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here's the first image i received from my shoot with harmony in melbourne.
i like it tons

melbourne, au
face painted by mishka

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well[profile] mistress_sandra  is gone. she just jumped in a taxi for the airport. I have to finish up packing and then i'm outtie for my 18h40 flight to berlin.
The weather here is omgawesome now. it's supposed to be raining in berlin - and just after a slew of warm days. oh well. suckage.

here's a ton of moblog catch up pix:

the view from my window on my flight from vienna to paris: seat 1a

taking rer into paris from CDG

day after arriving in paris: shoot with honeypie eric martin :-)

gilles berquet showing us how it's done

sophie likes da korean bbq

proof i went out during the daytime

mr grumpyhead by the war museum stuff

US embassy in paris. can't get close...

back to London

then to portugal

giant ass metro stations!

metro stations with comic book art!

metro stations attached to shopping malls

oh what horrid weather ! i even got sunburned playing tourist! fun!

on the way to the oceanarium

ok. time to finish up packing then check out. more madrid shots later

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and one more from Gilles Berquet

open the image up in a new window as it's at 800 pixels here but should be 1000 - can't really see it when it's small.

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here's a shot of the stage set up after [profile] fd_midori  left rehearsal
nice n clean n white - but not for long...

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here's another shot from the TG sat nite performance

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here's a shot from the sat nite TG show in london
me n [profile] fd_midori  in the background making a mess

london, UK
fotos by http://www.manolo-photography.com/

more at his link!

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Finally checked out the last issue of Marquis. The article I had to do the write up on for the Photo Weekend is in there with 4 pages.. They ended up using the image of me in the fancy Syren dress with paniers and super make up n hair from daven, noogie, and jamie... and i'm weaing my D&C flipflops. HAH.

The composite image shot by venuswept is also up. I only posted the one of me and ulorin_vex before, here's the big one with all the girls.
(me, ulorin_vex, mosh, mzberlin, vimasophia, and natalie adams)

all sorts of funny small image of me in the latter part of the mag, including shots from copenhangen/strangelifeforms and old ones from stevedietgoedde and the classic kumi postcard set. one from larry bradby too, which was more of a quicky from fetishcon two years ago.
party shots from fetishcon in tampa last year as well as london fetish weekend too.

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Back in the office. Yesterday was gorgeous! But we mostly spent it inside being lazy bums.
Today is work day. Need to shoot stuff for the site.
If not content, then massive catalog item.s

Still not heard anything back from Amsterdam about the Clinic Weekend. Need to sort that out. It's June 12/13 weekend and I know i'll probably take the train from Berlin to A'dam if it gets confirmed. But then I just got a notive for Jury Duty which would start June 15. UGH! And I have to be in London for work stuff.

Heading to Paris on Wednesday evening. Need to remember to get flowers sent to mom or dad will killl me since I didn't send any for her bday in April. I hope she doesnt think the alexander mcqueen pants i just bought and are being delivered to Cali are for her! She's appropriated quite a few of my things like that.

Need to get back on LiveMocha and work on my Portuguese but I've been lazy. I probably forgot everything I learned and will have to start over.


Friday night went to La Floridita with the girls from the shop
here's a photo i found of us on www.szene1.at

I wasn't feeling well so I ended up leaving around 1am. Which is find cuz Sat nite had to go to SMartCafe.

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Finally getting around to posting some shots from OZ!

Melbourne, AU
latex: Vex

you can find more of Kim's stuff at her deviantArt page

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So I posted a little about my trip to Latvia and Estonia during the actual voyage.
That's because there was actually internet at the RIX airport (free) and during the couch ride from Riga to Tallinn.
I'm actually happy I took the bus because I got to see a little bit more of the country.

Here are some photos starting with the early departure from DUS:

no one in front!

il ike the flower drinky things

RIga airport


border between Latvia & Estonia

diet, er...

view waking up in Tallinn

old town

cutie kairi!

old town

more diet

emilie autumn backstage in tallinn w/marcus!

more diet

lemons in condoms

super pretty club

DJ with my hair

private sauna/latex drying room

view from the pad. last nite

more at

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and since i'm behind in posting, here's a photo

paris, FR
Gilles Berquet


i'm headed back to Paris in a couple of weeks
and I'm shooting with Gilles again

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The Gathering Party 13
Metropolis Club
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 35
(C.C. Imaviz)

Performances by (me) & [profile] mistress_sandra  & Eden Wells!

