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Just taking a quick look back

Jan 18 - Van Morrison                         Fox Oakland

Apr 20 - AMA Supercross                    Levi's
Apr 20 - Cypress Hill                            Bill Graham
Apr 20 - Underworld                             Fox Oakland

May 26 - The Cure                               Shoreline

Jun 03 - Copa: USA v Columbia          Levi's
Jun 06 - Copa: Chine v Argentina        Levi's
Jun 03 - Copa: Jamaica v Uruguay      Levi's

Jul 29 - Korn/Rob Zombie                   Shoreline

Aug 03 - Flogging Molly                      Fox Oakland
Aug 09 - Guns n Roses                      At&T park
Aug 10 - Cannibal Corpse                  Regency
Aug 24 - Heart/CheapTrick/JoanJett   Shoreline

Sep 01 - KillswitchEngage/Exodus    Regency
Sep 15 - Black Sabbath                      Oracle
Sep 21 - Die Antwoord                       Bill Graham
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I didn't make a post about my 2014 shows
So i'm starting one
(plus this helps me with taxes and refunds n stuff).

April 18         -  Motorhead                                  -     The Warfield
April 25         -  Johnny Hallyday                         -     The Regency
May 31          -  Toby Keith                                  -     Shoreline
June 14         -  Jake Shimabukuro                      -     Mountain Winery
June 15         -  Lady Antebellum                        -     Shoreline
June 21         -  Vans Warped Tour                     -     Shoreline
June 26         -  Managing Behavioral Emgcy       -     Bill Graham
June 27-29    -  Camp Challenge                        -     Mission Springs, Scotts Valley
July  04         -  SF Symphony                             -     Shoreline
July  06         -  Mayhem Festival                         -     Shoreline
July  07         -  49er Training Day                        -     Levi's
July  11         -  New Order                                   -     Bill Graham
July  13         -  Happy Together Tour                   -     Mountain Winery
July  23         -  Motley Crue                                 -     Shoreline
July  26         -  Journey/Steve Miller                    -     Shoreline
July  27         -  Santana                                       -     Shoreline
Aug  01         -  Beach Boys                                   -     Mountain Winery
Aug  02         -  Earthquakes v. Sounders              -     Levi's
Aug  12         -  ZZ top                                          -     Mountain Winery
Aug  14         - Paul McCartney                              -     Candlestick Park
Aug  24         -  9 inch nails/soundgarden             -     Shoreline
Sept 12         -  Weezer                                         -     Vina Robles
Sept 13         -  Jennifer Nettles                            -     Vina Robles
Oct  02          -  Weezer                                         -     San Jose State
Oct  25          -  Bridge School                               -     Shoreline
Oct  26          -  Bridge School                               -     Shoreline
Nov 12          -  Slayer                                           -     Fox Theater
Dec 03          -  Fleetwood Mac                             -     Oracle

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Updated the post with the most recent concerts worked.
Also went to Motorhead at the Warfield as a guest but RockMed no longer does stuff there.
Also went to see Scorpions at the SAP center (again as a guest!)
It was fun but not as fun as AC/DC!

Not as many shows at the start of this year - been busy with other things.
But getting back into it :-D

#rockmed #shorelineamphitheatre

May 09 - Shoreline Prep day
May 16 - Tony Bennett                 Paso Robles
May 20 - Lana Del Rey                Shoreline
May 22 - Train                              Shoreline
May 23 - Bryan Adams                Shoreline
May 29 - Toby Keith                     Shoreline
June 06 - BFD                             Shoreline
June 20 - Vans Warped Tour       Shoreline
June 28 - Mayhem Festival         Shoreline
July 16 - Van Halen                     Shoreline
July 17 - CCR-Revisited             Mountain Winery
July 19 - Art of Rap-IceT            Shoreline
July 25 - ManU vs Barca            Levi's
July 27  49ers                             Levi's
July 30 - Chemical Bros             The Armory
Aug 08 - Juanes                         Mountain Winery
Aug 21 - Dierks Bentley             Shoreline
Aug 30 - Kid Rock/Foreigner     Shoreline
Sept 02 - Kacey Musgraves      Montalvo Arts
Sept 03 - 49ers vs Chargers     Levi's
Sept 09 - Social Distortion        Fox Oakland
Sept 14 - 49ers vs Vikings        Levi's
Sept 25 - AC/DC                       AT&T
Sept 26 - Graces Jones            Fox Oakland
Oct 02 - Duran Duran               Greek Berkeley
Oct 13 - Janet Jackson            Bill Graham
Oct 23 - Marilyn Manson         Paso Robles
Oct 25 - Bridge School            Shorelnie
Oct 30 - KORN                        Fox Theater Oakland
Dec 15 - Muse                         Oracle
Dec 27/28 - Dead & CO          Bill Graham

