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picked up some new scuba gear before the hawaii trip
just a pair of boots and gloves
but i gotta say, wow. love them both!

from my facebook:
So the first time I saw the Aqua Lung series created for women I wanted to try it out. It features vibrant, gorgeous purple accents (NOT PINK!) and I could appreciate the details that were taken into consideration... (list of details on website:
http://women.aqualung.com/women/us/gear/details-by-aqua-lung )

Didn't have a reason to really get new gear before but I figured it was time so I made 2 little purchases yesterday and got the Cora gloves & the Ellie Ergo boot (7mm).

I got the thicker version of these boots (7mm instead of 5mm). I figured I could wear them in Hawaii (warm feet no problem!) and when I get back home to our colder California waters. There's no zipper so I'm curious to see how the boot will work with my ScubaPro semi-dry (they never made a boot to go with the suit!!). I think they'll work a LOT better than the aqualung boots I have now especially since the layering will now be a lot smoother with better surface contact. I should get another pair so I can attempt to put some liquid latex at the top so it'll "stick" more with the 2 inner semi-dry "sticky" layers of my wetsuit.

These boots are so comfortable. I feel like I'm walking on marshmallows while encased in warm marshmallows too!

So far, these gloves are super! Rather than a simply shrunken man's glove, it has slightly longer, slimmer palms and fingers that seem to fit a more feminine hand. Well, they say that on the website anyway but it's really true. I really like how these gloves fit! My normal glove size is 6.5 and in these I got an XS. I can't wait to put them to use in the water (obviously I got these for warm water use).

OK! so back from Hawaii and got in about 9 dives. (4 days of diving, 2 tanks per day except one day which had 3 tanks).
The boots were great and super comfy. Though I did get some water inside at times. But then I didn't layer anything over the boot so that was expected. I've yet to try them out in our cold water with my semi-dry Nova Scotia suit. Sure it's easier to take the boot on/off with a zipper but I kind of like the feel and look of the smooth unzippered piece.

The gloves worked out great too. I just prefer having something over my hands. They were comfy, they fit great and worked as they should while underwater. So far they've retained their shape/fit after my use. We'll have to see how they hold up after more dives!

Kumi Monstar's photo.

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My flight to London is now pushed forward to the 31st of March.
Everything is coming together nicely for this next tour.

It looks like London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bologna, and finally back to London.
Hmm, it seems to be a lot in text, but it's works on the calendar I'm looking at.

I was in Glasgow shooting with Azrelle all day during my last visit to Scotland.
I liked Glagow - can't wait to revisit!

So then, me in a bunch of HW latex (tho the catsuit is actually from [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing )

and another with not so much latex
thanks [livejournal.com profile] mrstocking for the nylon ;)

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here's the first image i got back from the shoots in berlin with torsten solin.
no dead animals as the shop didnt prepare the creatures for him on time.
but teddy bear babies and massive amounts of grey paint (later for those)

berlin, DE
torsten solin

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Just about finished up English text in the gloves and gauntlets over at the HW design website in both the bizarre rubber and fashion sections.
Some gloves are missing though - because I know I have them.
But here are some :-)
(German text on the way).



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montreal, Canada
madria and me

latex hoods from HWdesign

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i haven't posted some in a while. damn!

los angeles, CA
foto [livejournal.com profile] kellylind 
latex www.hwdesign.at

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doing nothing today
but DLing supernatural and CSI episodes
so much for the barbican today
probably will end up tagging more galleries for FetishMuse.com

here's a shot from my visit to Montreal last year
me n madria
shot by michael andrews roperookie (on dA)

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here's one from dougf

we did do a little bit of work during my stay in queensland :-)
we had to since atsuko sent this out to us specially

Bowen, AU
foto: [livejournal.com profile] dougfdoug 

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here's the new splash page found over at www.HWdesign.at

I'm wearing the new gloves, neck corset, and corset with the replaceable front panel

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it's always nice to receive things in the mail that don't demand you sending them money!

i got a CD of images from Eric Martin as well as his new book of images
(including a forward by Pascal (from Les Furieux) in French with the translation done by him and myself for the English - had to change some things to make some sense of it ;-)

the images in the book are of me wearing HW Design in Paris and our latex glove session in Berlin at the Propeller Hotel a couple years ago ;-)

here's a shot from our most recent session in Paris

paris, FR
eric martin
face stephane dussart
latex hwdesign.at
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i forgot about these

they've finally been added to the online catalog as well

Guantlets 13

and ...

Korsett 16

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Korsett 15
(available now at HWdesign)

You can't actually tell here, but it's BLACK and BABY PINK
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still going a lil crazy dealing with images n such
and then i almost forget about the update i'm supposed to do twice a week.

here's a shot from the last update i had on the site

vienna, AT
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here's one from some time ago (last year, dec 06 actually)

ahhh i think i was a lil thinner then...

paris, FR
shot by Eric Martin
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here i am
being lame
the rest is up at the site now though
(my kumimonster.com one)

Vienna, AT
latex by HWdesign, FierceCouture, and super hood from Demask!