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So far so good.
Tomorrow evening I should hear some more!

I have created an event page for my B-Day party over at Facebook.
I have also created an event page over at FetLife.
I will probably throw one up at AltParty too.
Do please RSVP to any and all when you log in as we're trying to determine whether or not pre-sale tickets will be helpful - not that the price would be lowered but so that people would be guaranteed entry just in case that many people want to come.

In case you missed the previous post, here's the info as of today:

This is it!

I figure 40 is a nice big number so I decided I will celebrate it in my old & constant home city of San Francisco with a bunch of local friends at the bay area's longest running fetish club: [livejournal.com profile] bondage_a_go_go !

First of all, the line up features a selection of performers often found on stages around the world, but rarely at home here in the Bay Area. But now you can have us all on a single night (and for the same normal door price BAGG has every week!).

Performances will be from:
Kumi (myself) & [info]fd_midori  - doing a bondage show we've only done in London at Torture Garden so far, but altered especially for this evening.

[info]vienna_la_rouge  - For my St Patrick's Day event, she said she'd bust out her special Absinthe burlesque performance!

Samar Soriano (flesh suspension)
- She's got some kind of aerial dance planned but it's a surprise, she tells me!

Reverend B. Dangerous
- Things might get a little bloody here! If you didn't get enough of the skin poking from Samar, the Rev should satisfy!

There are a couple more things lined up but must be confirmed - as if you needed more! Hah!
Paul Nathan (www.firemagic.com) will also be on hand to M.C. as long as he isn't shipped off to Europe yet!


Of course, there will be cake, as well as giveaways and prizes from our sponsors.

Don't forget, it's also St. Patrick's Day so do try and add some colour to your wardrobe instead of basic black!

The event is open to the public but the entire upstairs area will be open for those dressed up in either formal cocktail attire or strict fetish or costume. Make an effort!
(Sorry, but little black bootie shorts & bras don't actually make the cut).

When: March 17, 2010
Where: Glas Kat SupperClub - 540 4th Street, San Francisco.
Hours: 20h00 til 0230
How much: $10 - that's right. it's the normal weekly door price. If you seriously enjoy the shows, sure, we'll accept donations to help to help alleviate my costs in bringing in these acts. But otherwise, there will be no discounts offered at the door.


More details (sponsors, shows, pre-sale tix, etc) TBA!



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by *kumimonster on deviantART

Clickedy for the larger image n stuff.

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All sorts of things n stuff from the past few weeks

2009 November 18 - San Francisco
Bondage A GoGo - hot dogs served!

2009 November 18 - San Francisco

2009 November 25 - San Francisco
2009 November 25 - San Francisco
2009 November 25 - San Francisco2009 November 25 - San Francisco

2009 November 25 - San Francisco

2009 November 25 - San Franciscofrom Samar’s phone

2009 November 25 - San Francisco

2009 November 30- Palo Alto
2009 November 30- Palo Alto


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catching up with the mobloging once again.

I have a new phone which also means a new camera.
it's much better than the blackberry camera
and also, there's video too!


so where was I?
Oh yea, Bologna.
Then I flew to Vienna on this little airplane run by AustrianAirlines/Tyrolian.
A little Dash-8

I saw near the propeller so i could take fotos of it.

2009 October 19 - BLQ to VIE

Sometimes I like the little planes where you get to walk up the stairs yourself.

In Vienna it was back to work

2009 October 22 - Vienna

And play...
since there's no thanksgiving there, xmas season starts earlier!

2009 October 24 - Vienna

And once again, went out with the girls for some Salsa dancing

2009 October 24 - Vienna

But all too soon, I had to get on a flight back to London

2009 October 28 - VIE to LTN


London was cold
and it took a while for
[info]puppy_lenore to realize this

2009 October 29 - London

2009 October 31 - London

And then a few days later,
it was back to the airport to my favorite terminals @ heathrow to one of my least favorite airports (but not the city, just the airport)

2009 November 03 - LHR to ATL

2009 November 03 - LHR to ATL

2009 November 03 - LHR to ATL

And upon arrival, well, mini party!

