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i was supposed to head up to SF this evening but now it looks like i have to stick around Palo Alto to support a friend/photographer.

i worked with him some time ago and he actually helped [profile] fd_midori  and I out with ukiyo-e props for our Elements of Suffering show.

he's just self-published a book so i'm going to go check it out



I published a book of my photography work, focusing on one model I've
worked with for several years. The book was made during a class at
Stanford Continuing Studies on creating a fine art photography book.
The class was taught by Brigitte Carnochan.

A book signing will take place this Friday Jul 17 from 7 - 10PM at
Modernbook Gallery on University Ave, Palo Alto. There will be 20
books from the class, exhibiting a wide range of styles and

You can find more information in my blog on the work:


A friend did a brief blog also about the class:


The book can be ordered on line through
Blurb.com (follow links off my

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these are from [livejournal.com profile] hedonydesign 
he said he liked the show
and he didn't get messy either - til after

you can find the rest at FetishBoudoir.com ( > blog)

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here's another shot from the TG sat nite performance

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here's a shot from the sat nite TG show in london
me n [profile] fd_midori  in the background making a mess

london, UK
fotos by http://www.manolo-photography.com/

more at his link!

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my friend just posted this photo in facebook

val, [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori , traci, me @ Folsom Street Fair in SF

i know it's from the 90s.
i'm thinking like 1996-ish...
maybe '97

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and there are fotos here too
me n [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori 

go to The Fetish Saloon

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well the first images i've found are online
these are from [livejournal.com profile] erosartist

go see the rest at his site!

oh, and before i post the images,
if you do go to the erosartist site, on the same page as the thumbs for my show with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori is another bondage scene
i noticed how similar the rigging is.
wrist to ankle but not fixed so by forcing my arm out, my ankle is brought in more.
should i be irritated? i dunno, but i kind of am.
i've yet to see other people performing in bondage shows similar to the ones i do, especially in regards to my movements.
but on the same night after my performance? never seen that before.
i'm not saying they're copying but it's pretty damn close
(though i dont have as many lines supporting my body in the air because it restricts my movement)

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Samedi 10 mai 2008
à la Boutique Dèmonia (22 avenue Jean Aicard - 75011 Paris / métro : Ménilmontant) de 17h00 à 19h30.

Véritable star aux Etats-Unis, Midori, amércaine d'origine japonaise, dédicacera en exclusivité son best seller "Les Sortileges du Bondage Japonais", un ouvrage clair, simple, précis, parfait pour l'initiation, présenté sous forme de pas à pas, pour apprendre l'art de manier les liens et de faire de jolis noeuds. On y retrouve d'excellents conseils portant sur le choix des cordes ou sur la sécurité des participants, des photos (illustrations des figures enseignées) et bien sûr images et instructions afin de procéder étape par étape. Midori connaît l'art du bondage, exaltant et sensuel, sur le bout des doigts et nous apprend le mieux possible à en exploiter les possibilités. Venez nombreux !

À la suite du succès exceptionnel, que ce soit en terme de vente ou d'image, ce livre qui n'était au départ disponible qu'en anglais a été traduit en français. Il est devenu en peu de temps l'une des meilleures ventes de livre (chez Dèmonia en tout cas) et un véritable classique.

demonia magazine
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here i am after the show
i didn't realize i had ink in my mouth
(video taken by [profile] kwouk)

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mr [profile] kwouk came and shot some video and images during our show.
so here are some photos from the first batch i received!

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i've not posted this in mine, only [profile] fetishparty

This will be one of the first ever performances i've done with [profile] fd_midori in Los Angeles.
i think.

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some time ago i ordered a couple of zentai suits but never really got around to wearing them.
during one of [profile] fd_midori's visits here i finally got around to shooting in one (i was probably just too lazy to deal with putting make up on).
[profile] ostanine got to balance himself on top of a scaffolding while i hung from it. thanks to Bindme.NL for the lovely rope!

i wasn't really able to see much, so i had to try and keep track of where everything was and remember what position my body was in when i did hit something. otherwise, some neat shots came out of the series. plus, with the amount of photos we ended up with, it makes a pretty neat gif.

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so in london, i performed another installation of the Elements of Suffering show with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori. [livejournal.com profile] erosartist snapped away (though i'm wondering where the end of the show is...)

The first performance featured earth, fire, and water themes. This one used wood (in the form of bamboo poles).

sorry, no cut for you

mores later maybe
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so [profile] fd_midori and I will be performing at the TortureGarden special. no rubberball performance this year.

we'll be working on another installment of our performance: Elements of Pain (and Suffering on my part).

Tampa, Florida
shot by [profile] zaaz
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so the other day, Bob Pomeroy stopped by Genesis' house in Tampa for a quick shoot and he also took me to the airport. He also gave me a CD of images from the performance i did with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori on Sunday night.

here are a couple o shots. almost like before n after

and one more, for good measure:

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[profile] lukachiko is growling and making noise in his sleep.
he just woke himself up.
now he's acting weird.
maybe he's on drugs.

intraweb went down for a bit.
now it's up again.
we tried to watch TV
Summer Lovers is on.
but we got bored with it.


piraeus, GR
shot by [profile] ostanine

this  a shot taken from when [profile] fd_midori and [profile] stevedietgoedde were visiting.
the ropes were sent over by [profile] marrowbm from bindme.nl
super yummy ropes!
there's a bunch of cool images in the set but it's a pain to edit them because of the feet in the shots ([profile] ton_e).
also, i wish that i could have thought about how i was looking as well, because so many of the images have my upper torso looking like a trunk. not much shape at all. i suppose i was thinking of a side view rather than from above, where [profile] ostanine was standing above me on the scaffolding.

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so it's out!

The TortureGardenX 15th birthday DVD featuring a bunch of their family of regular performers and others is out.

i remember this event, or rather, i remember NOT attending this event. i had flown into London and was going to perform in TWO show but i ended up catching something that left me confined to bed throughout the entire weekend (and for much of my visit into London). Although i believe i did get out of the house finally in order to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] suka_off for lunch before they left.

The shows/performances include Suka off, ArtKor, Empress Stah, Esme, Paloma, Satomi, Kazaya, E.Vie, the Flaming Doo Dits, Psycho Clowns, Amrita and more.

The fetish fashion shows include TortureGardenClothing, HWdesign, Puimond, House of Harlot, Inner Sanctum, and Pretty Pervy.

i really wish i could say i was in the video, but i highly doubt i am since it was filmed on a night i was inside the home, waiting for my dizziness to pass. it would have been nice to have been a part of this little TG family, but no. Not for this project.

Luckily for me, they were kind enough to include me by featuring me on the cover.
rigged by [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori and shot by Craig Morey

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i already posted earth in my LJ a couple of weeks ago.

then in [livejournal.com profile] bondage_monster i posted the fire images.

now here's the last part:

transfering water from the fire to the final (water) stage

feeling dumped on?

scrub a dub dub

more than tako

all shot by Manolo (www.Manolo-Photography.com)
London, UK
for the Torture Garden Bday Special
May 2007
performers: [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori, Amrita, myself
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amrita and i on the earth stage at the TG bday performance