32 events

#rockmed #tonybennett last time was here was in September
#rockmed #tonybennett last time  was here was in September '14. Great venue, awesome staff!

lana del rey
Ready for another #shorelineamphitheatre season for #rockmed

#bryan adams
Back at it! #rockmed #bryanadamsMy new folding clipboard arrived! #rockmed #emt

Toby Keith

My world today! #rockmed #BFD

My world today!  #rockmed

#drsmith2015 #dominiondiagnostics #rockmed

#drsmith2015 #dominiondiagnostics #rockmed#rockmed #dominiondiagnostics

Back in my world... Annex #rockmed #slayer #mayhemfestival

Back in my world... Annex #rockmed
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Neat stuff!

This weekend I will be sitting on my ass watching this over 2 days:
The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers on Saturday,
and the Return of the King on Sunday.

This is one of the many rehearsal videos that the silicon valley symphony has posted.
check out their youtube channel for more!

And a dress rehearsal video too!
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so in september i did a few shows for rockmed.
some things i was into, others not so much
dave matthews band
adam ant
mission uk
beyond wonderland (EBM thing)
maroon 5
oh and depeche mode too. not seen them for a very long time! (really enjoyed seeing/hearing them again)

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A new year means a new year of shows n concerts

So far this is what I've done or going to do...

dates n shows n venues

Jan 12              Sum 41                                         Regency
Jan 20              Down w/Warbeast                         Regency
Jan 27              RockMed Awards Party                GAMH
Jan 28              Muse                                             Oracle

Feb 01              The Who                                        Oracle (went to show - did not work)
Feb 12               Soundgarden                                The Fox

Mar 05               Tiesto                                            San Jose State Aud
Mar 23               Steel Panther                                Regency
Mar 28               Anthrax/Exodus                            Regency

Apr 09                Nick Cave & the Bad Seed           Bill Graham Civic
Apr 11                Suicidal Tendencies                      Regency
Apr 12                OMD                                             Regency
Apr 16                Dropkick Murhpys                         Warfield
Apr 17                Mexico VS Peru                            Candlestick Park
Apr 19                Cypress Hill                                   Regency
Apr 26                Lady Antebellum                           Shoreline Amp
Apr 27/28           The Killers                                     Bill Graham Civic

May 11               Miranda Lambert                          Shoreline Amp
May 13               Yngwie Malseen                           Regency
May 18               Pixar/Monsters U wrap party        Bill Graham Civic
May 25               LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, De La Soul  Shoreline Amp
May 28               Bjork                                               Craneway Pavillion

Jun 09                Tim McGraw                                  Shoreline Amp
Jun 21                BACC-picnic                                  Shoreline Amp
Jun 22                Van's Warped Tour                        Shoreline Amp
Jun 23                BoneBash-Bad Company, Lynyd Skynyrd, Nightranger Shoreline Amp
Jun 30                Mayhem Festival                           Shoreline Amp

July 04               SF Symphony                                Shoreline Amp
July 28               Kid Rock/ZZ Top                           Shoreline Amp

Aug 04               Bob Dylan                                     Shoreline Amp
Aug 09               Luke Bryant                                  Shoreline Amp
Aug 11               Los Lobos/Los Lonely Boys           Mountain Winery
Aug 22               Brad Paisley                                Shoreline Amp
Aug 24               Goat Rodeo Sessions/YoYoMa    Greek Theater
Aug 26               Black Sabbath                              Shoreline Amp

Sep 08               Dave Matthews                              Shoreline Amp
Sep 11               Uproar (alice in chains/janes's)      Shoreline Amp
Sep 12               Adam Ant                                      Regency
Sep 12               Mission UK                                   Regency
Sep 20               Blondie                                         Montalvo
Sep 26               Depeche Mode                              Shoreline Amp
Sep 29               Beyond Wonderland                      Shoreline Amp

