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so for the past couple of days, there's been quite a sore spot on my shoulder.
i couldn't remember what i did to make it hurt like that.
there's no actual visible bruise though.
i thought maybe i slept on something hard like my phone or a book but nope.
it's concentrated rather than spread out over an area.
K reminded me how i kept shifting around and took a head dive off the sofa the other day while hogtied and landed on my left shoulder. 
i think it must be from that.

after shooting yesterday, we headed over to the waste place (THE DUMP) to get rid of some old things that were in the studio.
Each item had a container/section you had to *place* the rubbish in. Computers & TVs, metal, dirt, concrete, tyres, etc. it looked like ikea or something came in or something. the last time i saw a dump it was people backing up cars and simply shoving their refuse off to add to a huge ever-increasing pile of rotting stench with flies and birds scavenging scraps. 
I had to take photos but i dont know when they will make it to my moblog.
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05 Nov 2007 - ATH to VIE - olympic airlines (i really need to get my icarus card/frequent flyer thing set up with them)

11 Nov 2007 - VIE to CPH - Air Berlin. (i love this airline.)
(i'm just missing the manifest party by a day. oh wells!)

16 Nov 2007 - CPH to AMS

18 Nov 2007 - AMS to ATH - Olympic Airlines


all booked n confirmed.

i still have to settle my Paris and London dates
but at least this bit is ready to go!

And I must remember to pack LIGHT but WARM!
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well eventually i'd have to get some more work done!

so then

All Confirmed now!

05 Nov 2007 - ATH to VIE - olympic airlines (i really need to get my icarus card/frequent flyer thing set up with them)

11 Nov 2007 - VIE to CPH - Air Berlin. (i love this airline.)
(i'm just missing the manifest party by a day. oh wells!)

16 Nov 2007 - CPH to AMS


then back to ATH  for a bit before i head off for Paris & London!
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from chilling in athens
to fetish-evolution in essen
driving to vienna with HWdesign
up to copenhagen for some work
then back to athens until i have to get my ass to london.

06 April 07.
09:05 12:30
Olympic Airlines

16 April 07
VIE to CPH (via DUS)
17:00 18:30
19:25 20:45
Air Berlin

22 April 07
07:15 11:25

07:15 11:25
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the difficult part about traveling from athens to anywhere around april and the months prior, is that is during the off-season. the majority of lowcost airlines don't have routes going everywhere. i have quite a few of the different airline routes already memorized in my head. if you give me a city i travel to, i can most likely tell you if there's an airline that services a particular destination where you can save some money.
the off season is hard.

in april i need to get to Bremen, but since there are no flights there (except for one run by lufthansa (athens to munich/munich to bremen) and $600+), i'm going to have to fly into Dusseldorf (via olympic airlines-about 110 euro) or to Koln (via GermanWings-75 euro).
then DBahn to Bremen (2.5 hours from Dusseldorf or 3 hours from Koln).

i'm starting to collect miles on olympic. plus, they serve food with silverware that's actually silver. !

so then,
04 April - to Dusseldorf/dbahn to Bremen
06/07 April - dbahn to Essen
10 April - to Vienna (in a fucking car omgomgomg i hope no one has GAS!)
16 April - to Copenhagen booked.. (yes! free flight on AirBerlin!)
22 April - to Athens booked. sterling air. i like flying with them too.
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after Essen and the FetishEvolution i'm heading over to Copenhagen for a bit. maybe amsterdam before cph, but for sure i'll be heading to Athens after Cph.
in anycase, i'll be in town for Karina's Bday party

ticket prices to warmer climates are already getting a little higher.

Apr 22 2007
07:15 11:25
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working on current travel again.
more bouncing around

feb 09 to Reading
feb 16 to Reading
feb 17 to Manchester
feb 18 to Birmingham
feb 21 to San Francisco

mar 05 to Los Angeles
mar 9-12 fetishphotobox weekend
mar 13 to San Jose
mar 15 to Denver
mar 18 kink event w/[livejournal.com profile] fd_midori
mar 19 to San Jose

mar 25 to Athens
apr 04 to Dusseldorf/Bremen
apr 06-9 fetish-evolution in Essen.
apr 11 to Copenhagen (Amsterdam tent)
apr 22 to Athens
may 09 to London
may 11 scarlet event w/[livejournal.com profile] fd_midori (tent)
may 18-20 Torture Garden weekend w/[livejournal.com profile] fd_midori
may 20 to Athens
may 24 [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori to athens/aegina for holiday!
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but here's a new one before i head to bed

copenhagen, 2006

from my summer trip to FatalPhotography
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dates for Solingen are set

