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Wow. We've done so much and we're only 4 days into this trip.
Today was full of more music and dancing and history and culture and art.
And we even ended up half-deaf after doing the conga too.
A lot of bus riding today but we got out often because everything we saw was in Santiago.

We started out at the Casa del Caribe - currently celebrating 35 years - and found a bunch of seats set out for us. Lecture time!
Lots of history though, and lots of information. I'm really enjoying it though again, I wish I had a better background of it.


From there we walked over to the Casa de la Religiones Populaires. Basically it's a living shrine to mulitpe religions where people can come and practice whatever they want.
We got a presentation by Abelardo Larduet and after that, the Grupo Abburreyé performed for us. They were good!



I told [livejournal.com profile] wrayb to copy the lady's pose. I realized after he mentioned it that it wasn't a lady.

From the journal:
Later start. The Casa de Caribe. Got more history and background of Santiago and other things including Haiti and the influx of tons of other influences. My book is full of notes and I can't read any of it. I think I was trying to write it on the bus.

Returned to the hotel last night to find the water working :-)
There was no need to switch our home for the night. Hurray for being able to be lazy for that evening. Now there's no need to pack until tonight. I think tomorrow we head off to Baracoa where we will stay in private homes - casa particulares. Right now watching members of our group dancing to La Bamba sung by a woman and her guitar in an Italian resto where we've just had lunch. Dessert tasted like bazooka joe in ice cream form.
And once again into the breach!
(I mean back to the bus!).
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We got in the bus and headed into town to the Restaurante Avilés.
It was really nice for our first place and there we met the local historian/musician who gave us a history of the restaurant, the building itself, and some local facts. After we ate, he took us to the space next door to show us the room the band practiced in. The Orquesta Hermanos Avilés was founded in 1882. After that we moved to a larger space and the band performed for us. The private concert was finished off by everyone dancing.




Back to the hotel and bed to prepare for the next day.

From the written journal:
After a nice nap we headed off for dinner.The place was aptly named Restaurante Avilés. There we were given an opening introduction of the history of the place and a drink. I ended up getting one without the rum.
For food options there was a choice between marlin and chicken. I had the fish. Sides for the main was rice with a lot of beans. Ick! There were multiple courses though and then there was ajicao which was different from the one I've tried at home but still very good. Dessert was flan! :-)
Next door to the restaurant was an open sapve where we were given another history lesson by the local music historian of the area. The space was the practice room of the Orquesta Hermanos Avilés which was founded in 1882 originally.

We all piled into the bus once again and headed to a space that looked like it functioned as a children's day care or play space. Either way it was quite sparse. We watched the band play for about an hour or so. It was great. Most members of the group took photos or videos and danced.
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cuz someone asked:
the music for this show featured a lot of ryuichi sakamoto. oh wait. it was all sakamoto.
the first piece was from a collaboration with Alva Noto called Aurora:

The second piece was Chinsagu No Hana from the Beauty album:

Chisagu nu hanaya, chimisashi ni sumiti.
Uya nu yushigutu ya, chimu ni simiri.

Yuyu harasu funi ya, ni nu fa fushi mi-ati.
Wan nacheru uya ya, wan du mi ati.

Tun nu buri-bushi ya, yumiba yumariyun.
Uya nu yushigutu ya, yumin naranu.

Takara tama yatin, migikaniba sabisu.
Asayu chimu migachi, uchiyu watara.

Agari akagariba, shimi nare ga ichun.
Kashira yuti tabori, wa uya-ganashi.
Chinsagu nu hana ya, chimisachi ni sumiti.
Uya nu yushigutu ya. Chimu ni siniri.


one of the English translations I found:

The Flower of Balsam, one dyes on one’s fingernails.
The words of one’s parents, one must dye in one’s heart.
Ships sailing the night seas take their bearing by the pole star.
The parents who gave me birth take their bearings by me.

One has to study and to master the name of constellations.
But the lessons taught by one’s parents are not mastered by study alone.
Even gems and treasures will rust unless polished.
Polishing my spirit night and days, I traverse this transient world.
When the sun rises, I shall go off to study.
Please plait my hair, my dear mother.
The Flower of Balsam, one dyes on one’s fingernails.
The words of one’s parents, one must dye in one’s heart.

