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A couple of days ago, I met up with a friend of mine from the US at Showgirls where we spent quite a bit of time sniffing latex and getting fitted and covered in baby powder. Eventually we walked down the street to the lovely French bakery around the corner from House of Harlot before returning to check out the bits n bobs in that shop. I ended up ordering a nice little hat from Lacing Lillith while my friend tried on some more latex.

After a bit of time, I had to use my phone but as the reception in the shop itself is quite horrid, I stepped just outside the door to use my phone. If anyone has been by the shop recently, they might have noticed the sewing machine table sitting there near the door in the private corridor.

As I was waiting for an internet page to load, I ran to counter in the shop to grab a flyer to get the actual address and I placed my phone on the sewing table. Just after I went thru the door, the FedEx man passed by me to leave. I immediately popped back out only to find my phone gone. I quickly scanned the ground and the table once more and then saw the quickened pace of the carrier as he approached the gate. I shouted at him a couple of times and he did not respond. Someone in the shop asked me what was happening and I responded "that man stole my phone" while running down the corridor. I shouted at him again but he continued through the gate and headed left.

I ran after him and was halted for a second or two as I searched for the buzzer to open the gate (i was in a slight panic) but luckily someone at the shop door was quick enough to do it for me and I took off sprinting down the street. I don't think I've run like that since, well, a long time!

I didn't see him at first but I ended up catching up with the FedEx carrier just about to turn the corner at the bike shop (he was walking quickly) where I shouted at him to give me back my phone that he nicked from the store. There were people around so initially he professed ignorance, but after I replied that I left my phone on the sewing table and I knew he took it as I was right behind him he simply stated, "oh, it fell onto the ground" while handing it back to me.

I grabbed my phone back from him, called him an ass, and told him he'd be reported to FedEx. As I walked back to House of Harlot, I noticed my phone was still on and uploading webpages so there's no way it would have taken a tumble to the ground. I took the time to tweet/foursquare "fukin fed ex man just tried to steal my fone! (@ house of harlot). 17:37 May 5."

I got back into the shop and my friend asked me what happened. One of the girls that works in the shop (i'm bad with names) said that she couldn't believe that the FedEx carrier that has worked with them for such a long time would do such a thing. She said that they might have to file a complaint but that they always thought that such a great worker should win an award or something like that. I was still pretty upset and full of colourful language but then I realized I had to head out of London for a shoot.

After heading back to Atsuko Kudo's shop to pick up my backpack and drop off a gift, Simon & the girls there said the same thing about the man after I described him and the incident. They also mentioned knowing the man for a long time and his exemplary work as well as disappointment in the news.

Regardless of his service record, the man still took my phone off private property. Yes, it was stupid of me to leave it alone for those quick 10 seconds but I did. Everyone in the shop was either an employee or I knew them personally - except for one customer being helped & the FedEx carrier.

I'm a bit upset that after sending a number of people to the shop that I got such a passive response. (Robin was there but taking measurements at the time).

I waited a couple of days to calm down but this morning I called up FedEx to file a report against the man. They said they'd get back to me in 24hours. I wanted to write an email so they'd have it in writing but they said it wasn't possible. We'll see if they actually get back to me today/tomorrow.
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I've been traveling with two white catsuits because I will need to wear one in Houston (Texas FetishBall) and also one this coming weekend in Amsterdam for similar performances. The one I was to wear in Texas is waiting for me in London and since I was shooting a couple of days ago I figured why not wear the one I had with me one last time in a shoot with the white HW cat accessories.

I took out the catsuit only to find it covered in black stains as well as a slightly ruddy coloured stain as well.
It was unwearable and very disgusting.
I go through a system of washing my latex and drying, then storing each piece with an almost compulsiveness.

A few years ago I lent out my white latex catsuit to a model to shoot in. I figured it was pretty durable (Skin Two brand from almost 15 years ago).
i remember that after this catsuit was returned, I did not wash it - I trusted instead that the model and done the job.
I do remember taking the extra time to wash the HW pieces (hood, gloves, socks though.

Talk about extremely upsetting.

In any case, the piece had been soaking all day in a bath of bleach water. After a few hours it's now almost void of any black stain marks although the ruddy ones remain. There's still some discolouration happening on the white latex itself which is making it more of a dirty off white/vanilla colour.

Luckily, I'm not going to be shooting in this piece. I'm using it in a performance. But if I wanted to, it wouldn't be possible and I'd be pretty pissed off that someone ruined a $350 outfit just because she didn't clean it properly before returning it to me.
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This all is primarily in response to a forum where alt- and fetish work were lumped together and described as being the same or interchangeable.