24 Oct - arrive from Milan or Bologna to Dusseldorf
(yeah! airberlin does both)

25 Oct - shoot: HeavyRubber

26 Oct - shoot: FetAcadamy IV video
- off to Copenhagen!
26 OCT
19:50 21:05


damn. getting massive work done today. which is good.
tho um, seems plenty of $$ going out too. hmmm.
what's up with that shit?

almost all of october is settled.
tho i'm still waiting to see if i'm headed to hang in Bologna to shoot or if i'm staying in Milan the whole time. then i can confirm that loose end.
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Billund is in Denmark.
like here:

there's even a LegoLand too!

danish village... ja ja

pirate village... for [livejournal.com profile] captianmenace[livejournal.com profile] misstiamaria[livejournal.com profile] _yungfuktoi_


i leave Billund on the 4th. Just in time to bug Ancilla and Alexander for a short while, before heading off to do a bondage show with [livejournal.com profile] ropemarks at the Wasteland party that night.

26 OCT
19:50 21:05

- - -

04 November, 12:50, Billund Billund
04 November, 13:35, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt Terminal 1

04 November, 14:55, Copenhagen Copenhagen Apt Terminal 3
04 November, 16:20, Amsterdam Amsterdam
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still trying to pin down dates n things
this next travel binge is getting a bit odd
a lot of invitations which is great, but it's getting tougher to get confirmations.
a variety of reasons, other parties, payment issues, itineraries, other performers, etc.
if promoters take too long to confirm, that means they have to pay more for airfare though...

bouncing over to London first (around 17)
waiting on hearing about Dublin. [livejournal.com profile] suka_off is going to be there. i'd like to go and see them as well, though it will mean pushing back my visit to Athens. They have some new shows and there are the ones I have in mind too.

end of September (30) i have Torino confirmed. though i'm waiting on the girl i am supposed to do a show with. She's been offered to go to Lyon. (suka off will be there as well). If she does to the Lyon party, then that's fine. The guy doing my Torino party is going to try and get Amrita, though this time i'm trying to get [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori the gig with me.

London, rubberball. I'm working for HWdesign at the expo. that's settled. [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori and I must figure out if we're doing the RubberBall or the TG party. waiting on TG's offer. no x-booking again this year. though i'd love to do my show with [livejournal.com profile] suka_off too since they'll be at TG (already booked independently from me). One of the shows i have in mind (with suka_off) requires destroying a perfectly good latex catsuit that i have (white, skin 2, about $300). i also need to order an HW kitty hood in white. i would rather have it be ruined at a larger event. oh well.

mid october more work. i must bounce over to Berlin, shoot, see [livejournal.com profile] anna_phobia and the others. then do a couple shoots in Bremen, then get my ass over to Vienna. I have to figure out what i'm doing for Halloween too...\

I have a shoot in London at the end of Oct but i can always shift that so I dont have to go back.

Wasteland is confirmed for November 4. a bondage show with Bob - and Chantal too i hope.
Soon before or after Amsterdam, I should get to Copenhagen - perhaps Halloween there if not Vienna?

looking at Athens after that (nov 10) though could do the. Must see what the promoters will agree to. it will have been long enough from our (me n suka off's) last visit to warrant bringing us back out.
I think I have a shoot with [livejournal.com profile] chantarose near the 3rd week of November so must head back to London eventually.

I'd really love to hit Paris again. I must figure out how to swing that. Or even Stockholm. Or somewhere... Nuit Elastique is early December but they dont usually pay for performers and well, I dont perform for free. Plus, I've been trying to be with my family for days like Thanksgiving especially since i've not really been home more than a month. I can switch and do Xmas at home. Last year I spent Xmas in Amsterdam and the year before i was in London.

gah. a couple of days before some of these actually confirm, then i can confirm others...