The last piece was from the Neo Geo album: Chin Nuku Juushii (Okinawa Song).
I can only find a live version of it. The other ones on the youtube are too fast. ick!


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just like the subject heading says: more images from the show ...
these were shot by kinkerbelle - http://www.kinkerbelle.com/





Someone commened the other day on one of these images from my Dallas performance. They mentioned how it looked really cool and couldn't wait to do it. Basically, they were going to take my idea and do it themselves. Great. Not sure how I feel about that one - oh yes, I think I do. What crap. It's not like they even understood the concept going on in my head especially when all most people see online are the images. And even for those in the audience, I'm pretty sure they didn't realize that I did have a concept in mind and wanted to feature aspects of minimalism for this  show... Oh well. meh.

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performed in Dallas.
here's one of the shots i got so far
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well here it is!
all the info for this weekend!

i should be on around 00h30.
and it'll def be audience participation so you can help hurt me during my show.

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sometimes when i do a show, afterward i reflect back on it and remember the parts that didn't quite go as i planned or wanted.

this time, considering the amount of real preparation that went into the final delivery, it went very well - in fact, there's nothing that really stands out that i would have changed except for one thing - more wax.

i'm waiting on images from the show still, and there was also video taken too
but here's a preview

i think people enjoyed it.

i updated the moblog with all the rome images so far including sat nite main event shots.
here's a couple!

and from sunday nite's bondage party:

again, the rest are at the moblog

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forgot to post about this
but in a couple of weeks i'll be flying over to TEXAS to perform in the Texas FetishBall with Athena Fatale!

We'll be doing TWO shows!

here's the link to the website:

Texas Fetish Ball 2010
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2010 May 01 - London
Torture Garden BirthdayBall @ Debut
performance w/ SukaOff
foto: julien reynaud [livejournal.com profile] anticmos 

These were posted at facebook too, hence the editing.

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This is it!

I figure 40 is a nice big number so I decided I will celebrate it in my old & constant home city of San Francisco with a bunch of local friends at the bay area's longest running fetish club: Bondage-A-Go-Go!

First of all, the line up features a selection of performers often found on stages around the world, but rarely at home here in the Bay Area. But now you can have us all on a single night!


From Bondage-A-GoGo:

Kink Queen Kumi is turning 40 and we have the pleasure of hosting an over-the-top kinky carnival featuring the following unusual and exotic performances: Birthday girl Kumi (with Midori) – performing a souped-up version of one of their notorious Torture Garden (London UK) shows. This is a rare treat and Midori’s first BaGG performance in over 6 years!

PLUS – an on-stage flesh suspension with Samar Soriano, a sick and twisted carnival sideshow with Reverend B. Dangerous of OZ Fest with Kendra James, a sensual burlesque performance with Vienna La Rouge all hosted by local impresario and cultivator of carnal delights Paul Nathan.

There will also be Fun Fetish caricatures with Big Al Lopez, birthday cake, as well as giveaways and prizes from Stormy Leather and JT’s Stockroom. This is a once in a lifetime party and the possibilities are endless.

8:00PM Doors. 18 and over.
Tickets $10 ADV/$20.00 DOORS
Advance Tickets @ TicketWeb
(NO discounts/passes/guestlist for this night!)


Don't forget, it's also St. Patrick's Day so do try and add some colour to your wardrobe instead of basic black! Check out the local shops (see our sponsors) and they'll help you get sorted wonderfully!

The event is open to the public but the entire upstairs area will be open for those dressed up in either formal cocktail attire or strict fetish or costume. Make an effort!
(Sorry, but little black bootie shorts & bras don't actually make the cut).

The club itself has a dress code: No jeans, sportwear, or street clothes.

Hey non-fetish friends (ie. peeps from high school & the nuthouse!): If you don't want to invest in a crazy latex outfit - not everyone wants to wear rubber or leather - then go for formal, either modern or retro! Otherwise, think costumes or some other type of extravagant get up: fantasy, body art, drag, burlesque, uniforms, medical, military, cabaret, carnival, circus, avant garde, etc. Be creative!

