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it's been a looong time since i've worked with Jean Bardot (nee Rubberella).
That was when the Facility/Rubberella 3 DVD was made with Anastasia Pierce and [profile] mistress_sandra was in Los Angeles to visit.

She's got a new website now, and that means we had some content to shoot! For our first set, we had go use the brand new leopard printed latex from HW Design. It ended up looking really nice in the vacbed too.
There were so many images in this set, but I finally got rid of about 100 of them and was still left with 100!

Part 1 is up at KumiMonster.com. Part 2 should be up this week if my webmaster decides to post it on time - seems like monday's is stil not up.
this is frustrating. UGH.

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so another piece has been updated to the HW Design site

here is the trench bodysuit

super comfortable to wear and easy to get into and out of.
just what i like sometimes! easy latex!!
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this is where i went to high school for a year.

one of 15 entries from Marla Rutherford (me).
i am supposed to be back in the EU in July
(a gig in Ibiza - oh the horrors!)
perhaps a long due trip to the south of france would be convenient!
(but back to the US in August for Fetishcon)

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get ready for a ton o posts in the next 9 hours.
especially if they'll be my last for the next few who-knows-what.


do i need one of these? of course i do. this one was a little big on me, and i think i want mine mixed with more black.
but here is jean bardot!

vienna, AT
shot by Stephen Doleschal

Available now at www.HWdesign.at
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shot by the doleshcal in vienna.

This is more of the new leopard print stuff.
the print is within the latex so no rubbing off!




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so i uploaded more images to my MoBlog

London to Dusseldorf, Essen, Koln, n lots o Vienna

Check out the GULASCH!!!
you want me to bring some back for you [profile] ynl ?

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i finally got around to adding the SF ball weekend fotos to my moblog
there's even a video
(and not all images are safe for work, obviously)

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spent most of the day working on my green catsuit.
tired and no energy.
most everyone else is the same way.

this is one of the hoods that was shot yesterday
it fit perfectly too!

it's online at the shop at www.HWdesign.at

vienna, AT
stephan doleschal
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SM Sniper Mag

thanks for the tear miss [personal profile] cyka !
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i forgot about these

they've finally been added to the online catalog as well

Guantlets 13

and ...

Korsett 16

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Korsett 15
(available now at HWdesign)

You can't actually tell here, but it's BLACK and BABY PINK
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it's time to post a photo!

Los Angeles, CA
me and Scar/www.scar13.com
shot by Allan Amato / www.venuswept.org
face by AngelaWarrick/www.angelawarrick.com
all my latex from AtsukoKudo.com

(latex is NOT for sale. these pieces are stil new-ish and i'm not going to get rid of 'em, plus i have new matching stuff coming still).
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ok. well.


photos (except for cover)
by [profile] kellylind
face by [profile] alexandrial
latex FireceCouture

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palmdale, CA
foto:Marla Rutherford


for some reason, this one just reminds me of the dioramas you can see at natural history museums
with the scenes of cavemen, the wild west, dinosaurs...

different ones posted in [profile] latexhoods and [profile] fetish_monster
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before it gets away from me, my last day in shanghai...

afrer a nice night wandering around the bund, i had to wake up early to finish up packing and get my ass to the airport.

my host aaron took me to the station where i got to jump on that maglev train that i wanted to check out.
i didn't get good photos though.

it's really out of the way though (in Pudong) and i don't quite see how it's very useful to the people that actually live in Shanghai.
they're going to have to extend it which they're working on.

bur it is nice. the thing is fast. 7 minutes to go about 30 km and the thing can go super fast
i think i got a crappy foto of it hitting 430 something kph.

anyhoo, got to the airport and then had to walk allllll the way down to the far end (that's where the check in was for JAL.
JAL lady was so nice.

since i had extra time i tried to sort out my United flight by seeing if there was anything i could do to get on a proper ANA flight.
unfortunately, there was no nice lady at the united airlines stands or offices. there was simply no one there. I went to the ANA desk and the lady there couldnt help me either :(

JAL flight was super. the little fod trays had little heating pads for the hot food too.

and they gave you a lot of silverware as well... enough to hija.. nah. better not say it in case i get in trouble for such jokes..

so back to Narita and a quick change of terminals. I wandered around the area I was in when i left tokyo last and found the United Airlines transfer counter there. i wrote about that in my earlier post.

Oh, I DID forget to mention sitting in the plane for almost  2 hours. or maybe one hour +
i forget. annoying but better than finding out there's a problem IN the air.
though actually, this was not because of UA, but the entire airport was temporarily shut down for a while.


and premium economy on UA is SUCK


arrived in SFO
not delayed for once in customs/immigration

and now i've had jetlag all these week
i thought that was bad.

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i've not posted photos in some time
at least the kind of photos not taken by my camera phone for my moblog.
the kind i usually post that end up going into the member's section of my website eventually.

so then, back to it

los angeles, ca
shot by [profile] kellylind
custom latex from syren
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wow. as far as these days go, i really must say, there wasn't much day activity going on.
but once evening hit, it was all about getting up and out.

this last nigt in town, Aaron and i headed over to Red Beat again
(i ate steak again - yum)
Keith (mr [profile] syren666) met up with us. She pulled da lame and stayed in tho)
shot a bunch of pool and drank a bit. watched the band play bluesy rock which was fun.

then it was time to head out to stop number 2.
This time we headed over to the CJW at the Bund Center (CIgar Jazz Wine).
50 stories and we were on top of it with a great view of the city scape (of course i wasn't going to take photos.
wouldnt have come out well enough.
the place did have cool glass art and hanging crystal sculptures
one of the guys had to fiddle with the hanging glass and made it crash and shatter to the ground.
we made a hasty exit down the elevator.

but before we left, we did get to listen to Ptah Brown, the vocalist for the evening.
she's from harlem and knows well that bar i ended up visiting with my buddy Adrien when i was staying with [profile] psycholibrarian.
i ended up picking up one of her CDs and we shot some group photos together with some other people we met that evening.

for the 3rd stop, we headed over to attica. but then realized it was closed. then over to bar rouge, but it was closed for renovations.
3rd attempt for the 3rd stop was  I Love Shanghai and that was open. In the end, I left early because I had to pack so left the guys there.

moblog fotos