Das 23h às 6h.

Bilhetes no local: €20
Bilhetes pré-comprados: €17

Por favor contactem por email para gathering@thegatheringparty para info onde/como comprar os bilhetes antecipadamente.

Quem quiser usar o cartaz para divulgação pode "linkar" directamente para as imagens alojadas no nosso servidor usando os links abaixo. Isto garantirá que quando actualizarmos o cartaz no nosso site será actualizado no vosso também. Smile



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Club Von Überblingen

while you're at it
check out interview/article of me re:Fetish Freak party :-0


sorry, it's in Estonian :p

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Paul Nathan didn't end up meeting up with Eric Masters or myself in Amsterdam.
We still got to Centraal with a bit of time to buy my 1st class ticket and enjoy the lounge for a little while.
I thought the website offered free wifi but that wasn't true. Eric did take advantage of the free beers available though while i grabbed some tea and enjoyed the peaceful time away from the bustling people down below.

With 10 minutes to spare, we made our way to our train and jumped into the first car that had an awesome view out the front of the train.
(i, like a lame-ass didn't get a photo).
A man came by selling snacks but I should have waited til later because a lady came by to show us a menu and take our food order. I got a huge cherry cheesecake and lovely chicken soup served on real plates with silverware too.
Duisburg came sooner than expected and so did Essen. We rushed off the train at Duisburg and jumped into a taxi when we got to Essen.

When I checked in, Eden Wells was already in the room and settled in.
That evening, Eden, myself, Eric and Paul Nathan headed into town to the G.O.P Variete theater where we got to check out the current show that was there. (Paul is booked to perform for May/June). It was great being able to get away from the hotel and attend a non-fetish night out that was enjoyable! After the show, we had a drink or two with the performers before heading back to the hotel.

The one major difference between this weekend and the previous ones was the weather! Instead of snow blanketing the area outside the hotel, we had clear skies and a little bit of heat to go with the sun. The area outside the restaurant and the pool was open and we used them freely! I would actually say that Friday was a bit warm and I know I didn't want to have to put on latex and sit in the sun. It was so nice, that the Models and Makers party was pushed back a couple of hours because everyone wanted to take advantage of the sun.
I did end up putting on latex (my white vex trousers with the stained glass design up the sides), but it didn't last very long. I think I spent most of this weekend wearing bikini tops and beanie caps (usually without make up on all day long).

Saturday the Expo started and I ran around a bit talking to the designers and also making sure they were aware of rehearsal times, etc. for the next day. Also hung out in the bar area with tons of people and hit the pool a bit as well.

Ended up putting on clothes (and hair) for dinner because I thought it'd be nice at least.
Got the Rumpsteak filet. yum. Not sure about the napkin thing on [livejournal.com profile] hedonydesign  and [livejournal.com profile] maximsphotos, maybe it's a french thing?

Didn't go to the VIP dinner at the Lochschuppen venue. Didn't see any shows.
I wasn't really planning on going at all to the party, but I figured I would. Jumped into the shuttle with a few peeps and headed out!. I wore my green AtsukoKudo and updo wig, but even though I love that outfit, I wasn't really feeling the party. [livejournal.com profile] smy1  got me a shot of JD but I ended up leaving without using my drink card at all. Since the shuttle wasn't running until 2am, I had to get a cab which was €40 of teh suk.
I ended up at the bar and Yannis poured me shots of JD - like at least 7. I was supposed to go to bed and get a good night's sleep before the next long day!

