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time to move on,...

i only wore this thing twice. once out at a san francisco fetish ball
the other for a shoot.
unfortunately, i don't have very many good photos of this dress.

it's a violet single sleeve dress (left side) and the top of the dress has a portion that folds over at an angle.
The bottom hem has an asymmetrical cut before "fishtailing" out in a double ruffle accent - that's where the plum (burgundy) comes in.
The inner ruffle is in plum, as is the fringe.
There is also a large violet flower.

First come, first served.
(basically, you want it? you can paypal me, or hand me cash in hand. otherwise, I'm not holding this sale. too many people never end up closing the deal in the end).

Price? I have something in mind but I prefer if interested parties make me an offer.
Shipping? You will cover it.
Ebay? No, this is a private sale. Ebay has too many restrictions.


this last photo is better as far as colour goes.
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here's a photo since i had to upload some the other day

los angeles, CA
photo [livejournal.com profile] kellylind 
latex hwdesign

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A few years ago I had an idea i wanted to see put into latex.
I ended up talking about it to laura from [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing  and she came through brilliantly.
they feature stained glass patterns based off of frank lloyd wright and charles rennie mackintosh designs

the collection has never been shown together although a couple years ago there was an attempt to show to pieces at the SF FetishBall.
that totally fell through.

in any case, there's now a featured gallery over at the website

go take a lookie loo!

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i haven't posted some in a while. damn!

los angeles, CA
foto [livejournal.com profile] kellylind 
latex www.hwdesign.at

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i got one of the mail in ballots so i didn't have to wait in line.
instead i get to play on the puter more.
and figure out what i'm packing for oz/nz


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There should be a set of these in the new Marquis coming out soon

foto [profile] kellylind 
face Elizabeth Prokopiak
latex HWdesign
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i thought a set wearing glasses would be neat

well, glasses and wolfords

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this is me sucking out [profile] ulorin_vex brain
on the inside of the Torture Garden Rubberball Special flyer

foto: [profile] venuswept
wearables: [profile] _yungfuktoi_ / antiseptic
face: [profile] bea_sweet
hair: robert masciave
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so today is laura's bday
([livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing)

so i took her over to Thousand Waves for the combo treatment  (massage and wrap) and also got one for myself
next time i think we skip the wrap.

then she had a few friends over for bbq (ended up being around 20+)
got to see the bauwerks team (bruno and javanka) who i shot with ages ago as well as Geoffrey Transu.

a whole lotta food was eaten.

got email from Marquis for the spread in the next issue covering the photo workshop. :-)
now waiting on the hi-res images to send to them.
i better finish up the text fast.

shit. i have to get the text finished for my [livejournal.com profile] social_kink blog too.

and finally, i got this from [livejournal.com profile] venuswept

image removed cuz i was told that i CANT post it yet afterall

los angeles, CA
foto by [livejournal.com profile] venuswept
post work by the guy that hired us for RevCo (damn my boobs got big)
[livejournal.com profile] ulorin_vex gets styling credit (for lubing me up)
latex from [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing

the new album should be out soon i'm guessing!

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so called Air Berlin in Wien and Berlin.
both offices say there's no phone in their lost n found.
the woman in vienna said that the woman that kicked me off the plane and didn't let me look for my phone that fell to the ground was not allowed to do so and i should have been allowed to look for my phone. :(
too late now with that info.
so now i have to write a letter to them explaining what happened.
well i'm still out a phone. i guess it's time for a new one soon.
it *is* nice once in a while to be phone-less, tho this will hinder my moblogging. grrr.
oh well.

here's a shot of my bustle to go with the hustle.

los angeles, CA
foto [profile] stevedietgoedde
latex SyrenCouture

no, it's not vex. it's Syren ;-)
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[profile] ulorin_vex posted a foto from that day with all the nice credits n such
i have hangover so i will have to get back to it
or maybe [profile] _yungfuktoi_ can remember who the people are and their links n such
i will eventually, but not right now.
i need to take care of a pain that is causing my head to go wonky

and here is the group shot
heh. naked robot bartender

i CANT wait for the panorama shots from Wil!
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My [profile] socialkink blog is up
this one is number 4 and all about the Syren shoot with [profile] stevedietgoedde in Los Angeles at a fabulous house designed by Palmer & Krisel where the sun was shining down on us outside and  it was super  hot!
check out the images with me n [profile] ulorin_vex at the Syren website as well as some over at Social Kink (in my personal gallery and linked in the blog). There are a couple behind the scenes shots as well.

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i has clothes on!

los angeles, CA
@ the edison bar

foto: [profile] venuswept
clothes n stuff: MotherOfLondon.com ([profile] _yungfuktoi_)
face: Daven Mayeda
hair: Noogie & Jaime Gatlin