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for [profile] mr_chris_cam to get me from the hotel
i woke up before the 8am call time.
go figure.

wish i had q-tips


this is me in the grand hall at union station yesterday

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August sorted for Montreal, Tampa, Chicago, and San Francisco!
Shit, still need to sort out Vienna for July

such a relief to have the August travel sorted before the ticket prices skyrocketed
(even tho my air is covered)
now if i can only get New Zealand and Australia sorted soon!

I am on Dopplr
it's kind of nice if you travel a lot
go join it and add me!
or ask me to send you an invite so you'll be linked to me automatically
(i'll need an email)


9 July
San Francisco International Terminal I
Heathrow (London)
16:50 11:00 +1

16 July
London STN to Dusseldorf DUS
16h50 - 19h05
Dusseldorf DUS to Vienna VIE
20h45 - 22h15

ibiza? elsewhere? return to London for TG performance
6 August
Heathrow (London) Terminal 4
Montreal (Trudeau)
17h40 - 19h45

12 August
Montreal YUL to Cleveland CLE
0600 - 0743
Cleveland CLE to Tampa TPA
08h50 - 11h14

21 August
Tampa TPA to Chicago MDW
11h50 - 13h30

29 August
Chicago MDW to San Jose SJC
10h15 - 13h55

30 Sept - 1 Oct
San Francisco International Terminal I
Heathrow (London)
16h50 11h00 +1
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here's another shot from [livejournal.com profile] mr_chris_cam during my trip to WI

milwaukee, WI
latex: VexClothing (hat:AtsukoKudo)
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a new one

milwaukee, WI
shot by [livejournal.com profile] mr_chris_cam

latex from Vex (hat from Atsuko Kudo)

another photo posted in [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing
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day before yesterday i left chicago (stormy, windy city with hurricanes) and headed up to milwaukee.
lightning flashes all around, and one a couple of lanes over sounded like a gunshot.
got to the motel in one piece anyhoo, checked in, then headed to a taqueria and had dinner
ooh and [livejournal.com profile] geekers and [livejournal.com profile] hellsop came and ate with us too.
that was super nice.

Mike from the hyde/hide (?) house picked us up and so we could check out the location. super huge place. super neat!

shot all day yesterday
woke up early (though i didn't get to fall asleep until around 3am)
by 9am was getting make up done.
[livejournal.com profile] mr_chris_cam set up lights while i got face painted
then we pretty much kept shooting all day long.
around 6-ish we stopped so we could pack up.
got to the train station near the milwaukee airport then laura - [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing - picked me up around 21h30 and then we hit a shop so she could drop off an order while i grabbed a shot (JD) at the bar next door.
took forever. accidents and traffic.
passed out quickly once we got to the house.

my feet are killing me now
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so i'm going to be bouncing around a bit...

Aug 07 - London Gatwick to Tampa, FL. *booked*
Aug 19 - Tampa, Fl to Chicago. *booked*
Aug 27 - Chicago to San Jose, CA. *booked*
Sep 13 - San Francisco to Hawaii
Sep 21 - Hawaii to San Francisco
Sep 22 - SFO to NYC *booked*
Sep 27 - Tampa, FL to London Gatwick. *booked* - must change this to JFK to London Heathrow.


hmm, kooky lady at reservation desk in greece said AA was no longer a British Airway partner, so i called back to recheck and they are.
so i guess i'll fly with them to NYC so i can get BA miles.
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here's one from my shoot with [livejournal.com profile] jeffcfetish
during my visit to Chicago!

gotta luv that GTO

[livejournal.com profile] fd_midori
next time we're there, we are SO using this hook to hang from...!!!!

edit: i moved this up because he is on LJ now!
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eventually i have to get dressed and hit holloway road to see atsuko...
but i kinda just wanna stay in bed and read.
i think i will for a bit more.
also need to get some shoes...

inside that hot GTO...
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i better get my ass to packing.

new picture
from jeffC

chicago, IL 2006
latex from HWdesign.

gotta luv da GTO
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this is my green date for last friday nite.
she had california plates, but we were in chicago.

