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so yeah
pink n stuff

vienna, AT
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went out to eat at Far East this evening with [livejournal.com profile] ostanine and his Professor buddy. He's funny. He teaches psychology in panteion (some big uni in athens). he mentioned that next semester he's doing a course in deviant behavior. the waitress told us that there actually is a korean restaurant in athens. we'll check it out when i get back.

still haven't packed. leaving tomorrow for london.
i dont think i will have to drag my big black coat! hopefully the weather wont turn on me once i arrive, because weather.com has it hitting 21C on the weekend. yes!

new Heroes episode is online, but i think i'll leave it for when i get back. snuggle time is probably more important!


here's a teaser shot for [livejournal.com profile] mrstocking who's been uber patient with me as i've been remiss at not shooting or posting stocking shots after he's sent me so many great pairs! i really love these. instead of black, the seams and foot detail are all a really nice blue!

piraeus, GR
shot by [livejournal.com profile] ostanine
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the images from my pantyhose shoot should be going up at the site soon.
here's another

piraeus, gr
shot by [livejournal.com profile] ostanine
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watched more movies.
spiderman 3. meh.
and watched episodes 1-5 of the Tudors.


so today, before [livejournal.com profile] ostanine took some pictures of me,
i grabbed his camera while he worked on his new haircut.
Loukas decided he'd jump in front of the camera (mamiya rb67pro).
[livejournal.com profile] ostanine just developed and scanned the images i shot.

piraeus, GR
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ok. to start...

me in my new atsuko kudo latex stuff
at the fabrica italiana resto

this is ruby luster, harald wilfer (chefe!), and me in the backstage area.

so i got pretty toasted on proseco after the show.

i can see [livejournal.com profile] world_of_rubber and Harald behind me and the Baroness.

i got suckered into doing this interview. yes. no more latex. proseco made me want to get out of my latex. i think i did the interview in english. no german. no english. whatever. they got some mixtures of everything. me with [livejournal.com profile] world_of_rubber

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so today me and [livejournal.com profile] ostanine woke up with headaches. shitO!
anyways, those are fading.

i keep craving korean food. but from my little internet search today, i learned that in 2006, there were only 290 koreans living in Greece - not Athens, but Greece.
so... plugging in 'korean restaurants greece' into the google, i was only able to find 'Far East', a restaurant that has japanese, chinese, and korean food - excuse me, cuisine. at least it will give me an excuse to wear my new miu miu outfit.

no partying tonite! tomorrow we get up early (earlier than usual) and take a boat over to Aegina.

first, we head into Perdika (a little port/village).

we're supposed to head a mile up so that [livejournal.com profile] ostanine can yell at people to finish his place and freak out. Hopefully, the yelling and grumpy looks can make the people working on his place move faster. He's not really a tyrant though. He hates yelling at people, which pisses him off even more. Unlike me, I don't mind yelling at people.
He doesn't think it will be finished in time for [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori's and [livejournal.com profile] stevedietgoedde's and Valentina's visit though.
Not to worry. We have back up plan.

Here's a view i found that's near the location.

this is the view from the place with [livejournal.com profile] ostanine's camera:

we are SOOOOO shooting latex in the pool! wheee!

That little island is Moni which means monastery i guess. Though it's close to Mouni (which means pussy - the kind that doesn't meow).

here is a shot of our back up plan for SDG and Midori and Vale:

I will take my own photos when we go.

Aegina Stuff:
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took some pictures this evening

piraeus, GR
shot by [livejournal.com profile] ostanine

latex hood from HWdesign.at

go see more hoods at my new community!
[livejournal.com profile] latexhoods
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i got a message the other day, from this little 'dark art' girl

The rabbit picture is over the top isn't it? That's disgusting art. I mean, I like dark things, but that served no purpose.
It's makes you seem like less of a woman to me, because the picture conveys that you are cruel or sick.... and without compassion. You probably don't care , but I didn't expect you to. You make the money and that's all that matters right?


so myspace finally decided to delete my bunny foofoo image.

this one

i wonder if i should put it up again...
or maybe just have it on my profile page rather than in the gallery section...

anyhoo, it's so lame. an image that actually takes a bit of thought to interpret. i don't care if you don't like it or anything. it's still got some sort of meaning behind it that, although not immediately obvious, can put the viewer into an uncertain position. (is the image for or against fur, etc). it is meant to be intangible while the obvious props and presentation (shaved head, skinned embraced rabbit, fur gloves, etc) are supposed to lead to an inconclusive state.

instead of putting on make up, having my head photo-shopped nice and smooth, and perfecting any imperfections, and throwing on some sexy outfit, we decided to do this image.
and i'm getting the impression that this type of stuff isn't even worth doing. instead, people should only be creating art that is appealing to all that appreciates only the most mundane and generally accepted forms of art (read: beauty)

just another step towards being unmotivated.
thanks, idiots.
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bologna, IT

whoo hoo!!
latex by VexClothing.com

*note: split toes so i can wear flip flops!
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here's another one i like a bunch!

piraeus, GR

shot by [livejournal.com profile] ostanine
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shot last nite.
pantyhose and heels
my boobs are a lil bigger!

piraeus, GR
foto by [livejournal.com profile] ostanine
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so [livejournal.com profile] ulorin_vex scanned the Demask advert out of the last Skin2 for me
this was shot during one of my trips to Amsterdam (though it was just to fly in to shoot the catalog, then i took off for another city for another shoot. early am wake up. fly in. go to Demask. get to bed. airport the next day - or something like that).

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so i went over to italy for a week or so to hang out with Valentina.
i also had my new catsuit with me...

oh yea. last year's rubberball theme was 'Stage and Screen'
so... instead of dressing up like catwoman (trite) or some sort of thing like that,
i figured do this. too bad [livejournal.com profile] mistralmadriiax wasn't there to do the Tigger thing.

i ended up not wearing it because after the show with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori my body felt a bit wrecked. i lost a contact too. and i just wasn't in the mood.

bologna, IT
for ValentinaFetishDoll.com

these are going up on my site next dammit!
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so this is from my 2nd birthday party
i knew it was from my birthday, wasn't sure which at first.
but super agent [livejournal.com profile] ostanine told me that he noticed the TWO candles on the cake...

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so when i was in vienna, i checked out that heavy rubber issue i have a shitload of pages in.

check out the right shoulder strap

seems like someone forgot to photoshop a bit of stuff.

also, no HW design credit for the corset (a somewhat major part of the outfit...)
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so Demask has updated their site as well
also, i am on the new full page ad in the new issue of Skin Two
tho i've not been able to get a scan yet. (anyone wanna help?)


amsterdam, NL
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new stuff from breathless added to their catalog
(and some pictures of me too)

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stockings n hood

athens, gr

shot by [livejournal.com profile] ostanine
in his new bathroom

latex by HWdesign.at

set up now at da kumimonster.com site
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so in Europe, they've got these fields of yellow in the countryside.
food for animals, and also for bio-fuel production from what i understand.

it also makes for a great background

that's Alice from the SMartCafe behind me.

Vienna, AT
for Fetish-Live.com
latex by Demask, HWdesign, and Vex.
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i kind of wish i was in paris for the weekend... er, TONITE

du 21 Avril au 26 May 2007

Envois De Lenoir
Une Expostition de Gilles Berquert Chez Air De Paris

Vernissage ce Samedi 21 Avril

big invite foto under the cut
(i think that might be me in the top corner on the right wall
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