The first was a simple and quick response but then after a reply, I realized that I wasn't clear enough.
Since i took the time to write it, I figured I might as well keep it in my own blog too although some bits are edited out for clarity.


i don't associate fetish with alt-modeling at all.

alt-modeling usually denotes work involving alternative fashion and lifestyles which in turn are influenced by a variety of things including the sub-genres of goth, punk, mod, grunge, etc. These sub-cultures of music styles are the primary influential source for the fashion and styling used in alt-modeling.

fetish imagery (even fetish fashion imagery to a certain extent) is meant to trigger a sexual response. it is not about a social movement or reaction to social conditions in the world. Certain items frequently associated as being fetishistic have been used in various forms of media (tv shows, films, music videos) but they did not spring into being because of this use.


(in response to why my definition might differ from someone in the central US)
I don't know about San Francisco per se, although I'm from the area, I usually spend more time on the road within/out of the US. It's not necessarily the location that allows for the distinction between "alt" and "fetish", but the people one comes into contact with. I would say that in more populated areas where more people actively work in fetish or alt industries (not just models and/or photographers but also designers, writers, educators), then one is more likely to come into contact to those involved with one or the other as well as those that enjoy delving further into knowing about either genre.

There are a ton of new people that have "discovered" alt and fetish imagery in the past few years and quite a few have decided to jump into it. But most don't take an active hand in researching the history of the various sub-divisions of either theme. Some of them even think certain popular recent music stars 'discovered' fetishism and bdsm because of some inability to look beyond more than five or ten years into the past. Most enjoy looking at the highly stylized and fashionable images of made-up and well-fit models but they definitely don't think of Atomage or Justice magazine (which was in publication before Westwood opened her shop). [in response to vivienne westwood being a point where alt- and fetish began as a merged entitiy.]

What I find incredibly frustrating is that most people seem to miss the point entirely, including self-proclaimed fetish photographers and models. It's so easy to label an image fetish because the model is seen wearing a latex or pvc dress when the image is anything far from being an actual turn-on to a fetishist - or anyone for that matter.

For the forum, yes, I understand that they're [fetish and alt-] lumped together and it's easier for most people to discuss them that way because of whatever reason (simplicity, laziness, ignorance, or just because). But this also ends up perpetuating the idea that alt-modeling and fetish-modeling are the same thing and practically interchangeable terms. Many of the people that I know that work in fetish professionally would not think to label themselves as alt-models. I certainly do not and at times I find it insulting to be called an alt-model.

I work in an area that embraces sexuality and allows for individuals to bring their personal kinks to the surface to be displayed openly for all to see. It's about delving internally and bringing forth normally hidden sexual proclivities.

What I think I did not make clear in my initial post is that while alt- work does sometimes include elements generally associated with fetishism or even BDSM, it is still a echo to musical trends of a period of time which are generally influenced by reactionary social/cultural/political upheavals. But sometimes alt- is also simply about going against the norm for the sake of just being different - kind of like that phase one goes through after too many arguments with the parents.

Simply put, "alt-" is based in lifestyle trends. Not that all trends are bad, but few are everlasting no matter how influential they may be. Even I might have claimed myself to be goth at one period of time and my father was into the hippie movement for a while. But to categorize my sexuality as being akin to a fad is disparaging and disrespectful.
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[livejournal.com profile] ropemarks  asked in a bondage forum:
1) What do you consider "performing"?
2) Why would you want to do it?


my first response: because you can beat up innocent girls in public

then i went a bit further:

1) What do you consider "performing"?

Well, first of all, I would categorize bondage performances as performance art rather than putting it under the heading of one of performing arts (think traditional theater arts). In general, it is unconventional, non-mainstream, and sometimes more conceptual rather than aesthetically pleasing and easy to make sense of.

I've done a number of performances in a variety of ways. Some require intensive rehearsals/pre-production work (staging, blocking, lighting, sound, etc.) and others don't require much physical preparation at all. Some shows have taken place on a formal stage, while others have occurred in other less-traditional formats.
But what each complete work does require is a theme or concept, regardless of whether or not the masses will actually be able to understand the message behind the (my) madness. Not all performances require formal lighting, music, choreography, or even a storyline (linear or otherwise), but they do require a concept, theme, or idea.
There's usually a lot of pre-planning in regards to formulating the ideas and actions that will be involved. I also end up drawing on previous experiences, for example, being able to predict audience reaction as some shows may actually hinge upon being able to foretell how spectators will respond.

A few of my shows have been driven by my desire to put on more of a conceptual based piece, but unfortunately, being able to contemplate simple blatant visual acts without having read between the lines is a bit too difficult in club environments where the next drink is most important thing for the most part. Trying to force an audience to watch a piece of art while demanding they ask themselves: 'is this really art?' is a bit difficult when competing against oontz-oontz music and a bottle of vodka.

I wouldn't necessarily classify all of the shows i've done as performance art though. There are quite a few venues that just don't care and just want someone dressed up doing bondage. I would probably categorize these as more of a demonstration - they require very little forethought, organization, and are simply there to either entertain, titillate, or even educate - but without an express intent to involve all of the aspects usually involved in performance art including the use of space, time, and audience reaction/interaction. There's no specific concept or idea driving the actions.