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monday nite Gary made BRISKET
(Rib Doctor, Bard of BarBQ, etc)
he cooks a lot
meat meat meat and some more meat.
other things too.
here's his site


that's Laura from Vex n me looking like we're going to pounce
and my coincidence
we're wearing matching hoodies (juicy)
and skate shorts (nikita)
go figger

afterwards we had matching stomachs.
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so yesterday i woke up nice n early to get my ass to the Tampa airport.
no problems with security though today i realize that my carry on did have liquid items. of course, no one caught it. great job tsa.

instead of richard picking me up (limo company dude) he sent a new guy who was totally GQ looking. gay man wet dream. hah. richard couldnt get me because he was off picking up justin timberlake. oh well. i guess mr timberlake is bigger than kumi. :-p

so then laura is like, we're going to this film festival downtown. and we're riding bikes. we're going to see ferris buhler's day off. i ask how far is it, and she's like oh a couple of miles. GAH.

it ends up being one nice and sweaty fucking bike ride over 7 miles to the park and of course just as many going back. i dont excersice. hardly ever never. it was a nice ride though, when i could catch my breath and look at the water. when we did get to the park, we dropped off the bikes at the valet tent, and waited for her buddy to show up. oh, and she fucked up. the movie was On the Waterfront instead. (I COULDA BEEN A CONTENDAH!)
i did make it back to the truck without stopping to rest though.
today, my crotch hurts. my butt bown and cooter bone is sore. i feel like, well, i feel like i've been attacked by a fucking machine, though i dont really know what that feels like really, but i could imagine.

(the bike ride and scenery, and TAM to MDW (chicago midway)).

oops damn caps.
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It's been quite some time since i've been there!
maybe a year ago? maybe a bit more?
i really can't say, but each time i do have fun.

(ok, just checked, but it was this time last year. in fact, august was about tampa, chicago, and honolulu! shit! too bad no honolulu this year).

last time i had a shoot with paolo who was in town from italy.
since i didnt have time to visit him while i was there, i figured since we were in the same town at the same time, why the hell not.

this time, a couple shoots with some new people, but i'm mostly there to hook up with Laura since it's her BDay on the 26th.
i should get her some latex or something. hah

paulo frunzio
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chicago, 2005

for vex clothing
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part 1 from a strip

chicago, 2005
paolo frunzio
for VexClothing
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i need to stop eating
at least before attempting to put on latex
had pasta with laura n tom
before had lamb pita sammich thing
figured out what i'm wearing.
cute argyle top with red/pewter diamonds, black & white accent.
black bondage pants and my etnies red flipflops
it's warm in chicago.


i guess it's about that time
.. time to get laura wasted on her bday
tho not too badly since we're having a latex designing cram session tomorrow

oh. and someone's having too much fun over at THAT site.
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in chicago
tonite i'll be with Laura/Vex for her Bday
we're hitting NEO

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well it's day 2 really
just too busy to post much of anything
flew in and the driver laura sent, richard, brought me to the Board Gallery where i got to hang with laura before the 3 of us went and got italian.
yum yum
i've been eating so much this trip.

bought some skate apparel that i'm using as a base for my next latex pieces.

woke up at 8am to get ready for my shoot with Geoff.
then on the way home stopped off at a magazine shop to look at porn n things
picked up copy of marquis finally with massive essen coverage
funny seeing girls in my outfits only to see me in them at a different event... london, berlin, etc.

ok. nap time
tonite shooting VEX with fotog paulo from napoli
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i just realized that today is the 14th

and i leave on the 16th for tampa
i have to find latex and pack
also the prints im supposed to be selling n shit
supposedly the DVD's i'm seling from SDG are there or on the way.

hmm chicago.. wonder if it'll be hot still.


need to clean out my car and also do more update work.
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