Sunday I woke up not feeling well at all. I felt puffy and irritated. Oh and my personal sharkweek started. Super. And no stores open to buy the necessary supplies. Seems it wasn't only me too. Oh well. Got Eric Masters and headed downstairs to the venue. Had a cab driver that was slow too. But we get to the venue and evveryone is waiting outside. Quite a few people were early too! Even though we were supposed to have access to the venue from 12h00, they decided to not let us in due to the cleaners not being finished - which pretty much screwed up my plans for a super short and organized rehearsal. I tried to get things on track as soon as possible by getting groups to rehearse and organize themselves before getting on the stage. It seemed to work and in the end, the day ended on time - except for Tolllkirshce/Demask but that was OK as they were not leaving the venue. Unfortunately, some of the models in the other shows ended up at the venue longer than I wanted. Fortunately, it wasn't my fault.
Eric Masters ended up choreographing and taking over the [profile] ego_assassin  show at the last minute. Nicole, Lilith, Eden Wells, Eden Berlin & Monique Vegas ended up being great in a super simple and yet sexy show that lasted a quick 4.5 minutes. (I like short).

Saw lots of people that I'd not seen like Marcus Ewers but unfortunately no time to chat. (I did chat with him a bit at the Meet/Greet thing - and with [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond and other peeps too) Damn. so many, I'll die listing them all and looking up LJ names!
I was feeling pretty wrecked by the end of the rehearsal day. I kept a bottle of water near and tried to stay focused and get the people in/out as quickly as possible while trying to get last minute requests handled - and of course, everyone had at least a couple of those. Miguel, who runs FE, even threw one at me involving all of the models coming back after the show to take the stage once more. The area above the flat stage/catwalk that was built is a wall full of openings at various levels. It's really cool and set up for dancers. But getting models - even 30 or so to commit would be close to impossible.

Back to the hotel with Eric Masters and a quick dinner. The restaurant was full and only taking reservations but we squeezed in with Paul Nathan and some other guests. Hell, if I didn't get food then there'd be no way I'd survive the night. Showered and then wrote up the set list and timing cues. The hotel computer wasn't printing out my Google Docs so had to do copies by hand :(
Back to the venue around 10pm and prepared for the night.

The timing this year was a little off - well, some of the things went a lttle sooner than expected - which was actually great. But each set went out on time pretty much, and stayed true to what I planned. All the designers and models were on stage and ready to go on time - though i'd probably want some of them there a little earlier and a little less stressed out - yes, i'm taking about you [livejournal.com profile] hedonydesign  :p
In the end, a lot less stress than last year actually even though the backstage area was incredibly tight considering 100+ models were scheduled to participate - and most people did keep their boyfriends out of the room and out of my way. I did end up yelling at someone to 'get the fuck out' and physcially grabbed them to do so. (of course they've been looking at me strangely since them - hell, i was only trying to do my job, and by being there, they were making my job more dificult. they also just happened to always stand in the middle of where people would walk).

When people go diving on a boat, it's usually polite and good form to limit the amount of things one can bring on board because space is limited. For the models, I'd start to impose a damn baggage limit like the airlines do. Why the hell would someone need a large suitcase to bring their things in? Seriously, it's the kind of bag I pack when I'm going on an international flight for like a week or a few - like now. I realize designers have props n such things, but shit, do the models realize that there are other models in other shows that are going to need space to get ready and do their thing? 

I'm also a smoker but considering the size/layout of the room, I'd ban smoking except in the little outdoor area we had access too. Too many barefeet and cigarettes that were just thrown down without being put out. Cramped spaces and latex and cigarettes are a shitty idea.

I woke up the next morning feeling not too bed, but my feet hurt like hell :-(

More later, I need a nap

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uploaded all the fotos to the moblog from my mobile (for Amsterdam and Essen)

the rest are at http://kumimonster.tumblr.com

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The Moblog is updated!

Blue skies over London, Mar 30

Still blue at Stansted! April 1

clear night at Schiphol - april 1

seriously gorgeous day. dam square. amsterdam april 3

gorgeous peoples getting ready for gorgeous party night ! - april 4

gorgeous gato

rubbers april 4

staring down the edamame - april 5

rawrrrr - april 5

april 6 - she's like "i've had it up to here... i told you to go before we left the house!!!"

dendermonde april 6 - lovin' it.

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wow. last nite was great. feeling quite a bit rough now though!

updated the moblog

2009 March 25 - SFO to LHR

2009 March 25 - SFO to LHR

2009 March 26 - London

2009 March 26 - London




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i haven't posted some in a while. damn!

los angeles, CA
foto [livejournal.com profile] kellylind 
latex www.hwdesign.at