2) Why would you want to do it?

it's my job. it's how i earn a living.

I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically:

First of all I try to be innovative, experimental, creative. I try not to be boring (don't like people falling asleep during my shows Sad). Sometimes I'll attempt to put together a show that goes against what's expected. I usually pull inspiration from a variety of sources.

I try and watch as many shows that other people put on (as long as I can deal with my short attention span) so i know what not to do. And also so i avoid doing the same thing. It bugs the shit out of me to no end when i see people doing the same thing i did. (Actually, at one event, i saw someone end up getting rigged the exact same way and attempting to recreate my movements in her 'performance') Dodgy
Fuckin' A! Angry

As for the physical part, I enjoy the challenge to a certain extent. I'm so fucking lazy that I need to work my shit out. This is one way I can test my endurance and push my flexibility - although i'm realizing it helps to maybe stretch out more than once a month. Undecided

Maybe I do need to start that 'working out' thing like i've been telling myself for the past few years ...

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No, this is not about a suspension show with flesh hooks, or pulling some hot body at a club.
This is about the type of hook up one does when aiding someone in various ways.

In the past week, I've had about 3 requests for help in a particular area.
Since the beginning of the year about three times that.
For some reason, it's picked up lately but even before I'd get a decent amount of requests each month.
What am I talking about?
Hooking models up with ways to find work, particularly in Europe.
They also request to get set up for gigs at events as well as introduced to the designers I know and work with.

The majority of the girls that write me, to be honest, are probably nice enough - they usually are at first - but then I really couldn't know that since I've never actually spoken to any of them for more than 2 minutes - if at all. But three of the times I did help out in the past, I ended up getting fucked - well actually, it was the guy I was seeing at the time that ended up getting fucked or some kind of attempt was made. In any case it got kind of ugly, full of drama, and generally sucked for all except for me. (Supposedly I got rid of a crap 'friend' or two, learned something new from the experience, etc. And yes, I did get most all of her shoots canceled and recanted all recommendations so that no future work was ever likely).

When I first started traveling to the EU for work, there were no other US models that were going out there that I could ask. There were a couple but I didn't know them well enough to ask. I did the research on my own. After several years, I can mentally list off the individual times a US model has introduced me to a photographer or set me up with a paying gig: 1. Emily Marilyn introduced me to a CH-based bondage photog who turned out to be a egotistical dick (to me) in the end. 2. [livejournal.com profile] ivy_red  & Kendra James have sent me links to some UK-based producers after we worked together out there a couple of times. (If I'm missing someone do comment!)

I have invested time, money, and effort in order to nurture and expand my network. Some of it has been quite enjoyable and rewarding because I have also met some truly great people as well as established wonderful friendships with individuals that I really trust. And so, through hours of e-mails, phone calls, and face-to-face contact I've been able to put a decent sized string of fetish-friendly (to a certain extent) places together in the EU (UK, FR, ES, PT, IT, GR, AT, CH, SK, CZ, PL, DE, NL, BE, DK, SE, LV, ES). There are also more places, but those are still in progress but that's almost 20 years of being in the fetish "community" which means a lot of people had to suffer my yapping at them.

(BTW, last year I did a month+ long tour of New Zealand and Australia - and as far as I can recall, there were no other US fetish models I could talk to about getting hooked up for shoots).

It can take a lot of physical as well as mental energy - sure anyone can just go and buy a ticket and fly, but I enjoy doing things personally and often without having to depend on people all the time. I've sorted out the best ways to travel for certain routes on my own, and luckily I've also avoided getting lost too horribly. Learning another language, or two, or three, or more also helps. Oh, and of course, I've experienced shooting with some photographers no other models known to me have worked with before. I'm not bragging about getting there first, what I'm saying is I couldn't just trust a familiar model I knew for a reference if I wanted to know if a particular producer was safe.

What else? I have attempted to recommend some model/performers for gigs and those producers have gone forward to book them on my recommendation. Sometimes no one shows up, or if they do, things go horribly wrong due to lack of professionalism from the person I suggested. I refuse to back someone who will end up breaking down any sort of trusting relationship I've built up. If I want to screw things up with a promoter or producer, I'm well-capable of doing it on my own. If someone's going to ruin my reputation in fetish, regardless of what its current status is, I can do that myself too.

Another thing? Why would I want to introduce you to my designers? Sure, I want them to make money and sell their clothing. Here's the link to their site, here's their address. Go buy lots of latex! I want them to sell a lot because that's why they use me. But you want me to introduce you to them so you can work for them the way I do?
(I think Darenzia put it best "Kumi, can u just give me money? And latex. All of it.")

Understandably, the economy sucks for a lot of people, but it's not necessarily better across the pond, it's just different. But as it is in most parts of the world, people that work for a living in a competitive area are highly unlikely to simply give up their contact lists, unless of course they enjoy slitting their own throats.