Oct 05               Marroon 5                                       Shoreline Amp
Oct 20               Gwar                                              Regency
Oct 26/27          Bridge School                                Shoreline Amp
Oct 30               Slayer                                           SJSI

Nov 08               Steel Panther                              Regency
Nov 23               Dir En Grey                                 Regency
Nov 26               Pearl Jam                                    Oracle

Dec 01               49ers vs Rams                            Candlestick
Dec 08               49ers vs Seahawks                     Candlestick
Dec 14               Black Crowes                             Bill Graham
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so I worked at the Bob Dylan concert a few days ago. It was fun. Bob Weir got on stage and performed too.
Mostly I did homework and studied for a test (I now probably know more that the average person should about white blood cells and red blood cells and platelets. ick!)

Tonight is Luke Bryan. i don't really know any of his songs. But I did find out I can kind of relate to:

In a couple of weeks I'll be at the Goat Rodeo Show - that's the band with Yo Yo Ma !

And as ever, hopefully no serious patients at any of the shows!
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I've been working. And doing stuff. This is some of the stuff I've been doing: RockMed.
Lots of shows coming up! I figured I should keep track of the concerts and events I've been attending.
(These are all volunteer shifts btw).

dates n shows n venues

June 02              BFD                                         Shoreline
June 09              Scorpions                                Shoreline
June 23              Vans Warped Tour                   AT&T Park



July 01                Mayhem Festival                     Shoreline
July 04                San Francisco Symphony       Shoreline
July 08                Volbeat                                    Regency
July 13                Al Green                                  Montalvo Arts
July 14                KihnCert                                  Shoreline
July 27                Brad Paisley                            Shoreline






Aug 02                John Fogarty                            Mountain Winery
Aug 03                Iron Maiden                              Shoreline
Aug 16                Diana Krall                                Mountain Winery
Aug 18                ZZ Top                                      Mountain Winery
Aug 23                Chris Botti                                 Montalvo Arts
Aug 30                49ers vs San Diego                  Candlestick Park





Sept 09                Styx                                         Mountain Winery
Sept 14                Mana                                       Oracle Arena
Sept 16                Merle Haggard                        Regency
Sept 18                Hall & Oats                              Mountain Winery
Sept 22                George Thorogood                  Mountain Winery
Sept 28                 Huey Lewis & the News          Mountain Winery
Sept 30                The GoGo's/Psychedlic Furs  Mountain Winery



Oct 05                  Dead Kennedys                       Regency
Oct 06                  Lynyrd Skynryd                        Mountain Winery
Oct 12                  Smashing Pumpkins                Bill Graham Civic
Oct 14                  Jason Bonham's LZ Exp          Warfield
Oct 17                  Bob Dylan/Mark Knopfler         Bill Graham Civic
Oct 18                  Adam Ant                                 Regency
Oct 20/21             Bridge School                          Shoreline
Oct 25                  Public Image Limited               Regency

nbsp; nbsp;  nbsp;

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Nov 19                  49ers vs Chicago Bears            Candlestick Park
Nov 23                   Asking Alexandria                    Regency
Nov 30                  Bruce Springsteen                    Oracle Arena

nbsp; nbsp;

Dec 09                  49ers vs Miami Dolphins            Candlestick Park
Dec 15                  Parov Stelar Trio                        Regency
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I've been working at concerts lately doing rockmed stuff.
it's been fun :-)

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First off it was great!
Although admittedly there were a few things that I would have changed - well, actually one major thing.

I wanted to see the music being played - that is, i wanted to see the orchestra do their thing.
I realized that there was a 3-story screen involved and that scenes from the movie would be playing during, but unfortunately, too much of the movie was shown, including the dialogue. It eventually turned into basically a 2 hour edit and retelling of the 6 movies in multiple parts and rather than the music being the main attraction, the film bits ended up taking over. Once in a while the screen showed members of the orchestra playing but more often than not, it was the movie - including a lot of the first 3 episodes (I, II, III). Aside from some minor screen time, the musicians were relegated to the side screens that had some sort of pattern on them which offered up a less than clear view.

I was always under the impression that good music, especially classical pieces are able to draw out emotions from the audience by using a variety of methods. Even though it was great to hear Anthony Daniels MC the concert, some of it was extraneous and a bit patronizing - we all know what happens with the Anakin/Padme/Amidala storyline but even if we didn't wouldn't we be intelligent enough to figure it out with just the music? I suppose not, because we were also forced to listen to the dialogue of the characters over the music. UGH!

