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My flight to London is now pushed forward to the 31st of March.
Everything is coming together nicely for this next tour.

It looks like London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bologna, and finally back to London.
Hmm, it seems to be a lot in text, but it's works on the calendar I'm looking at.

I was in Glasgow shooting with Azrelle all day during my last visit to Scotland.
I liked Glagow - can't wait to revisit!

So then, me in a bunch of HW latex (tho the catsuit is actually from [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing )

and another with not so much latex
thanks [livejournal.com profile] mrstocking for the nylon ;)

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here's a photo since i had to upload some the other day

los angeles, CA
photo [livejournal.com profile] kellylind 
latex hwdesign

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finding some shots online that i never got around to posting or really taking a look at!

here's one from my trip to Montreal

montreal, CA
me and madria
shot by michael andrews/roperookie

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currently working on the HW Design website.
going thru the English portions of the website and trying to update and edit various sections of the store.

Just finished all the corsets & corset accessories so take a look and tell me if I missed anything!
some bits n pieces are missing but it's not my job to take the photos (just pose in them)!

Corset Section is here
take a look at the corsets as well as various accessories :-D

oh, and I shouldn't have to mention that it's probably NSFW, because of the occasional boob or butt or plastic pussy!

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The Gathering Party 13
Metropolis Club
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 35
(C.C. Imaviz)

Performances by (me) & [profile] mistress_sandra  & Eden Wells!

Das 23h às 6h.

Bilhetes no local: €20
Bilhetes pré-comprados: €17

Por favor contactem por email para gathering@thegatheringparty para info onde/como comprar os bilhetes antecipadamente.

Quem quiser usar o cartaz para divulgação pode "linkar" directamente para as imagens alojadas no nosso servidor usando os links abaixo. Isto garantirá que quando actualizarmos o cartaz no nosso site será actualizado no vosso também. Smile



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I shot with Ashley over at WhiteWomb studios.
Here's a shot from that day :-)

london, UK

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doing nothing today
but DLing supernatural and CSI episodes
so much for the barbican today
probably will end up tagging more galleries for FetishMuse.com

here's a shot from my visit to Montreal last year
me n madria
shot by michael andrews roperookie (on dA)

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ooh foto!

[livejournal.com profile] mr_chris_cam  just posted this in his LJ
so i am stealing it and posting it here

shot in the milwaukee
interchangeable panel corset from HW Design
skirt from vex

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i got one of the mail in ballots so i didn't have to wait in line.
instead i get to play on the puter more.
and figure out what i'm packing for oz/nz


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here's the new splash page found over at www.HWdesign.at

I'm wearing the new gloves, neck corset, and corset with the replaceable front panel

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so called Air Berlin in Wien and Berlin.
both offices say there's no phone in their lost n found.
the woman in vienna said that the woman that kicked me off the plane and didn't let me look for my phone that fell to the ground was not allowed to do so and i should have been allowed to look for my phone. :(
too late now with that info.
so now i have to write a letter to them explaining what happened.
well i'm still out a phone. i guess it's time for a new one soon.
it *is* nice once in a while to be phone-less, tho this will hinder my moblogging. grrr.
oh well.

here's a shot of my bustle to go with the hustle.

los angeles, CA
foto [profile] stevedietgoedde
latex SyrenCouture

no, it's not vex. it's Syren ;-)
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it's always nice to receive things in the mail that don't demand you sending them money!

i got a CD of images from Eric Martin as well as his new book of images
(including a forward by Pascal (from Les Furieux) in French with the translation done by him and myself for the English - had to change some things to make some sense of it ;-)

the images in the book are of me wearing HW Design in Paris and our latex glove session in Berlin at the Propeller Hotel a couple years ago ;-)

here's a shot from our most recent session in Paris

paris, FR
eric martin
face stephane dussart
latex hwdesign.at
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i has clothes on!

los angeles, CA
@ the edison bar

foto: [profile] venuswept
clothes n stuff: MotherOfLondon.com ([profile] _yungfuktoi_)
face: Daven Mayeda
hair: Noogie & Jaime Gatlin
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the models for the HW show are set (for the 3rd time)
i hope no one changes their minds again!
me n amrita
olivia and harriet
[profile] _yungfuktoi_


meanwhile, both parts of my photoset shot in Vienna with jean bardot in HW design's latex is up at the site!