So then, will I help anyone? Perhaps, on the rare chance the opportunity arises and I'm feeling charitable (and my brain takes a dump).
However, I am lecturing on the subject (Models-A-Broad) at FetishCon in August this year.
I won't give up my contact list or phone numbers of the best paying producers, but I will have information some might actually find useful since it's obvious most are too lazy or incapable of doing the research themselves.

oh, and sometime photographers that i've worked with do ask me for models. And I do give those out, but I'm highly selective and chances are, I usually help out models that have helped me out ... er... yeah.
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i got a message the other day, from this little 'dark art' girl

The rabbit picture is over the top isn't it? That's disgusting art. I mean, I like dark things, but that served no purpose.
It's makes you seem like less of a woman to me, because the picture conveys that you are cruel or sick.... and without compassion. You probably don't care , but I didn't expect you to. You make the money and that's all that matters right?


so myspace finally decided to delete my bunny foofoo image.

this one

i wonder if i should put it up again...
or maybe just have it on my profile page rather than in the gallery section...

anyhoo, it's so lame. an image that actually takes a bit of thought to interpret. i don't care if you don't like it or anything. it's still got some sort of meaning behind it that, although not immediately obvious, can put the viewer into an uncertain position. (is the image for or against fur, etc). it is meant to be intangible while the obvious props and presentation (shaved head, skinned embraced rabbit, fur gloves, etc) are supposed to lead to an inconclusive state.

instead of putting on make up, having my head photo-shopped nice and smooth, and perfecting any imperfections, and throwing on some sexy outfit, we decided to do this image.
and i'm getting the impression that this type of stuff isn't even worth doing. instead, people should only be creating art that is appealing to all that appreciates only the most mundane and generally accepted forms of art (read: beauty)

just another step towards being unmotivated.
thanks, idiots.
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so i have bruises from i don't know where
and though i thought last nite's show was "softer" that other shows i've done,
i guess in the end i was wrong. i am sore. and like the marks i had last week (mostly concentrated on the right side of my body), this time my left has taken brunt of the ropeburns. back n neck a bit worse for wear, but it'll fade.
funny how the soreness is more apparant after a nice cleansing and slightly stinging shower.

so many people last nite. not so many as in thousands of guests, but lots of LJ peeps, lots of chatting, even with peeps who i had met a long time ago! neat!
[livejournal.com profile] fd_midori wrote a bit about it in her lj.
thanks so much to [livejournal.com profile] corachaos for having me perform and letting me take over her TV and computer to watch back episodes of Rome, CSI, and BG.

all packed up just about.
shower then back to the airport!
and while i wait, i'll be adding more images to my moblog
(already have added some)

GAAH i want to see the last episode of ROME and BG
gahh shit shit

edited to add more ramblings:
YUM arbys!

so i got this message from a girl on myspace. she's in greece. she said that she thought the show i did in athens was awful. so i go check out her profile and see what she's into, etc. 21. marilyn manson, etc. (oh, she also commented on my bunny picture by stating that it was 'not art').

i figured i'd give her the benefit of the doubt and and responded without taking offence but asked why she felt that way. she replied that it was not "real". again i asked her to elaborate. she said that she thought i was faking. i think she thought that my submission was faked, therefore my pain. i told her that my submission was not faked - in fact, it was not there at all since i'm not a sub - and that the show in question was not an S/M scene but a bondage performance. as far as the pain goes, i told her she could try it out herself and determine those pain levels for herself. she also said that amrita didnt seem like she was a good mistress to my slave-ness (not her words), and the other 2 people on stage were blah (again, not her words).

this particular show had some audience members simply thrilled to pour wax on me and make me squirm. this particular show had 2 audience members come on stage to be rigged (chest harnesses) by amrita to add more interaction to the night rather than have a seriously dark and moody type of bondage scene.

in the end, the girl admitted to reading the article in Epsilon magazine that spoke about the "masochists of athens". it was from this story that she finalized her opinion.

it was the issue that had me and amrita on the cover. it did cover the arts and such, but the reported completely dropped the ball in neglecting to interview amrita and myself. she assumed and incorrectly reported about the "mistress/slave" show that she witnessed that evening at the underworld club. it almost irritates me, when people use my image in such a way to tell others about who and what i am (not). when i spoke to the promoter about it briefly (i believe he also supplied information to the reporter - most likely incorrect), he told me that it was pointless to give the reported the proper information since "vanilla" people will write whatever they want and it's no use to expect them to do things right.

this irritates me to no end. if you don't expect the best of people in such situations, then why should they want to excell or portray the "alt" scene in accurate manner. if you don't give them legitimate facts, then there's no way in hell that they're going to pass on the proper facts.
considering he says he's part of the alternative and fetish scene, he should know better. (this of course, was the same guy that said i was not really 'fetish' since i don't listen to 'fetish' music).