Tickets $10 ADV/$20.00 DOORS
Advance Ticksts @ TicketWeb



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here's just one link to some photos posted

must find the rest


Welcome back to the ground                 Hangin' loose

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[livejournal.com profile] ropemarks  asked in a bondage forum:
1) What do you consider "performing"?
2) Why would you want to do it?


my first response: because you can beat up innocent girls in public

then i went a bit further:

1) What do you consider "performing"?

Well, first of all, I would categorize bondage performances as performance art rather than putting it under the heading of one of performing arts (think traditional theater arts). In general, it is unconventional, non-mainstream, and sometimes more conceptual rather than aesthetically pleasing and easy to make sense of.

I've done a number of performances in a variety of ways. Some require intensive rehearsals/pre-production work (staging, blocking, lighting, sound, etc.) and others don't require much physical preparation at all. Some shows have taken place on a formal stage, while others have occurred in other less-traditional formats.
But what each complete work does require is a theme or concept, regardless of whether or not the masses will actually be able to understand the message behind the (my) madness. Not all performances require formal lighting, music, choreography, or even a storyline (linear or otherwise), but they do require a concept, theme, or idea.
There's usually a lot of pre-planning in regards to formulating the ideas and actions that will be involved. I also end up drawing on previous experiences, for example, being able to predict audience reaction as some shows may actually hinge upon being able to foretell how spectators will respond.

A few of my shows have been driven by my desire to put on more of a conceptual based piece, but unfortunately, being able to contemplate simple blatant visual acts without having read between the lines is a bit too difficult in club environments where the next drink is most important thing for the most part. Trying to force an audience to watch a piece of art while demanding they ask themselves: 'is this really art?' is a bit difficult when competing against oontz-oontz music and a bottle of vodka.

I wouldn't necessarily classify all of the shows i've done as performance art though. There are quite a few venues that just don't care and just want someone dressed up doing bondage. I would probably categorize these as more of a demonstration - they require very little forethought, organization, and are simply there to either entertain, titillate, or even educate - but without an express intent to involve all of the aspects usually involved in performance art including the use of space, time, and audience reaction/interaction. There's no specific concept or idea driving the actions.


2) Why would you want to do it?

it's my job. it's how i earn a living.

I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically:

First of all I try to be innovative, experimental, creative. I try not to be boring (don't like people falling asleep during my shows Sad). Sometimes I'll attempt to put together a show that goes against what's expected. I usually pull inspiration from a variety of sources.

I try and watch as many shows that other people put on (as long as I can deal with my short attention span) so i know what not to do. And also so i avoid doing the same thing. It bugs the shit out of me to no end when i see people doing the same thing i did. (Actually, at one event, i saw someone end up getting rigged the exact same way and attempting to recreate my movements in her 'performance') Dodgy
Fuckin' A! Angry

As for the physical part, I enjoy the challenge to a certain extent. I'm so fucking lazy that I need to work my shit out. This is one way I can test my endurance and push my flexibility - although i'm realizing it helps to maybe stretch out more than once a month. Undecided

Maybe I do need to start that 'working out' thing like i've been telling myself for the past few years ...

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So far so good.
Tomorrow evening I should hear some more!

I have created an event page for my B-Day party over at Facebook.
I have also created an event page over at FetLife.
I will probably throw one up at AltParty too.
Do please RSVP to any and all when you log in as we're trying to determine whether or not pre-sale tickets will be helpful - not that the price would be lowered but so that people would be guaranteed entry just in case that many people want to come.

In case you missed the previous post, here's the info as of today:

This is it!

I figure 40 is a nice big number so I decided I will celebrate it in my old & constant home city of San Francisco with a bunch of local friends at the bay area's longest running fetish club: [livejournal.com profile] bondage_a_go_go !

First of all, the line up features a selection of performers often found on stages around the world, but rarely at home here in the Bay Area. But now you can have us all on a single night (and for the same normal door price BAGG has every week!).

Performances will be from:
Kumi (myself) & [info]fd_midori  - doing a bondage show we've only done in London at Torture Garden so far, but altered especially for this evening.

[info]vienna_la_rouge  - For my St Patrick's Day event, she said she'd bust out her special Absinthe burlesque performance!

Samar Soriano (flesh suspension)
- She's got some kind of aerial dance planned but it's a surprise, she tells me!

Reverend B. Dangerous
- Things might get a little bloody here! If you didn't get enough of the skin poking from Samar, the Rev should satisfy!

