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I headed back up to San Francisco for the last day of MacWorld to check out stuff I missed.
[profile] fd_midori [profile] sfracerx and their friend came along with us too.
afterwards we went to a reading ([profile] fd_midori's) but i had to bail because i cant still at such things (unless the topic is war or genocide).
i stepped over to the Lucky 13 and then headed back to meet up for a rushed dinner at Chow.
yum yum. then me n [profile] sfracerx got our butts over to SFO to meet up with [profile] divalano.
i don't think i like the SFO domestic terminals.
here be photos
and more moblog

(san francisco being blue instead of grey)

i saw this first

i didn't realize this guy was part of the booth til i snapped a few shots of the other monkey.

simple swag. but yummy swag!

wakka wakka

lucky 13 ... old home away from home almost!

nothing much to look at while waiting at SFO

seriously. intl terminal is so much more fun to people watch!
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at [profile] fd_midori n [profile] sfracerx's pad. we're headin over to the expo again

cramps are the suck.

here's a foto from the the expo taken a couple of days ago

san francisco, CA
shot by Dean Karr

Thanks [profile] lenoraclaire!
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so yesterday i got to see michael blue (for once i run into someone else's ex and not mine), [profile] derleiermann (in the US of all places and not in some EU country!), and also Herbie Hancock (i wonder how many of the guests that were so excited to see Dean Karr even remember his video of Rock It).

The new airbook is nice. it's so slim. it's like a super model, or at least a sub-powerbook super model,
but i dont think i'd use it even if i got one for free. I like being to throw in a DVD when i want to and burn CD/DVDs easily. And I prefer the larger screen for working on images - though maybe a smaller screen would make me feel better after staring at my ass for hours.
it is light and it's feels lovely to hold! 3 pounds (1.36 kilos) would make a great difference - just over half of what i'm draggin around (almost 7 pounds), and I can see it being a great advantage if you're flying often - especially on those airlines that are starting to enforce carry-on baggage weight limits and every kilo counts. but it IS kind of sleek n sexy (if you find that type of thing sexy)

here's a shot [profile] derleiermann took of me working. notice the 2nd monitor where David (guy at the table) is working on deleting my giant volcano (and realize how everyone watching can see my zit on a niced sized screen. wonderfulness. not).

here are some moblog shots from the expo and the days before.

[profile] alanablue you know these guys!

herbie hancock with dean (i wasn't drinking. i'm just a bit rushed)

the view

i dont know what they were pushing but i like the green

the blogger lounge (the blog ounge in the West hall served beer!)

the crumpler stand

Not at the MacWorld Expo - my brandspankinnewniece

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i usually wake up quite early. my sleep schedule has somehow gotten completely screwed up. asleep around 6am, wake up noon-ish.
this is not going to work.

i have a call time of 10am at the Moscone South in San Francisco. The skin on my face is also being very uncooperative and the fact that my shoot (involving portrait work) is going to be shown on a huge monitor above the convention hall isn't helping things.

anyway, here's a photo of me and Scar 13

los angeles, CA
latex from SoHipItHurts (defunct) and HWdesign.
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oh yes, there's a ton of things to do out there

here's a shot of me doing something. freezing i think

palmdale, CA
shot by Marla... er, Emma Wilcox
latex hood HWdesign (i made it)
catsuit [profile] vex_clothing
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so i'm finally done with my shoots. right now over at kellylind's pad
earlier today i left Scar's and headed over to see [profile] ynl. [profile] _yungfuktoi_ had to go do errands with [profile] nadya_lev so no dim sum for them.
unfortunately we had a late start so it was pretty much the end of service time when we got the the resto in chinatown.
so we headed next door to check out sone HK DVDs.
i picked up:
Lust Caution



(supposedly this is the next let's-use-white-people-and-have-hollywood-remake-it film)


Not sure which to watch first though! GRR.

after Chinatown, collected my things and now i'm at [profile] kellylind's. ended up shooting 4 fancy sets (the last one is almost goth but looks like it'll be nice!) and then went to meet up with [profile] kwouk to get a bite to eat at 101 cafe.
tomorrow i'm free so will probably end up visiting with FetishNation peeps for a flick.
then it's time to get my ass to Burbank for my flight back to NoCal.

moblog time!
(more more at the link !!)