i really should write to the reporter. the article came out some time ago, but perhaps there's still time. this time next week i will be in Greece.
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i love being able to travel around europe and not only take the time to work and earn a living, but to also visit and hang out with the same people.

this week i've received over a dozen - almost 20 - emails from girls. asking me to give them leads for finding gigs in europe. oh, excuse me. PAID gigs.

i'm not saying i know everything and everyone out there, but i'm wondering if other models get emails like this? i can't be the only one. ?

i work my ASS off sourcing new photographers and producers, both online and in real life. why should i just simply give up the information? am i getting anything out of it? am i getting a cut? or should i just be nice?

i can't remember the last time someone actually hooked me up with a lead. i mean actively contacted me and said, 'hey kumi, this guy wants to shoot you and will pay you such n such money.'

i'm not saying it hasn't happened because i know it has. it's just been a very long time and it would take some thinking.

i spend a lot of time traveling and meeting people. some of my introductions took several visits to a particular city or country. so for example, if i spend the time to fly to a city, sometimes more than ones, to physically search for and eventually - hopefully - meet up with someone i'd like to work with, why should i give up their personal contact details to someone else?

sure it's nice to help people out, but then this isnt my hobby. this is my job.

and for the record. this next trip to europe already has me helping out one model who asked for contacts and that's it. so dont bother writing me if you're going to europe in april/may/etc. i'm not an agency. but if you'd like to offer a cut of your earnings, then sure.


screw this. i'm going to the bar.
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it just took me several hours to edit (weed out the crap images, crop the crap bits, and resize) photos for ONE fucking set.
didn't watermark them yet. nor deal with color correcting.
holy fuck.

what is up with strange people trying to IM you for cyberShit and when you say you're busy they get all upset. I haven't dealt with that in a long time.

At this rate, it'll take me the rest of the week before i go to LA to finish up 2 weeks of fucking updates. This is BULLSHIT. At this rate, I might as well not have a website. Fucking irritating. No time to eat. No time to piss. No time to get other work done or deal with booking shoots.

Dealing with these galleries and getting them prepped to transfer over to the new site is a pain. What's worse is finding all the GLARING errors that i distinctly remember asking my webmaster to change. And no changes were made. Things like pages where gallery titles were the same as the prior weeks' update but was missed due to lack of caring or giving a shit, being rushed.

I will be in Copenhagen in April to finalize the new site with my new webmasters. i get TWO of them and they're super cool to hang out with as well know how to generate sales and market my type of site.


In other work news, I'm running the show for Vex Clothing at the Fetish Evolution event in Essen this April. Laura just got back from a nice week of snowboarding. FUCK. I wish I was with her. The models have already been selected so don't even bother asking.


Pasta with a littlel garlic and olive oil tonite from [livejournal.com profile] ostanine's olive trees.
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help me with this list
oh you know you want to [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori

often, some friends and i end up discussing the qualifications that go into taking the title of "bondage master".
i'm not talking about within a private sense (say a master/slave relationship for example),
i'm thinking of more along the lines where someone can have the lofty title emblazoned over flyers, posters, websites, and t-shirts (usually worn over their own chests).

i figured if i wanted to go around and self-proclaim myself as a BONDAGE MASTER, i'd have to fulfill a few requirements starting with...
I have/know/can/am:

1. a complete knowledge of the various bondage styles out there.

2. complete history of bondage, including the history of where it came from, be it from tying up prisoners in historical japan, or the first time some creepy guy purchased duct tape for wrapping over his victim's face.

3. knowledge of every knot done by man, their uses and purposes (which ones are made for easy release, which ones are for blocking, etc). i'm not talking a few, i'm talking all of them.

4. sail.

5. celtic knots too!

6. knowledge of the human muscular system, the skeletal system, circulatory system, and nervous system. (don't forget the feet and extremities!)

7. the ability to read each subjects non verbal clues exactly.

8. oh, and a knowledge of physics and mechanics. applied engineering also helps. what with the need to know about forces and stresses, pulley systems, etc.

9. artistically inclined. i have the ability to arrange a person and the rope in a way that's pleasing to the eye (thinking about photoshoots here)

10. keep that skill up at the drop of at hat and on the fly (thinking about live performances here).

11. a good performer that knows how to read an audience and adapt to the various cultures and countries (seems some audiences are more verbal than others).
12. a good top (for when those duties are called upon).

13. can communicate with or without speaking. (eye contact/gestures/grunts - sometimes it's just too loud).

14. the ability to not make others break out in hysterical laughs the moment they see me.