As far as the good parts go, the opening was simply thrilling. The lights went down and the ever recognizable crescendo of the THX mark sounded across the arena followed by the fanfare of 20th Century Fox and moving into the Star Wars theme.

From wiki:
By the 1970s the Fox fanfare was only being used sporadically in films.
George Lucas enjoyed the Alfred Newman music so much that he insisted it be used for Star Wars (1977), which features the CinemaScope version. Composer John Williams composed the Star Wars main theme in the same key (B♭ major) as the Fox fanfare as an extension to Newman's score. In 1980 Williams conducted a new version of the fanfare for The Empire Strikes Back. Williams' recording of the Fox fanfare has been used in every Star Wars film since.

Here's a video I did not make from youtube of the opening fanfare and theme. it was cool. Smoke and spotlights and lasers (those came later in the show though). I felt like I was 7 again and about to see something that was going to be really epic.

It was followed up by Duel of Fates which was kind of awesome too cuz the Chorus came and did their thing.
Anthony Daniels was also introduced by the voice of James Earl Jones.
After that I felt it went someone down hill as no more were the cool clear shots of the orchestra playing like in the first video.
I wanted to see a concert, not an edited summary of all 6 movies.

It did pick up again though. And I really could have done without seeing some sections but it was all super. I'd go again if it were convenient.

oh and me n [livejournal.com profile] craigclare  were also in the front row of the 2nd floor section so we were close enough to see things well! :-D

my crappy videos are here:
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Got tix for the Jan 15 show.
I'm not going to be in town again for the other afterhour's series but the last one was so good.
This one should be really nice too.
and via Foursquare.com we got 50% off tix
(add me if you're on foursquare - i'm in san francisco right now).


George Benjamin conducts the San Francisco Symphony  
George Benjamin
George Benjamin, conductor


The magnetism of French composers of the 20th century will draw you into this program. Experience the charm of Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite, the exoticism of his Rapsodie espagnole, and the birds singing in Messiaen’s Oiseaux exotiques. This program also features two works by Messiaen’s favorite student, George Benjamin.

Davies After Hours On Friday, Jan 15, come to the 2nd Tier lobby-turned-lounge for this post-concert music event featuring 5-time Grammy®-nominated John Santos, who leads his Sextet in an evening of fiery Latin Jazz in response to the evening’s concert. Entrance is FREE for all ticketholders. Learn more.

Inside Music, an informative talk with Laura Stanfield Prichard and free to ticketholders, begins one hour prior to concerts. George Benjamin will participate in the Jan 15 and 16 Inside Music talks.

Off the Podium, an informal Q&A session with George Benjamin, begins immediately after the Jan 16 performance. 

These performances are part of Project San Francisco, an innovative composer and artist residency program.


Davies After Hours 3

Part performance, part reception, Davies After Hours offers concertgoers the opportunity to enjoy musical groups of other genres reflecting on that night’s program, in the nightclub-like atmosphere of a transformed top floor of Davies Symphony Hall. 

With its open air balconies, stunning views overlooking City Hall, and specialty drinks at a cash-only bar, Davies After Hours is a unique after-party designed to draw parallels between classical music and the many other popular styles that thrive in the Bay Area. It is free for all ticketholders to concerts held on January 15April 2, and June 11, 2010.

“From the symphony that’s won eleven Grammy®s, frequently gives back to the community, and is notorious for luring new audiences to fall in love with classical music comes a new event: Davies After Hours. It’s a three-part series that’s a little bit of concert, a little bit of reception and 100% inspiring, educational, and fun.” —Saturday Night Magazine

Watch a video featuring the March 20, 2009 Davies After Hours, on VidSF.


Santos 80x80

John Santos Sextet

Just Announced—John Santos is nominated for a Grammy® in the Best Contemporary World Music category!

Friday, Jan 15, 2010

Concert at 8pm: Project San Francisco: Composer Residency with George Benjamin

Davies After Hours Artist: John Santos Sextet

John Santos  congas and percussion
Saul Sierra  bass
Marco Diaz  piano
John Calloway  flute and percussion
Melecio Magdaluyo  saxophones
David Flores   drums

Four time Grammy Award ® nominee and “Latin music Renaissance man”, John Santos leads his sextet in a night of fiery Latin Jazz music that is sure to spice up Davies Symphony Hall’s second tier. Their unique arrangements from the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the US are combined with original compositions to create a musical response to the San Francisco Symphony’s performance of works by Ravel, Messaien, and Composer-in-Residence, George Benjamin.

