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well here it is!
all the info for this weekend!

i should be on around 00h30.
and it'll def be audience participation so you can help hurt me during my show.

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The Church The Church
I'll be in Texas for a few days. On the 27th I will be performing a lil show with the help of Allen Falkner at the The Church in Dallas!

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forgot to post about this
but in a couple of weeks i'll be flying over to TEXAS to perform in the Texas FetishBall with Athena Fatale!

We'll be doing TWO shows!

here's the link to the website:

Texas Fetish Ball 2010
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I'm heading back to the Netherlands in April for Wasteland!
Performing April 17 and most likely with [livejournal.com profile] mirja  !!!

Lukas Zpira and Satomi will also be at this one too!

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Next week I'll be flying to Phoenix with Samar.
We're performing at the Arizona fetish ball
no suspension or bondage though. just latex :-)


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Next Weekend....

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Performances by
Kumimonster & Amrita
Rubberdoll VS FAQ

Fashion shows by
HMS Latex
Coeur Jolly

Allen TG
Vyktor Nova

More info n things coming!!

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now just trying to sort out how many shows and which ones exactly!

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Well it's been quite some time since i've been to Berlin, I guess this year i'm making a visit with [livejournal.com profile] ropemarks  to perform at the German Fetish Ball & Expo :-)

I'm actually performing with Chantal for the main party. We've come up with something a little messy, a little wet, and a little bit full of OW (for me). Bob's going to sit this one out so Chantal gets to play with the ropes!

Then for the expo we've all got something fun in mind too of course!


still need to write about the Tallinn party n post stuff -

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The Gathering Party 13
Metropolis Club
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 35
(C.C. Imaviz)

Performances by (me) & [profile] mistress_sandra  & Eden Wells!

Das 23h às 6h.

Bilhetes no local: €20
Bilhetes pré-comprados: €17

Por favor contactem por email para gathering@thegatheringparty para info onde/como comprar os bilhetes antecipadamente.

Quem quiser usar o cartaz para divulgação pode "linkar" directamente para as imagens alojadas no nosso servidor usando os links abaixo. Isto garantirá que quando actualizarmos o cartaz no nosso site será actualizado no vosso também. Smile



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Club Von Überblingen

while you're at it
check out interview/article of me re:Fetish Freak party :-0


sorry, it's in Estonian :p

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So today was gorgeous!
Ended up heading out the door to Centraal to find the hotel [profile] vima_sophia  was staying in and then taking her down Sluitstraat and visiting [livejournal.com profile] mirja  over at PaarsLingerie. Oh what a dangerous shop! Chantal Thomass, Lejaby, Aubade, La Perla (Black Label too), Wolford. The Marlies Dekkers was just dee-vine!
We escaped with ourselves (ie.wallets) intact and headed over to get some DimSum and then up to Aboslute Danny's shop where I introduced Danny to her cover model. Hung out a bit, and she offered me a gig for June 12/13 Clinic Weekend as well as December (though i don't know if i'll be around then). I have to make sure i have remaining Schengen days to return to the EU before I confirm.
Well now I have to figure out a heavy rubber show to do. Can't do anyting trite, so I'll have to think on it. Probably get [livejournal.com profile] mirja  to do it with me too. We'll have to figure out a good show. yikes!
Took a quick stroll over to the flea market, then headed back to the lingerie shop because our feet were tired (and our heads too).
This time the shopping commenced (not for me though). Vima picked up some sexytrans pieces and a gorgeous fragile top by La Perla Black Label. Hopefully the feathers will remain. I will end up going back to get something after the Wasteland show. And I know exactly what i'm getting too!

Back to the hotel for her, then back to the house for me. Tonight staying in while [livejournal.com profile] mirja  and [livejournal.com profile] x5nder  hit some techno party in Rotterdam. I'm being good annd saving my energy for tomorrow nite. Watching TV shows on the laptop.
My Skype just rang a little while ago. It was the San Francisco Chronicle trying to sell me a subscription I'm guessing, "Good Afternoon, This is the SF Chronicle" I kind of had to laugh a bit while asking, How did you get my SkypeIn number and it's actually more like 1am since I'm in Amsterdam!" She hung up after a short pause. Oh well!

This is tomorrow nite!!!!


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Saturday 14 March - 10pm - 6am

March Ball

@ Mass (Including Babalou)

St Mathews Church, Brixton Hill

London SW2 (2 mins Brixton Tube)


*Lacing Lilith Fashion Show


*Honey Lulu

*Joe Black

Installation Performance:

Trauma Unit

Bondage Installation:


Multi-Screen Fetish Art & Body Mutation Visuals

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Wasteland Saturday April 4th
North Sea Venue, Hemkade 48, Amsterdam - Zaandam.
From 22.00 till 06.00
45 Euro - ex fee

Buck Angel: AVN 2009 Nominated transsexual performer of the year(USA); Hip Sick Theatre; Kumi Monster (USA); Boogshe vs Miss Camilla in "Nasty Boys";
Tatjana Warnecke Fashion Show (Ger); Amrita (Jap); Chris Cross Cortortionist (Uk); Run paint run, Coco, Peter Diablow & The Blood Squad; Mrs Lucrezia (Bel), and much more...


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I really wish I could be at this one.
Perfect timing had I been attending this year's weekend Démonia events, but nope.
i'm stuck here diving downunder and enjoying the sun when it decides to pop out!

This is a huge show for Gilles & Mirka - 100 pieces of work or the 2 of them.
And I really love working with both of them. Someday they'll have a show i can actually attend (and give me enough notice for!)

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so yea
this weekend

damn, it came up faster than i thought

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performing with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori 


and not the same shows as Sydney and Christchurch