2009 November 03 - Atlanta

2009 November 03 - Atlanta

2009 November 03 - Atlanta

2009 November 03 - Atlanta

I ate a lot there too:
2009 November 04 - Atlanta
korean bbq with

2009 November 04 - Atlanta
2009 November 04 - Atlanta

2009 November 05 - Atlanta
2009 November 05 - Atlanta

2009 November 06 - Atlanta
2009 November 06 - Atlanta

2009 November 07 - Atlanta
2009 November 07 - Atlanta

2009 November 09 - Atlanta

2009 November 09 - Atlanta

2009 November 09 - Atlanta<br />from PhotoGnome&#8217;s phone
sushi with more peeps including and
[info]animeoni & [info]orwellsanimal & [info]kippiepoo
2009 November 09 - Atlanta

2009 November 10 - Atlanta
2009 November 10 - Atlanta

And finally back to Cali

2009 November 10 - ATL to SFO

2009 November 10 - ATL to SFO

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wow ! so many new things at the HWDesign site and i'm actually falling behind.
but here's a peak at what's been added!

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My flight to London is now pushed forward to the 31st of March.
Everything is coming together nicely for this next tour.

It looks like London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bologna, and finally back to London.
Hmm, it seems to be a lot in text, but it's works on the calendar I'm looking at.

I was in Glasgow shooting with Azrelle all day during my last visit to Scotland.
I liked Glagow - can't wait to revisit!

So then, me in a bunch of HW latex (tho the catsuit is actually from [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing )

and another with not so much latex
thanks [livejournal.com profile] mrstocking for the nylon ;)

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i like this
i'm guessing he snapped it between cigarette breaks

milwaukee , WI

foto by the [livejournal.com profile] mr_chris_cam

latex from the [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing
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so tomorrow I'm driving up to the Armoury in San Francisco.
Seems the Kink.com wardrobe dept wants to check out what I am selling.
It'll be nice to get rid of my things en masse like that because it'll save a bunch of time
but it kind of sucks too.

I like knowing that my items are going to nice individual homes & owners.
not that the people at kink aren't nice, but well, i don't know.
it just seems different than dealing with a fetishist that might appreciate a particular item a little bit more. Once it lands in the wardrobe dept, no one there is going to care that a certain dress might have been the first dress i designed for a particular company and the only one of it's kind. Almost each of my garments holds a bit of my personal fetish history and is capable of triggering fun memories or initiating a reflection of the past.

it's almost as if i've turned my fetish garment into a... fetish - but the other non-sexual definition of the word!
that is, the latex item which normally elicits a sexual reaction due to my affinity for the stuff has now been transformed into something that now embodies and inspires much more than just a sexual reaction - it holds my past.

hmm. maybe i should take a few things out of the box i've prepared for tomorrow.

today i found these pants and this jacket

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arrived a couple nights ago from Bologna!
It's definitely chilly here but brisk and the cold weather just seems to fit better here.

Tues went and got my nails done. I was going for black with white tips but after all the work was just about done, the nail lady realized that her gel wouldnt attach to my older nail stuff so it all peeled off. :-( All that work! So she did the fasted set of 10 black french tips evar!

Yesterday I also worked on latex. Finished up 2 aprons (one for [profile] mistress_sandra ) and one for the Halloween show I'm doing with Amrita at [livejournal.com profile] torturegarden .

Today is shooting day, but later this afternoon. I need to get started on some hoods and latex repairs.
Also need to write the promoter in Bologna for the party as he still owes me some money ;-/
I hope he can transfer it into my Greek bank account at least.

OK. Time to go work on more latex!

Oh, and Marla Rutherford posted a tear in her FaceBook.
I'm the one with the rubberball head.

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well it seems every time i come here i end up eating - a lot. it's a wonder i can still fit into latex and shoot during my stay here!

tonight we're eating home-made pumpkin tortelloni with sage and butter.
teo keeps repeating at me what i said a long time ago: "fat is flavour!"