“Brilliant, revolutionary… they drive the temperature through the ceiling… One of the Bay Area’s hottest discoveries.” - Larry Kelp, Oakland Tribune

Watch a YouTube Video of John Santos teaching, playing, and discussing the importance of the music of drums. 

Watch a video of John Santos live at the DeYoung Museum. 


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The tickets for Pink Martini and the San Francisco Symphony were announced some time ago and I don't know why I put off getting tickets.
There were much cheaper ones than the $110 seats we ended up getting but by the time we got around to getting them both shows were just about sold out. Friday nite was sold out, but Thursday only had the 2 seats and we ended up getting those.

I was disappointed to see so many empty seats for a sold out show. I suppose some of them probably belonged to the scalpers on craigslist charging too much money. buttheads!

In the end, they were wonderful seats in the Loge and happened to be right above the box I was in the last time I was at Davies Symphony Hall.
I think we probably couldn't have chosen better seats although I know at the end of the show I wished I was down in the general audience when Brazil came on and Thomas Lauderdale left the piano and jumped into the audience to grab people for a conga line. I think Samar wanted to jump in too.

I don't recall the line up of songs. I don't have the program (samar has 'em) but I do remember that the show was super great overall.
I was elated to be there and some of the pieces were just amazing to watch and hear, especially those that featured individual musicians including Pansy Chang on cello and Nicholas Crosa on violin (his playing made me think about how sore my arm would be).
Watching the pianist was always fun, even if he wasn't actually playing.
I'm actually starting to recognize some of the regular symphony players. A few of them were featured during the evening and they were wonderful.
Oh and I liked the trombone dude Robert Taylor singing Veronique too :-) Me n Samar kept watching him play with his knees all bent.

This is Crosa playing at the Crystal Ballroom dec 08. (lol, last time i was there, i jumped off the stage to chase a pig's head)
Praeludium & Allegro
It was quite thrilling live and the sound at Davies is awesome - the video doesn't quite do it justice.

I wish I could find a video of Pansy playing her cello piece.
Well, I hope it's on the symphony album they're working on

I wasn't too thrilled with the version of "Ebben..." from La Wally but then I'm used to hearing Callas or Tebaldi sing it.
There was also another piece I could have done without. i wished I could have heard La Soledad or Mar Descondido instead.

In the end, I wish we could have gotten tickets for both nights and with other people too because I kept thinking how great the show was and how I wished other people could see it too. Hell, I think my parents would have totally loved it!
They're playing again in October in Santa Rosa,  but it will be without the symphony.

Some photos:
(again, better shots are from Samar's phone)

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So last night I drove up to San Francisco to check out the first afterhours evening put on my the SF Symphony.
My buddy Richard met me at Davies Hall and I got the car parked and my ass into the venue on time for us to get into the 2nd set of the evening.

I got the tickets from the SF Weekly. Really nice ones too, none of this back of the hall type of thing.
Oh, and complimentary drink ticket (although the champagne was free  while it lasted too!)

We waited outside the hall for the usher to seat us since I was a little late, but then another usher told us that since we had box seats, we could've just gone in earlier. Oh well. So we listened to the KODÁLY: Galántai Tánkoc (Dances of Galánta)  while waiting outside.
The box seats were great. They were the ones closest to the stage by the cellos and basses.
The second part of the program was LOCH: Schelomo and I really enjoyed that one. It reminded me of a movie soundtrack or something.
The BRAHMS: Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Opus 98 was really nice though I started getting really sleepy during some slow portions. 

The featured cellist was Michael Grebanier and the future music director of the SF opera was Nicola Luisotti. If I stalked married Italian men he'd be one of them cuz he's damn cool to watch, though not has super cute like the motoGP racers I used to dig so much.

Ran into Cleo Dubois and Fakir Musafar as well as a few other kinksters during the evening!
Whoda thunk so many perves and it wasn't even a Wednesday night at BAGG!

The after hours event was great and Alex Kelly featuring the Mark Growden Sextet was damn good!

I'd love to check out the other upcoming events that are lined up, but I'll be in Europe the next couple of months.
I'd definitely suggest going.