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i has clothes on!

los angeles, CA
@ the edison bar

foto: [profile] venuswept
clothes n stuff: MotherOfLondon.com ([profile] _yungfuktoi_)
face: Daven Mayeda
hair: Noogie & Jaime Gatlin
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so i thought
"everything should be fine, i'm heading home in a couple o days. everything should be smooth n easy. what else could possibly come up?"

sometimes you can't even make the shit up
and in a while, it'll all be as funny as hell


moblog images posted
go there for all of them!

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lots done
here are some moblog shots
more HERE

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vienna - VIE/DUS/STN - london

new socks i made at HW Design in Vienna to go with my fancy new dress being made in los angeles by syren


leaving sunny vienna for foggy london - not happy really!

above germany

on a diet in London

[profile] smy1

on the wall in camden

[profile] ynl

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ok. cab should be here.
stupid rain.

here's a last shot before i leave

vienna, AT
stepehan doleschal
latex HWdesign
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friday nite
and i'm in front of the puter staring at too many images that need to be edited
though luckily, i've no desire to go out

here's a shot from VenusWept
it's me, [profile] ulorin_vex n [profile] chinagrrl
guess who's who!

London, UK

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here's a shot of the new catsuit n hood
though i did change the hood by adding more 'paint' parts onto the face itself
and i didnt get around to doing it until after the shoot.

here's a front view
(look no nipple!)

vienna, AT
foto by Stephan Doleschal
latex: HW design

a different shot over at [profile] fetish_monster
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again with the moblog!

[profile] alyz_tale @ Furieux

eric martin in HWDesign

gare du nord too early in the am

back in london.

off to DUS followed by VIE

new latex in Vienna
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HW design has a new trans patterned latex design
it's not printed
it does not come off
i must make the hood this week
it's like pollack attacked it!

omg RAWR
this is the right shoulder n neck portion
will try it on later
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the other was to be
this one i received said or not to be

los angeles, CA

"view image" for bigger
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palmdale, CA
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los angeles, CA
vex, motheroflondon, syren

"view image" for bigger
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so [profile] fd_midori and i took the train to paris for the weekend. i'm still here but she's back in london now.

more fotos at the MOBLOG

2008 May 09 - St Pancras to Gare du Nord

may 10 - the jetlag caught up on her the next day. i tried to take advantage of it but she still moved before i could position myself just right....

may 10 - up n at em. at the shop after the busy book signing

may 10 - [profile] fd_midori with fred kryel (kryel.net)

may 10 - you are here

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