Flying over the Alps:
2009 October 13 - EDI to BLQ

A super gorgeous day to land:
2009 October 13 - near Bologna

Started off by hitting the pasticceria! These were finished before the day was over:
2009 October 13 - near Bologna

Dinnner - fresh scallops turned into yummy goodness followed by even yummier sea bass n steamed veggies followed by even more pasté!
2009 October 13 - near Bologna

2009 October 13 - near Bologna

All that was just the first day.

The next day (Wednesday) we headed into Bologna proper to check out a photo expo at the Nu Lounge.
Valentina, Teo, and I met up with Andrea and then walked over to the bar.
We ended up needing a little more than just alcohol so we got ourselves a table !
I ended up with Tortelloni filled with cheese n spinach stuffs and then got babb'a for desert.
yum yum yum yum yum!
2009 October 14 - Bologna2009 October 14 - Bologna

2009 October 14 - Bologna

2009 October 14 - Bologna

2009 October 14 - Bologna

all the moblog photos are at the tumblr blog

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Here's the new medical toys splash page!
Click to visit the site!

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The next day was long! Most likely due to the JD i accidentally put into my belly the night before.
But also because I saw on my butt getting my 'make up' done for several hours!
In the end though, it was really cool! Barrie had this idea to cover my head in henna and he met this mua that really wanted to do it too.
She was really nice and stayed after her planned time even tho her b/f was waiting for her @ the train station back in Glasgow.
She did an awesome job! Unfortunately, henna leaves behind a decent stain of color and we had to figure out a way to prevent that. We ended up putting a coat of liquid latex on my head which was fine at first, but I knew i'd get a rash from it and so now the back of my neck and behind the ears is all irritated - just where all those sensitive parts are. It's getting a lil better now tho.
Next time we're doing my whole head n neck n stuff!!

2009 October 11 - Edinburgh

2009 October 11 - Edinburgh


A couple of friends (K & P) were in town from Copenhagen and so we planned for dinner in the city again. meico joined us as well.
I was craving more Korean and this time we tried some more dishes and again we were all pleased. The odd thing was that the meal actually cost less than before! But it was still yummy! [livejournal.com profile] meico brought some of his double chocolate rum coconut brownies and we ate 'em all!

2009 October 12 - Edinburgh

2009 October 12 - Edinburgh

2009 October 12 - Edinburgh

2009 October 12 - Edinburgh

2009 October 12 - Edinburgh


The next day, I finished up my packing and then headed out to the airport and off to Bologna.
The ryanair flight didn't cost that much but the 19.99 kilo suitcase did cost me an extra £80 (£20 per kilo over 15 kilos - though when i booked the ticket it was only £15 per kilo over 15). Ass!


Landed at BLQ on time though and no issues with the flight or airline.
And it was nice n warm outside!

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well now that i'm in bolonga, i suppose i better catch up a bit with things before i forget!

edinburgh was great. i ate so much, and according to [livejournal.com profile] meico it's just filled with great restaurants. he might very well be right on that account.
the night i landed we hit a Chinese place, followed by a group dinner at a Japanese restaurant for teppanyaki (i already posted some fotos in LJ).
But here's a few more of the guys tossing eggs because Fiona's camera is better than mine:

2009 October 06 - Edinburgh (from Fiona&#8217;s camera)   2009 October 06 - Edinburgh(from Fiona&#8217;s camera)   2009 October 06 - Edinburgh(from Fiona’s camera)

The following night was all about Korean. I invited Barrie & Fiona to come try it with me and I was so happy to find that it was actually really good and not crazy expensive - it seems that the London KBBQ joints are a bit more costly.

I added a review on google - (author: Kumi) I thought the place was yummy enough to deserve one. Plus, it's one of only two Korean places in all of Scotland - or so i hear. The other is in Glasgow and run by the same owners ;-)

2009 October 07 - Edinburgh(out of order)(from Fiona’s camera)     2009 October 07 - Edinburgh(out of order)(from Fiona’s camera)

i ate soooo much!


The next day I headed over on the train to Glasgow for my shoot with Ruth(less photography) ;-)
I took the obligatory photo with the cone-headed horse guy as we walked from the train station to the studio.

2009 October 08 - Glasgow

2009 October 08 - Glasgow

2009 October 08 - Glasgow

After the shoot we walked over to wait for Barrie & Fiona for more yummy food at the Red Lizard pub.
I was told not to eat anything so instead i ended up putting a lil bit of JD into my belly.