(vodka gun)

(walking towards us around hollywood/vine)


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west coast fetish ball photos are slowing getting posted in places

(did u like the venue, could you see the shows on the mainstage - from what i can tell in the 944.com images, i seemed to be not that visible even though we did have those risers on the stage).


there are some up at www.drunkrockers.com


and also over at www.944.com
(that's where these (below) are from)
that's my new outfit with bustle that Syren made me.

and this one of [profile] _yungfuktoi_ and Scar

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snaps from los angeles and even palmdale!

West Coast Fetish Ball - 28 dec

West Coast Fetish Ball - 28 dec - post show

West Coast Fetish Ball - 29 dec - [profile] stevedietgoedde on melrose

Los Angeles - 01 january - the morning after

palmdale - 02 january - jc doing my face

palmdale - 02 jan - marla and jc at work...

the rest and some video at the moblog!

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gaaah! so a super exhausting day.
maybe because before 9am i was actually sitting behind a desk over at the Stockroom offices opposite mr [profile] stevedietgoedde.
I did take care of updates for the week which i needed to do since i was behind.
[profile] fd_midori and [profile] sfracerx ran around and got the fish for the show and prepared it all.
met up at the venue and we blocked out the sho.
we *did* forget to do one thing that we realized too late and that was to speak to the lighting guy.
got back to SDG's and took a nap before we headed over to the venue.

talk about a rip off. $20 for parking. that's bullshit.
even more was the $10 charge for a shot of JD.

i really should have brought in my own bottle when i showed up earlier in the afternoon but i wanted to be good and 'follow the rules'.
I realized i'd have very little time after the performance to walk around (plus i'd be a mess) so i decided to put on the super fabulous outfit that Jeff made for me (a red and white basque and bustle number!) rawr!

a lot of people asked me who made it. a ton of people asked if it was from Vex and were pleasantly surprised when i said, "No, it's from Syren! and it gives me an ASS." (the whole bustle thing really helps out in that department).

the venue was nice, with the rooftop VIP area covered to keep some heat in. it seemed like there was plenty of seating for people that needed to rest their feet. the dresscode wasn't too strict which allowed people to attend if they weren't into wearing latex or strictly fetish-gear, yet it didn't seem to detract from the event too much.

ran around and saw a bunch of people and did some photos with [profile] emilymarilyn and [profile] masuimi and [profile] stevedietgoedde.
i realized i was supposed to be backstage getting ready so i ran back and put on my fisherwoman outfit and got my shit together and got on stage in time to do the show. [profile] sfracerx had already gotten the fish hanging n all that so everything was ready to go.

by the time i got off stage, i was covered in ink. jumped into the shower and got most of it off of me. jumped into my pink latex dress and matching flip flops (from [profile] ostanine) and me n [profile] kwouk ran out to drink with [profile] ynl and [profile] _yungfuktoi_ and saw [profile] corruptmorals and [profile] sissystck and other peeps.

i'll be posting some video on the moblog and here.
i've already posted some performance shots.


i got most of the ink off of me for my shoot the next day with [profile] stevedietgoedde. here's one quicky snapshot he took of me with Jeff who made the outfit for me! (though here you really can't see that much poof of the backside going on).

oh, and here's a shot of me and [profile] stevedietgoedde after the shoot.

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here i am after the show
i didn't realize i had ink in my mouth
(video taken by [profile] kwouk)

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mr [profile] kwouk came and shot some video and images during our show.
so here are some photos from the first batch i received!