15. oh, and i am not a fan of pirate shirts. (it's a bit superficial, but screw it).
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i've been using my deviant account a bit more nowadays.
posting images there and such. nothing that's not necessarily here already, or will appear here.

what is up with people posting entire gallery sets in there. and honestly, in my opinion, i find them to be pretty blah and boring. i do understand that there is an audience for amateur work, but most of the images in the fetish category aren't even really fetishistic in the sense that someone, somehow would find them sexual. it's as if someone said, "ooh, i want to make a fetish image. i can shoot a gothy model and that will be perfect."

and as far as photography for photography's sake, well, ugh!

speaking of which, i sent a link to [livejournal.com profile] stevedietgoedde yesterday. on it, photo critiques:

irving penn

-- Hi Irv, I don't know what you were thinking here dude! You got a pretty model (altho kind of old), but you have caught her with her eyes cloes in a not very good pose. Biggest problem is YOU NEED CROP to a vertical!!!!! Backdrop is too small and there is not enough of a sweep so you can see the crease. If you send me a file I can fix it in Photoshop and I can give you my suggested crop. If you don't care aboout your PROFESSIONALISM you are never going to get work as a pro believe me!!! Hope I am not being too harsh. Oh well best regards anyway, M.H.

henri cartier-bresson
-- Bonjour Henri, assuming you are French, or at least understand it. This is a great capture, I love the composition and the dog. We had a dog that looked kind of like that one once. Your problem here is that your AF has focused on the wrong place—the man is actually kind of soft! The camera has mistakenly focused on the people in the doorway, creating a distracting softness in the man. Usually it is best to focus on the closest object and most times the camera will choose the closest large object to focus on, but unfortunately not here. But it is still an amazing capture. Cordially, Edwin

more found at:
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busy busy
which is good
better than not busy

but then now i wish i didnt go to the shoot i had yesterday
it was with a fotog i worked with before so that was fine.
but he hired this bondage guy to come. some 'master'

yeah whatever.
i should have known better.
from the start things didnt seem right.
he didn't ask me about my health or potential problems
and i obviously had marks from my show in amsterdam.
no flexibilty questions or anything of the sort.
so i started that talk myself.

then instead of discussing what positions etc we were going to do (he had a suspension point set up ready to go which wasnt exactly to my liking but would do), he put his hand out to um, 'read my aura' or some shit, so he could determine what he could do with me.
that was the 2nd *ding* that went off in my head.

so i told him what he was going to do instead.
start with a chest harness which he did, but.. er. it was odd.
tho this wasn't how i normally get one, i figured maybe he had some other technique he wanted to try out. *ding* 3.
not how i'm used to it but moving on...

then he put these ropes onto the side of the chest harness, not sure what he was planing. they cinced the rope and my skin with it. *ding*4
thigh ropes, ankle ropes. no space between rope and skin which i make him re-do by putting my own fingers in place. again it pinched my skin (too much) to which he replied that it was inevitable... (!?!?!?!) *ding*ding*ding*ding*

left ankle goes up. weight on my chest goes down and feels odd but i can handle it. then he starts attaching something to the side chest ropes and that wasn't feeling right at all. *ding* then i tell him the chest harness is completely unbalanced and not good at all and needs to be re-done, to which he questions whether or not he can fix it while i am still semi suspended. DUH *ding*

he tried to fix this by tugging and yanking on the ropes which illicits a really glaring look from me. pinched skin and unnecessary rope burn and strain. so i tell him to take it all off and do it again.
up again.
at this point i realize that the ankle ties have not been locked and are cinching tighter. *ding* i tell him this shit is over and to take me down.
he does, but whips the ropes off too fast and ropeburn.
i tell him that i will undo those ropes myself.
so he gets to my ankle which is sensitive. after the ropes come off and i realize the ankle is sore with quite a bit of marks from the compression, he then starts to vigorously rub my fucking ankle which gets a big fucking shout from me to not touch me.

this session is over.
i suppose it was my fault for not stopping it sooner.

the days i spent in Tim included 2 days of bondage and SM work (several hours and multiple scenes), then a flight to Amsterdam for a bondage suspension show, followed by a flight to Vienna, with the next day (yesterday) this shoot i am talking about.
and even with the harder work i was less in pain.

now after this idiot 'master' my ribs are fucking sore and if i straighten up my torso and breathe in deap, i feel pain. and it irritiates me to no end that i let this idiot tie me up. it also irritates me that i didn't tell him to stop earlier. i knew it wasn't right. fuck. so now i feel like an idiot with fucked up ribs and more rope marks (uneven on my skin too) from this stupid 15 minute bit of bondage than all the bondage i did the other 3 days combined.
i didnt realize this until i woke up this am around 5am because sleeping on my side was causing me pain.

i cant remember his frikken name, but i can find out.
i do remember he said he was doing bondage work since 1995 or something.
so basically he's been doing shit bondage for over 10 years.

called the photographer today.
i wanted to tell him that i didnt want the images used anywhere nor given to that bondage guy. i dont want him to be able to list me as one of his credits and sucker other models into working with him. and to tell him that the rigger he hired somehow fucked me up. (the other people i worked with this week i have already worked with before and one thing i do know about well is my own body).
he says that the photo set of me suspended is un-useable. i have this really hateful expression on my face. and he has no problems deleting the images.
now hopefully my ribs will feel better before the day is done.
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say you created toy monkeys.
not a very popular industry, but still, you got by.
other toy monkey makers exist, but few exceptional ones.
it can be a very difficult job to keep
especially when making a living from.
since making toy monkeys is can be thought of as glmaourous,
there are others that do it just for fun.
some are quite good too.
some are not.