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nicked from [livejournal.com profile] shadow27


so there next visit to CPH

look [livejournal.com profile] bunnyfuzzy!!!
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i got water up my nose
water booogers

copenhagen, may 2006
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i really should invest in airline stock or something


09 May 06
Sterling NB 537
Copenhagen (CPH) at 17:00
Paris, CDG (CDG) at 18:50
17 May 06
Paris to London
CDG to LHR 13:40 13:50
22 May 06
RyanAir 2316
London Stansted (STN) 17:25
Bratislava (BTS) 20:35
24 May 06
RyanAir 2317
Bratislava (BTS) 21:00
London Stansted (STN) 22:10
26 May 06
RyanAir 54
London Stansted (STN) 13:35
Stockholm S. Skavsta (NYO) 16:45
01 Jun 06
NordicAir LF243
12:25 STOCKHOLM Arlanda
13:30 UMEA
04 Jun 06
NordicAir LF246
17:10 UMEA
18:15 STOCKHOLM Arlanda
04 Jun 06
NordicAir LF889
20:00 STOCKHOLM Arlanda
21:30 BERLIN
6 Jun 06
DB to Bremen
7 Jun 06
DB to Berlin
8 Jun 06
EasyJet 4613
Berlin Schoenefeld 17:05
Athens 21:05
14 Jun 06
to London
16 Jun 06
to Birmingham
17 Jun 06
to London
20 Jun 06
British Airways
LHR 13:50
SFO 16:35
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went shopping today.

now for a nap

tonite manifest show with FatalPhotography!


gah. i think i am getting a lil sick too
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shooting today was good. lots of cool stuff.
dinner was great too. nice bunch, but i am stuffed so back in. K n B decided to stay out for a bit.

i just went and checked out that Bishop Award thingy site.
seems i was up for an award and got 'best asian bondage model' :
Cheryl Lynn Kahn
Dragon Lily (Academy)
Nyomi Zen (Academy)

not sure what this means though. hoping a pot of gold will land at my feet or something.
instead i think i get a banner.
i didnt know clk was still working.
anyhoo, still kinda cool since i neglected to spam anyone about this contest.
oh wells. hhehe. also, not like there are that many slanty models really. gbahahhahha
someone explain it to me cuz the site looks a bit odd to me over here.
and where is this organization based out of?
seems very US biased. hehe. and not to sure about that best online fetish clothing supplier.
hmmm... and when i hear the word 'international', i like to think that someone has actually set foot in another country to do to their work.

oh well,
rest time.
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arrived in copenhagen last nite
got in a lil late to DUS and the plane to CPH was also a lil late.
no biggie
except my bag never came.
baggage man was cute
but i would rather have my suitcase than the chance to talk to cute helpful guy.

hopefully it will come.
this sucks. first bag is on the circly thinging all open and screwed up for my vienna arrival, then it doesnt show up at all.

crap. there be a lotta latex in there... expensive stuff too.
it should come today
i hope.

shooting at the house. then tonite big group dinner at the JailHouse!
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just added: CPH to CDG & CDG to LHR

i do like air berlin.
they give out nice sandwiches.

British Airways
31 Mar 2006 15:50
1 Apr 2006 11:00
Stansted to Dusseldorf
16:15 18:30
train from Essen to Amsterdam
Amsterdam to Vienna
AMS - TXL AB 8149 * 17:35 18:50
TXL - VIE AB 8752 * 19:40 20:45
Vienna to Copenhagen
VIE DUS AB8137 17:00 18:30
DUS CPH AB8230 19:50 21:05
09 May 06
Sterling NB 537
Copenhagen (CPH) at 17:00
Paris, CDG (CDG) at 18:50
17 May 06
Paris to London
CDG to LHR 13:40 13:50

British Airways
13 Jun 2006 13:50
13 Jun 2006 16:35
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i really love flying on airBerlin and lauderAir
and i love visiting Berlin too
but UGH
i wish they had direct flights to the places i need to go when i need them

April 28
AMS - TXL AB 8149 * 27.04.06 17:35 18:50
TXL - VIE AB 8752 * 27.04.06 19:40 20:45

May 5
VIE - TXL AB 8359 * 05.05.06 08:00 09:10
TXL - CPH AB 8092 * 05.05.06 11:30 12:30
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Wednesday, 08 Feb 06
Flight NB 571
dep Copenhagen (CPH) 7:00
arrive Amsterdam (AMS) 08:15

Friday, 10 February 2006
flight HV5095
depart Rotterdam (RTM) at 07:20
arrive in London (STN) at 07:10

london to AMS

20 Feb 2006
British Airways
11:55 12:20
13:40 16:25