2009 October 08 - Glasgow

Miss Ruthless didn't stay for dinner. B & F & me walked over to the Dhabba for super dooper yummy Indian.
nom nom nom!

2009 October 08 - Glasgow

Had a day off so ended up catching up with emails. But in the evening B n I headed into town so I could play tourist while F went to her aerial class to be fit n stuff. Did the Mary King's Close underground tour and it was actually quite nice and didn't leave you feeling ripped off.
The ground was all done up nice with wooden floors and it actually seemed quite clean and decently lit so there was no feeling of being lost which is kind of what i was hoping for - that and a sense of extreme claustrophobia to go with the disorientation, but no luck. In the end it was still pretty cool. After the tour, we waited for Fiona in a pub n then got burgers. They had A & W rootbeer and funny shaped onion rings...

2009 October 09 - Edinburgh

2009 October 09 - Edinburgh

2009 October 09 - Edinburgh

2009 October 09 - Edinburgh

After dinner we headed back to the car and got on the road to Livingstone :-)

2009 October 09 - Edinburgh(from Fiona&#8217;s phone)


The next day was a shooting day. And it was an outside shooting day too! BRRRR!
I ran around a brickworks wearing a latex catsuit which wasn't very helpful in keeping me warm. gah!!!
Took a little siesta afterwards and then we headed out to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] meico and [livejournal.com profile] ayia for [profile] ascension_club
but before that B & F took me to the newsroom to wait for their friend who was going to play gawth with us.

2009 October 10 - Edinburgh

2009 October 10 - Edinburgh

2009 October 10 - Edinburgh


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After Lyon, instead of staying on the continent, i flew back to London in time for the London Fetish Weekend.
First thing I did was visit Holloway Road to see Atsuko Kudo, then spent some time at Fettered Pleasures. Ended up meeting up with Samppa and Aneta for sushi at Bento in Camden. Then back to the house.

I think I became slightly addicted to the xbox and Guitar Hero. not good!

I was planning on getting to TortureGarden a little later but forgot about the fact that i'd need to do the rehearsal for the fashion show thingy.
Ended up getting there a touch before 19h00 where me and [profile] helene_atsuko got to see the HW Design outfits for the first time. They ended up looking like pieces from Flash Gordon/Superman - but think more along the lines of the evil characters! (Ming or Ursa from Krypton!)
The latex featured was the transparent but paint patterned sheeting with smokey black trans and black accent with a little bit of trans.

I wanted to head back to the house but realized that would just be a waste of time so I stuck around the club and got some food nearby.

The bondage show with Amrita was a smaller version of our Lyon performance - must less rehearsed and I planned on exerting less energy but during the show I kind of changed my mind and ended up becoming completely inverted for a while. Owie on my shoulders!
And AUA on my back too after Amrita sat on me.
Of course, I only realized how much it hurt the next day!

These one is from Mathieu Richardoz:

And this one is from Siberfi:


After the show, I put the latex back into the box and threw on my latex track suit n flip flops and ran to the bar. Ended up dancing around and having a blast. I didn't get home until sometime near 05h30. I even left after the TG office crew so I didn't get paid out for my show even! lol!

The next day I felt the pain, but ended up meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond and Sacha, Eden and Heiko, and [profile] hyperion_101 for dinner in Shoreditch. [livejournal.com profile] ynl and his work buddy came too. After eating we stumbled over to Hoxton for some drinks before stumbling home.

The following day, I packed up my things and headed for the airport for my trip to Edinburgh!

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Lyon ended up being wonderful.
I was afraid and prepared myself for somewhat colder weather but instead it was warm for most of the time.
Warm enough to wear a simple dress and flip flops during the daytime.
I ate so much foie gras and yummy food too.

I'm so glad I ended up ordering the origami cranes online.
I don't know how we'd be able to prepare the stage with just the time we had available to us and just the idea of spending all that time in the hotel room playing with paper now just seems kind of dumb. Of course, in the end, it cost just as much to have them shipped over as it did to have them made. And then customs cost twice as much almost!