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Moblog updated!

so this is ozzy
he's checking out porn
we're at [profile] stevedietgoedde's pad.

these are my feet

i saw a bushel of chocolate and thought of [profile] ostanine

flying to burbank

when i was in SF at [profile] fd_midori's pad, [profile] sfracerx made a giant cupcake

i wasn't allowed to eat it
so instead, [profile] sfracerx made some cookies.
i ate all but 3

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so yesterday edited photos for udpates n stuff, then got my butt into the shower so i could drive up to SF and work on the Los Angeles performance with [profile] fd_midori. it's all sorted out now. though we'll have to see the actual stage and props when we get there and make some last minute decisions which hopefully wont be too big a problem.

meanwhile, [profile] reddevilwolf and [profile] sfracerx acted out their G N' R fantasies on the Wii with Guitar Hero.
i even tried to show [profile] ostanine on the cam but the lighting wasn't optimal. i should have taken some video with my phone. oh well.

so we headed out
first stop was the Center for Sex & Culture Soiree.
Oops no. it wasn't.
first stop was BevMo where they had lots of cool stuff.
i left with a bottle of Abslute Pear.
lots of other little fancy bottles of booze,
i didnt know roberto cavalli made fucking vodka.

So we got to the soiree and i was right in guessing there'd be no hard liquor.
We chatted a bit and then finally made our excuses and took off to get some drinks in our system.
i mean, we had to leave so we could go have dinner because we were really hungry.

dinner at ryoku:

see? eating tons. (including codfish testicles)

this is Atsushi. i never met him before but somehow he knew who i was. need to torture [personal profile] umetaro to figure out how the hell i ever came up in their conversation. the "oh, i know a bald girl named kumi" needs some more details!

the red tree looking down California Ave.

the rest of the photos are at the moblog
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The rest of my Moblog images are up finally!
From Paris to London to San Francisco.
I was also able to start uploading some mobile videos i shot of various things.
(a train ride from rotterdam to paris, some concert shots in paris, being stupid with [profile] ostanine. really lame and probably uninteresting stuff).

2007 december 15 - London

2007 december 15 - London

2007 december 15 - London

2007 december 17 - LHR to SFO

2007 december 20 - palo alto -  [personal profile] sokkmonkey doing i don't know what.

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posted more images.
here are some.
the rest at the MoBlog

18 nov - AMS - faces in the wall

19 nov - piraeus, chocolate for [profile] ostanine

19 nov - piraeus, chew toys for [profile] lukachiko

30 nov - piraeus, [profile] fd_midori & [profile] david_tg at dinner

08 december - paris. heading out!

09 december - paris, my buddy fred.

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Well now that i'm a little settled, i can start getting some photos uploaded (some of my SIM cards don't allow MMS on a pay-as-you-go plan).

We'll start with Vienna and go through DUS to Copenhagen, then over to Amsterdam.

Even more images at the Moblog

nov 10. vienna.
working on new gloves to match my neck corset. (i ended up doubling up the rolled accent with black as well)

nov 11 - Vienna. last chance for goulasche suppe

nov 11 - chocolate from the gift shop in DUS (on the way from VIE and to CPH)

nov 13 - copenhagen. picking up groceries.

nov  13 - copenhagen.

nov 16 - CPH. the walkway to the new security area. . all the passengers are forced fed into a bottle neck that opens up into a duty free shopping zone but it's not very fluid. they could have done better.

nov 16 - AMS (nice to have all sorts of friends show up. ok. they weren't all there JUST for me.
(Chantal from ropemarks, [profile] x5nder, [profile] mirja, [profile] ropemarks)

nov 17 - amsterdam. [profile] sfracerx outside our houseboat :-)

nov 17 amsterdam. evil outside the houseboat.

nov 17 - amsterdam. das arts. we educate rebels...  lots of naked boy rebels!

nov 17 - amsterdam. our workspace.

nov 18. AMS. heading back to Athens.
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i've only ever shot once in dress. a black n white set with [profile] stevedietgoedde

me n [profile] ostanine figured we should try it in color,
(and i was actually lucky it still fit me! uggghh!)

the whole set's just uploaded to my site though.
and um, it's really easy to tell that i'm not a natural blonde cuz the curtains really don't match the carpet!