say you have a client that really likes your manner of monkey making.
would it be smart to introduce your client to another monkey maker?
that would mean possible loss of income and that would not be good.
your monkey maker friend would then pass on this information to other monkey makers and then pretty soon your nice client is now working with others.
self-sacrifice = self-castration.
not too good.

say you dont think, and yet, still introduce the other monkey maker to another client.
(perhaps your monkeys aren't quite their style)
of course, the other monkey client is interested in the new monkey makers abilities and so hires them on which is nice and makes you look good.
it's nice to give a good reference once in a while.

but say the other monkey maker fails in their part of the bargain.
now you look like an idiot and the client directly tells you so.
in email even.
"thank you for the referral, if only the model maker was as good as she sounded on e-paper. i guess we will never know because she ... " (insert any number of bad business practices here). "Next time maybe we wont actually have faith in your abilities to suggest other monkey makers for our business".


no one better email me again asking for photographers, work, and money opportunities.
$ gigs, £ gigs, € gigs, TFP gigs.
none. *

*a few exceptions, but this goes across the board
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so while im going on and on about fetish models that dont do nude
(yet still want to make a living doing this non-porn stuff, yeah right)

so once in a while, usually always, i've noticed the girls that dont go nude, end up getting themselves in pretty raunchy positions.
the safety of their panties protects them from otherwise tonsil viewing spreads from below. they pose in those stances which has their ass in the air and while looking back at the camera with an oh-so-tough look, one hand grasps an asscheek tightly pulling it aside to give a full on starfish view. oh, but there isnt, because there is a bit of underwear down there and that doesnt count.

even if you're just bent over for a spanking scene, some of that stuff is long and dark. the fact that the front is bare as a baby's bottom enhances this fact as does wearing white cotton panties.

most models i've run into shave. some dont which is fine, but if you're going to do the front, consistancy please! remember you have a back end. especially if someone's face or lens (or both) is going to be in proximity!

i havent run into this when working with girls that do porn (fetish or mainstream or whatever). just usually girls that do fetish that dont do naked stuff...

then there are the foot fetish shoots where models show up with nasty trench foot n toes... GAHHHHH

is this kinda tmi?
photogs: what do you tell your models to do?
i mean, you're the ones that get the full and unedited version before the magic of photoshop...
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so looking at omp since i havent been in there for a while
figured i would update my lil travel postings just in case i get more than just offers for straight porn or personal handjob gigs with a new fetish twist added in the description. bah.

anyhoo, checking out the forums and stuff.
wow. there are a LOT of really 'very experienced fetish models' out there as well as uber established photographers.
well, at least that is what they say so as far as their credits.
im not that dumb, and i think i have a decent grasp of who is 'known' but some of these people i have never even heard of. that's to be expected, one cant know everything but i do try and keep up on changes and trends as far as fetish goes on multiple continents so it gets a bit tricky.

anyhoo, i start checking out profiles and pictures... nice bodies but nothing that fetishy as far as photos. maybe a shiny glove here or there, maybe a high heel. pfft.
the images aren't bad really, but they arent really that great. and does it count to list a credit if you take an event photo (say a girl was wearing a certain designer and you take a snap shot of her at event. now you can list that designer in your list of photo coups)

travel... extensive travel. i love to travel too, but i wouldnt credit my trips from say, san jose to san francisco as extensive travel. psshaw!

oh, and speaking of clothing and wardrobe, gaaahhhh. i HATE ripped and tacky stockings. tho that's just a personal type of thing. and the BLACK lipstick has GOT to GO. i havent tried that stuff since well, like about 20 years ago.

anyhoo, so wardrobe. some of these girls state they have a fetish wardrobe and yet while browsing thru so called fetish images (already very few of those in their ports as mentioned above), i see no variety, nothing really THAT fetish, nor anything that would give me an inkling as to this collection of fetish gear that they say they posess. really, having a decent selection is somewhat important. you cant keep shooting in the same tired ass black bought of ebay dress that comes in a box (no offense to ebay, of course), not that i wear stuff that comes out of a box normally but the stuff is good for spanking and play that involves impact and possible destruction.

then i look at the minimum rates some of these girls are demanding
and quite a few have limits that dont even get close to mine!
that's it. rates are doubling now.

bah. i gotta go drink some chocolate milk.
er, chocolate soy milk.
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i just sent this email out to a photographer.