There are a couple more things lined up but must be confirmed - as if you needed more! Hah!
Paul Nathan (www.firemagic.com) will also be on hand to M.C. as long as he isn't shipped off to Europe yet!


Of course, there will be cake, as well as giveaways and prizes from our sponsors.

Don't forget, it's also St. Patrick's Day so do try and add some colour to your wardrobe instead of basic black!

The event is open to the public but the entire upstairs area will be open for those dressed up in either formal cocktail attire or strict fetish or costume. Make an effort!
(Sorry, but little black bootie shorts & bras don't actually make the cut).

When: March 17, 2010
Where: Glas Kat SupperClub - 540 4th Street, San Francisco.
Hours: 20h00 til 0230
How much: $10 - that's right. it's the normal weekly door price. If you seriously enjoy the shows, sure, we'll accept donations to help to help alleviate my costs in bringing in these acts. But otherwise, there will be no discounts offered at the door.


More details (sponsors, shows, pre-sale tix, etc) TBA!



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After Lyon, instead of staying on the continent, i flew back to London in time for the London Fetish Weekend.
First thing I did was visit Holloway Road to see Atsuko Kudo, then spent some time at Fettered Pleasures. Ended up meeting up with Samppa and Aneta for sushi at Bento in Camden. Then back to the house.

I think I became slightly addicted to the xbox and Guitar Hero. not good!

I was planning on getting to TortureGarden a little later but forgot about the fact that i'd need to do the rehearsal for the fashion show thingy.
Ended up getting there a touch before 19h00 where me and [profile] helene_atsuko got to see the HW Design outfits for the first time. They ended up looking like pieces from Flash Gordon/Superman - but think more along the lines of the evil characters! (Ming or Ursa from Krypton!)
The latex featured was the transparent but paint patterned sheeting with smokey black trans and black accent with a little bit of trans.

I wanted to head back to the house but realized that would just be a waste of time so I stuck around the club and got some food nearby.

The bondage show with Amrita was a smaller version of our Lyon performance - must less rehearsed and I planned on exerting less energy but during the show I kind of changed my mind and ended up becoming completely inverted for a while. Owie on my shoulders!
And AUA on my back too after Amrita sat on me.
Of course, I only realized how much it hurt the next day!

These one is from Mathieu Richardoz:

And this one is from Siberfi:


After the show, I put the latex back into the box and threw on my latex track suit n flip flops and ran to the bar. Ended up dancing around and having a blast. I didn't get home until sometime near 05h30. I even left after the TG office crew so I didn't get paid out for my show even! lol!

The next day I felt the pain, but ended up meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond and Sacha, Eden and Heiko, and [profile] hyperion_101 for dinner in Shoreditch. [livejournal.com profile] ynl and his work buddy came too. After eating we stumbled over to Hoxton for some drinks before stumbling home.

The following day, I packed up my things and headed for the airport for my trip to Edinburgh!

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Lyon ended up being wonderful.
I was afraid and prepared myself for somewhat colder weather but instead it was warm for most of the time.
Warm enough to wear a simple dress and flip flops during the daytime.
I ate so much foie gras and yummy food too.

I'm so glad I ended up ordering the origami cranes online.
I don't know how we'd be able to prepare the stage with just the time we had available to us and just the idea of spending all that time in the hotel room playing with paper now just seems kind of dumb. Of course, in the end, it cost just as much to have them shipped over as it did to have them made. And then customs cost twice as much almost!

Amrita and I hung about 70 or so birds, then scattered the other 60 or so on the tables for guests to take with them. I kept about 20 for the show in London.  Lots of people took them how which was the idea as I didn't just want to throw away the ones left over.