Amrita and I hung about 70 or so birds, then scattered the other 60 or so on the tables for guests to take with them. I kept about 20 for the show in London.  Lots of people took them how which was the idea as I didn't just want to throw away the ones left over.

These 2 photos were shot by Phoebus
His shots of the event are pretty damn awesome.
Rather than just people posing, I think he really captured a really great feeling.
the party shots he took are here: http://www.phoebus-photos.net/BDS09/index.html

One more photo shot by Matthieu Richardoz:

After the bondage show I had to change to announce the other show so I threw on the yummy outfit Atsuko Kudo gave me to wear and then grabbed the mic. Unfortunately, the one person who wasn't supposed to be near me was front n center as I jumped up on the stage and that kind of put me out of sorts. Then he totally turned his back and that was kind of rude since it was kind of obvious and everyone else was looking at the stage. All I kept thinking was how nice n heavy the mic was and it'd make a good clobbering tool, but then that wouldn't be professional, would it? Anyhoo, the rest of the announcing I did was from the TG booth where I danced around with [livejournal.com profile] allentg and VyktorNova the other DJ.
The rest of the night ended up being super fun and I stayed around longer than I planned to! I think I also drank a bit more JD than I thought I would but not too much! ;-)

The next day I checked out of the hotel and the day after that [livejournal.com profile] gothmarilyne and I treated ourselves to a much needed spa visit.
I'm not sure I should've gotten the skin peel thingy as I think it might have been too harsh on my calves. It felt like it burnt a bit and there were little bumps on my skin like i ran into a cheese grater.  Then the following day, while [livejournal.com profile] gothmarilyne ran her errands, Julien & I visited the zoo. Laurent Courau finally convinced me to visit the demeure du chaos so we went to check it out. JB gave us a private tour and then had a visit with Theirry Ehrmann. He ended up giving all three of us books and we finished up the visit with a round of Jack Daniels. ;-)

Then we headed into town for dinner at Les Demoiselles de Rochefort and it was super yum. I had even more foie gras that night!!
Oli de Sat from the Frenchy music group Indochine suggested the place. He's lucky it was really good cuz i said i was going to fly up to Paris n kick his butt if it wasn't - or at least I would when I got up there in December.

Eventually I had to leave Lyon. I almost didn't want to. The weather was too nice! But I did go back to London because I had to get ready for the Torture Garden stuff happening on the weekend :-)

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Had a shoot over in the Kingdom of Fife yesterday evening.
it just sounds funny to say that.

[livejournal.com profile] poisonduk picked me up with [livejournal.com profile] princealbert over in Burnt-Island (keep wanting to say Burntis-Land) and we were joined at the resto by barry n fiona n [livejournal.com profile] meico n [livejournal.com profile] ayia
the place was called Koi chosen by [livejournal.com profile] princealbert and it was yummy. i ate tons.
can't wait for the video of the guys getting egg all over the ceiling!

it was fun and the chef was entertaining tho sometimes he seemed a bit pushy.
he said he was from benihana in SF which i didn't believe as it's been ages since i've seen a japanese chef actually cook tepanyaki in one of those.
he had bits o egg omelette which he tossed into the air to have the diners catch. it reminded me of my petgirl.com sets shot in vegas where i had o catch chocolate hershey's kisses - i didn't miss any of those. only just this morning did i make the connection that he might have been eterntaining himself my putting the guests in the position to act as trained animals - especially since after catching a bit of the egg, the succeeding diner would receive a chocolate covered biscuit!

HEY she looks like she's feeling up [livejournal.com profile] meico here!!!

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after the zoo trip, we headed over to Saint Romain au Mont d'Or to meet up with John and Laurent @ the demeure de chaos

999 Demeure du Chaos - Abode of Chaos - Esprit de la Salamandre ...

i forgot to take photos until we were about to leave.

2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

we did shots of JD with Thierry. He showed us his collection of JD bottles.
2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

Lots of portraits of people and things. Go on, you know you wanna guess who's who and what's what!
2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

I liked this the most:
2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

and this:
2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

2009 September 29 - Saint Romain au Mont d&#8217;Or

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