the Lyon party, then that's fine. The guy doing my Torino party is going to try and get Amrita, though this time i'm trying to get [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori the gig with me.

London, rubberball. I'm working for HWdesign at the expo. that's settled. [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori and I must figure out if we're doing the RubberBall or the TG party. waiting on TG's offer. no x-booking again this year. though i'd love to do my show with [livejournal.com profile] suka_off too since they'll be at TG (already booked independently from me). One of the shows i have in mind (with suka_off) requires destroying a perfectly good latex catsuit that i have (white, skin 2, about $300). i also need to order an HW kitty hood in white. i would rather have it be ruined at a larger event. oh well.

mid october more work. i must bounce over to Berlin, shoot, see [livejournal.com profile] anna_phobia and the others. then do a couple shoots in Bremen, then get my ass over to Vienna. I have to figure out what i'm doing for Halloween too...\

I have a shoot in London at the end of Oct but i can always shift that so I dont have to go back.

Wasteland is confirmed for November 4. a bondage show with Bob - and Chantal too i hope.
Soon before or after Amsterdam, I should get to Copenhagen - perhaps Halloween there if not Vienna?

looking at Athens after that (nov 10) though could do the. Must see what the promoters will agree to. it will have been long enough from our (me n suka off's) last visit to warrant bringing us back out.
I think I have a shoot with [livejournal.com profile] chantarose near the 3rd week of November so must head back to London eventually.

I'd really love to hit Paris again. I must figure out how to swing that. Or even Stockholm. Or somewhere... Nuit Elastique is early December but they dont usually pay for performers and well, I dont perform for free. Plus, I've been trying to be with my family for days like Thanksgiving especially since i've not really been home more than a month. I can switch and do Xmas at home. Last year I spent Xmas in Amsterdam and the year before i was in London.

gah. a couple of days before some of these actually confirm, then i can confirm others...