Note: it's been ONE year since we first shot. Over one year actually. He did send 2 images about a month ago during my trip to Tampa. (those took a year to arrive).

it was a tfp shoot. laura and her assistant came as well. we met up and shot at the home of the make up artist in one of those tall chicago buildings that's near the water. (there are two of the round cylindrical buildings). we shoot 2 sets inside the apartment, one in the apartment halls, and one on the rooftop.

how long before i can really start to bitch and complain?
there's only been ONE other photog... ok TWO... that have pulled this kinda stuff with me. hmm...


I was just wondering if you got around to doing any more photos at all besides the 2 you recently sent to me via email.

i understand that there have been problems for you as you say, but this is now over one year since the shoot took place.

Not only did i spend my full day to do the shoot with you, but Laura from vex clothing and her assistant also came that day to work on the shoot. They also spent time before the shooting to prepare the clothes and try and organize things before i had even arrived in Chicago. We agreed to doing this work for our mutual benefit and without charging a monetary fee, but we also had the expectation of receiving images to use in a timely manner.

On a different level, this has also left a blemish on my relationship with Laura, someone who I have worked with for a very long time. I continue to work with Vex of course, but since I was the one who suggested the shoot to her initially, it still reflects badly on me. She offered up her services as well as her clothes to use, and again, has nothing to even look at.
Vex is a fetish clothing house, as well as a fashion one. Each season there are new designs and new patterns and if she has to wait too long, then the images and clothing in those photos become obsolete. We can still use the images for a variety of things, but the initial impact of the brand new designs has been lost, and then we have to take the time to reshoot everything again.

Can you tell me at all how long we need to wait before we can expect to receive anything that we can use?

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i have a model mayhem profile.

here is the about me section of one of the models

I'm not interested in posing for classic glamour shots. Also, I'm not interested in fetish shoots where I pose as a bottom, but I would consider posing as a top. I will not pose nude or topless. I'm interested in working with photographers who have a unique style. I enjoy working on projects that are dark, unusual, creepy or bizarre. I personally feel that photographic work that is executed with the only intent being to make a sexy image is boring and easy. I took all of these photos myself, except the mime shots. But I designed the costume, chose the location, lit the set, set up the camera angle, did my make-up and hair, posed and told then "photographer" when to click the shutter, so I feel I can still take the credit for them. In fact, if I had a cable release that day, I wouldn't have needed the help with the clicking the shutter. Anyway, my point is that I would also be interested in developing the creative direction of shoots that I'm involved in, providing the photographer wants that.

ok so who's gonna jump for a chance to shoot first?
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so my first post today was a big one.
had to edit it, in fact.
actually it was a response in [livejournal.com profile] ms_ariel's lj about the changes going on with the magazine.
less girls in latex. more bdsm.

gawd i made typos n stuff
but oh well

the thread is here
and ariels post is here (where i write and write and blah blah blah blah)

or keep reading.
my thoughts on skin two's new direction, from fetish fashion to bdsm

i've written to him about it and i am completely against it.
i work doing bondage so it's not that i dont like bdsm at all.
but there are no magazines that put out the type of fetish fashion content out there like skin two.
there are plenty now that cover bondage and other areas of bdsm.

they also show off the best of fetish models and photographers out there while showcasing new designs from few latex creators as well as major companies. there is usually a distinct difference between the model that is featured in skin two and the model that is in marquis - not that one type is necessarily better than the other, but there is a difference. while s2 features more fetish fashion, marquis also covers heavy rubber styled designs too.

in thinking as someone that makes of living in fetish, a professional perhaps, i also wonder what designers will do when they want to showcase their new pieces through purchased pages. will buying ad space in a magazine geared towards bdsm-ers still be profitable if the target audience is no longer are looking at the pages. full page ads and double page spreads, it seems, are usually taken up by the major design houses. unless they start creating bdsm furniture and toys, then it would seem almost pointless to continue to advertise as their once-targeted customer is no longer interested in looking thru the magazine.

Read more... )
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apparently i have irked someone enough to receive email.
jeeze what else is new. actually, i dont ever receive much email such as this, but i'm pretty sure some people dont like me - as if i care.

anyway, i am a fetish elitist snob and i need to go away and let other girls have their chance

well, no shit to the first and ?!?!? to the last.

tee heee!
oh i dont know if my life can go on. someone said a mean thing and my life is shit. i am so depressed. i am going to cry myself to sleep and hide away from the world. maybe put on some smiths or something. find a dull knife.

hah. fucking idiots.
when i stop having fun and getting paid to do my job, then perhaps. although i didn't realize i was preventing other girls from attaining their lofty fetish goals. not like there's that much money in the scene for fetish models. bahahahhaaa.
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why do people even bother writing to you in order to set up a shoot
and then when you write back saying 'no TFP',
they respond that they're all booked up and too busy?!?!

this case,
time was mentioned (he asked about 'next month')
and my response was timely (within a day)

obviously he had time since this fotog was familiar with my travel schedule,
and though possible, i'm certain he didnt book himself up within the day
(actually, he mentioned being booked up for the next few months)

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