These 2 photos were shot by Phoebus
His shots of the event are pretty damn awesome.
Rather than just people posing, I think he really captured a really great feeling.
the party shots he took are here: http://www.phoebus-photos.net/BDS09/index.html

One more photo shot by Matthieu Richardoz:

After the bondage show I had to change to announce the other show so I threw on the yummy outfit Atsuko Kudo gave me to wear and then grabbed the mic. Unfortunately, the one person who wasn't supposed to be near me was front n center as I jumped up on the stage and that kind of put me out of sorts. Then he totally turned his back and that was kind of rude since it was kind of obvious and everyone else was looking at the stage. All I kept thinking was how nice n heavy the mic was and it'd make a good clobbering tool, but then that wouldn't be professional, would it? Anyhoo, the rest of the announcing I did was from the TG booth where I danced around with [livejournal.com profile] allentg and VyktorNova the other DJ.
The rest of the night ended up being super fun and I stayed around longer than I planned to! I think I also drank a bit more JD than I thought I would but not too much! ;-)

The next day I checked out of the hotel and the day after that [livejournal.com profile] gothmarilyne and I treated ourselves to a much needed spa visit.
I'm not sure I should've gotten the skin peel thingy as I think it might have been too harsh on my calves. It felt like it burnt a bit and there were little bumps on my skin like i ran into a cheese grater.  Then the following day, while [livejournal.com profile] gothmarilyne ran her errands, Julien & I visited the zoo. Laurent Courau finally convinced me to visit the demeure du chaos so we went to check it out. JB gave us a private tour and then had a visit with Theirry Ehrmann. He ended up giving all three of us books and we finished up the visit with a round of Jack Daniels. ;-)

Then we headed into town for dinner at Les Demoiselles de Rochefort and it was super yum. I had even more foie gras that night!!
Oli de Sat from the Frenchy music group Indochine suggested the place. He's lucky it was really good cuz i said i was going to fly up to Paris n kick his butt if it wasn't - or at least I would when I got up there in December.

Eventually I had to leave Lyon. I almost didn't want to. The weather was too nice! But I did go back to London because I had to get ready for the Torture Garden stuff happening on the weekend :-)

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marie kalista's man took shots of the event and i really like what he ended up with. seriously nice athmosphere and it seems like he just captured people at a party rather than expressly posing for the camera.

take a gander: http://www.phoebus-photos.net/BDS09/index.html

See all the birds? Those were used for the show with Amrita. I kept about 20 of them to take back to London for our show there this coming weekend. I placed a bunch on the tables for people  to take home.

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I need ideas for music.
rock n roll.

it's going to be for a performance - a bondage performance.

i want music that would go with a scene that kind of depicts something akin to domestic violence.
the music doesn't have to be about about violence itself, but i want a hard, pounding beat (no pun intended)
at this point i'm thinking about somehow mixing in some jefferson airplane - somebody to love.
zeppelin - whole lotta love ?
eagles - one of these nights

all in the reverse order.

(i'm going to get beat up in this show)

eagles would be good for the intro part where he 'demos' the bondage on me and i'm somewhat interested.
then the zeppelin starts when i try and leave the stage but get thrown back to get forced...

HAH !!

nugent - stranglehold!!!
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into place that is.

things are slowly falling into place.

i wish they would fall into place sooner but maybe i just enjoy having do all this scheduling juggling.
sometimes people tell me i should have an assistant but i really don't know how they would be able to keep all the information straight.
all the different people i have to deal with and remember how i dealt with them before and how i met them, etc - all those little detail.

in any case, the best part is when the schedule starts to become more concrete and makes sense. everything becomes organized and then i can finally place other parts of the schedule on top, layer by layer.

Flying to London first, then up to Edinburgh, followed by Bologna, then Vienna, and finally back to London.

Sep 17-24 London ---------- need to organize a coule of shoots still
Sep 24-30 Lyon -------------- Bal des Supplices performance w/Amrita
Sep 30-Oct 06 London ----- London FetishWeekend/TortureGarden performance w/Amrita
Oct  06-12  Edinburgh ------ shoot shoot shoot
Oct  12-18  Bologna --------- shoot shoot shoot & maybe performance at Decedence
Oct  18-29  Vienna ----------- shoot shoot shoot
Oct  29-Nov ? London -------Torture Garden Halloween performance w/Amrita

I'm not certain about staying in the EU for November, although I do have bookings in December. Maybe best to stick around and fly back to the states after the Clinic Party... ?
I need to find out if i'm going to be booked for the China gigs *crossing fingers*

I do want to be in London for the Ryuichi Sakamoto concert November 29/30. I also want to be with my family either Thanksgiving or Christmas.
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here's a video with a sampling of the guests and shows during the April 2009 event
I posted it over at [livejournal.com profile] fetishparty  but since I never posted it in my own blog, here it is!