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i dunno, but it's after 5am here in Atlanta.
oh damn.
i updated the moblog completely

i need to sleep,
but first, since i've not been around
here are some shots from a shoot my last day in arizona with co-model cookie haworth and photographer Andy Hartmark:

(btw, these were snapped by his iPhone)

2010 february 09 - Tempe(from Andy Hartmark’s phone)

2010 february 09 - Tempe(from Andy Hartmark’s phone)

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My flight to London is now pushed forward to the 31st of March.
Everything is coming together nicely for this next tour.

It looks like London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bologna, and finally back to London.
Hmm, it seems to be a lot in text, but it's works on the calendar I'm looking at.

I was in Glasgow shooting with Azrelle all day during my last visit to Scotland.
I liked Glagow - can't wait to revisit!

So then, me in a bunch of HW latex (tho the catsuit is actually from [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing )

and another with not so much latex
thanks [livejournal.com profile] mrstocking for the nylon ;)

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here's the first image i got back from the shoots in berlin with torsten solin.
no dead animals as the shop didnt prepare the creatures for him on time.
but teddy bear babies and massive amounts of grey paint (later for those)

berlin, DE
torsten solin

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Went through the catsuit section over at the HW design site.
Need to go back through and clean up the text a little more but at least the first part is taken care of.



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here's a pic of me and [livejournal.com profile] uglydiamond  at the marquis fetish ball

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I finally got around to doing up the English text for the hood section of the HW design website.
I'll have to go over it again tomorrow so I can take a fresh look.

Check it out and tell me if i'm missing something.
Oh, and by the way, there are some new fun hoods to look at too!



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montreal, Canada
madria and me

latex hoods from HWdesign

x-posted in [livejournal.com profile] latexhoods 

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The Gathering Party 13
Metropolis Club
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 35
(C.C. Imaviz)

Performances by (me) & [profile] mistress_sandra  & Eden Wells!

Das 23h às 6h.

Bilhetes no local: €20
Bilhetes pré-comprados: €17

Por favor contactem por email para gathering@thegatheringparty para info onde/como comprar os bilhetes antecipadamente.

Quem quiser usar o cartaz para divulgação pode "linkar" directamente para as imagens alojadas no nosso servidor usando os links abaixo. Isto garantirá que quando actualizarmos o cartaz no nosso site será actualizado no vosso também. Smile



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Saturday 14 March - 10pm - 6am

March Ball

@ Mass (Including Babalou)

St Mathews Church, Brixton Hill

London SW2 (2 mins Brixton Tube)


*Lacing Lilith Fashion Show


*Honey Lulu

*Joe Black

Installation Performance:

Trauma Unit

Bondage Installation:


Multi-Screen Fetish Art & Body Mutation Visuals

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sitting in front o da puter
waiting for mistress_sandra to get her face n latex on.
i'm just about ready to get suffocated for this all white latex set :-)

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doing nothing today
but DLing supernatural and CSI episodes
so much for the barbican today
probably will end up tagging more galleries for FetishMuse.com

here's a shot from my visit to Montreal last year
me n madria
shot by michael andrews roperookie (on dA)

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so the catsuit and matching hood is finally up at the HW Design site

here's the direct link!

The main body color is transparent but could also be black or red (medical)
the paint swirls can be of any color :)
and it's IN the latex, so no rubbing off!


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my new body suit.
all white with open boobs
(n open crotch too. yowza)
gonna use it for the show in oz prolly

waiting for [livejournal.com profile] mistress_sandra  to get dressed in her new red/white/trans pieces
then gotta take some real shots

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here's one of that new-ish catsuit

vienna, AT

foto by stephan doleschal
latex from

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There should be a set of these in the new Marquis coming out soon

foto [profile] kellylind 
face Elizabeth Prokopiak
latex HWdesign
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I've only used my pooh outfit in one shoot so far (with valentina)
it was about time i did another one

this is tina
(she makes a lot of the stuff over at HW design and designs most of the fancy new stuff too, including my new corset thingy)

vienna, AT