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someone said it was LJ day.
or was that yesterday?
anyway, i figured that deserved a post.
even though i'm not posting anything worth saying.

oh. i went to the symphony the other day with my buddy from high school

it was carmina burana. it was awesome.
dont know the tune? i'm sure you do
check out the video below the image.
i'll be you know it.

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well, i'm exhausted and worn out.
yesterday started out sunny in palo alto as i drove over to the Walgreens to pick up a couple of things.
then i headed off to SFO to pick up [livejournal.com profile] allenfalkner  and drive to the Glas Kat to set up the stage for the show with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori 
we ended up waiting almost an hour to be let in. grrr.
awesome volunteer helped us out by climbing the huge ladder and throwing fishing line over the braces & i-beam so we could hang our fabric.
Samar showed up as well as Rev B Dangerous and George to take care of last minute things.
We left the venue with only one hour to go but decided food was important so ate at Basil Thai. YUM!

Samar collected her things and so back to the club. people had already showed up as it was after 8 and even tho i told ppl to get dressed up, i simply couldn't with only an hour or so before having to hit the stage.

it was seriously a wonderful crowd that showed up. old friends from clubbing days over a decade ago - including ones that i shared many a long evening/day/evening/etc without much sleep going on, friends i've not seen in ages that used to hang out at the racetrack, friends from high school (so we're talking about 25 years back now!), friends from my local bar, friends from a variety of completely different scenes unrelated to fetish clubs, and of course friends that are into rubbery stuff and into bondagey stuff!

all the shows went great and were wonderfully received except for a sudden & scary fall during Samar's suspension show.
right after my messy and inky show i headed straight for the makeshift bath tubs set up for me so i could get cleaned up. then headed upstairs to change and that's when i learned that my new atsuko dress was not going to fit no matter how hard midori and her buddy tried. luckily i had a back up!. I got downstairs in time to watch Vienna La Rouge take off her sparkly outfit and pour absinthe on herself to the enjoyment of all the horny young patrons while [livejournal.com profile] sokkmonkey  played the dorky waiter. Paul Nathan gave away prizes in a variety of ways and soon after Samar took the stage. Her single knee hang ended up tearing and she fell to the ground but surprised everyone by continuing on with her show with a smile and leaving the stage un-aided.
people cheered but quite a few were shocked and i think were ready to leave around then. By the time the Reverend took the stage, it wasn't as crowded on the dance floor. Again, I think some were feeling squeamish after Samar's accident, but for the ones that stuck it out, some were ecstatically entertained. Though I do feel sorry for the poor earthworms and crickets. I could mention that the Rev got a lil hurt after Kendra James broke a cinderblock in his crotch with a sledgehammer.

All in all, I hope I brought something to SF that hasn't been around in a while and that people enjoyed it.

Right now I'm on very little sleep. Last nite as the club closed I headed off to Samar's house with her roommate and unloaded Samar's things while AllenF and her spent the entire night and morning at SF General. I had to lock Meeks out so I was up til about 7am. I finally did get about an hour or so of sleep but well, for anyone that knows SF and has a car, SOMA is a pain so at 10am I was out the door to move the car. Samar & Allen had gotten back only a little bit prior. I've already moved my car a second time and unfortunately, I'm not able to nap. At least I got in enough sleep in order to drive back to the south bay safely. Allen is napping now and in an hour we'll take off for food and then I'll get his butt to the airport - San Jose this time.

Soon there'll be photos. I can't wait to see what people shot!
here are a couple of phone pix i snagged from various places:

from Kendra James's twitter:
Spanking contest http://yfrog.com/4rfruj

from AllenFalkner's twitter:
Samar's knee before stitches http://yfrog.com/7d7k8j and after http://yfrog.com/4vegpj it took 30 sutures to close up the wounds

I can't write anymore now but thanks to everyone that helped out, that showed up, that performed, and that were there working cuz they had to be there!
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This is it!

I figure 40 is a nice big number so I decided I will celebrate it in my old & constant home city of San Francisco with a bunch of local friends at the bay area's longest running fetish club: Bondage-A-Go-Go!

First of all, the line up features a selection of performers often found on stages around the world, but rarely at home here in the Bay Area. But now you can have us all on a single night!


From Bondage-A-GoGo:

Kink Queen Kumi is turning 40 and we have the pleasure of hosting an over-the-top kinky carnival featuring the following unusual and exotic performances: Birthday girl Kumi (with Midori) – performing a souped-up version of one of their notorious Torture Garden (London UK) shows. This is a rare treat and Midori’s first BaGG performance in over 6 years!

PLUS – an on-stage flesh suspension with Samar Soriano, a sick and twisted carnival sideshow with Reverend B. Dangerous of OZ Fest with Kendra James, a sensual burlesque performance with Vienna La Rouge all hosted by local impresario and cultivator of carnal delights Paul Nathan.

There will also be Fun Fetish caricatures with Big Al Lopez, birthday cake, as well as giveaways and prizes from Stormy Leather and JT’s Stockroom. This is a once in a lifetime party and the possibilities are endless.

8:00PM Doors. 18 and over.
Tickets $10 ADV/$20.00 DOORS
Advance Tickets @ TicketWeb
(NO discounts/passes/guestlist for this night!)


Don't forget, it's also St. Patrick's Day so do try and add some colour to your wardrobe instead of basic black! Check out the local shops (see our sponsors) and they'll help you get sorted wonderfully!

The event is open to the public but the entire upstairs area will be open for those dressed up in either formal cocktail attire or strict fetish or costume. Make an effort!
(Sorry, but little black bootie shorts & bras don't actually make the cut).

The club itself has a dress code: No jeans, sportwear, or street clothes.

Hey non-fetish friends (ie. peeps from high school & the nuthouse!): If you don't want to invest in a crazy latex outfit - not everyone wants to wear rubber or leather - then go for formal, either modern or retro! Otherwise, think costumes or some other type of extravagant get up: fantasy, body art, drag, burlesque, uniforms, medical, military, cabaret, carnival, circus, avant garde, etc. Be creative!

Tickets $10 ADV/$20.00 DOORS
Advance Ticksts @ TicketWeb



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So far so good.
Tomorrow evening I should hear some more!

I have created an event page for my B-Day party over at Facebook.
I have also created an event page over at FetLife.
I will probably throw one up at AltParty too.
Do please RSVP to any and all when you log in as we're trying to determine whether or not pre-sale tickets will be helpful - not that the price would be lowered but so that people would be guaranteed entry just in case that many people want to come.

In case you missed the previous post, here's the info as of today:

This is it!

I figure 40 is a nice big number so I decided I will celebrate it in my old & constant home city of San Francisco with a bunch of local friends at the bay area's longest running fetish club: [livejournal.com profile] bondage_a_go_go !

First of all, the line up features a selection of performers often found on stages around the world, but rarely at home here in the Bay Area. But now you can have us all on a single night (and for the same normal door price BAGG has every week!).

Performances will be from:
Kumi (myself) & [info]fd_midori  - doing a bondage show we've only done in London at Torture Garden so far, but altered especially for this evening.

[info]vienna_la_rouge  - For my St Patrick's Day event, she said she'd bust out her special Absinthe burlesque performance!

Samar Soriano (flesh suspension)
- She's got some kind of aerial dance planned but it's a surprise, she tells me!

Reverend B. Dangerous
- Things might get a little bloody here! If you didn't get enough of the skin poking from Samar, the Rev should satisfy!

There are a couple more things lined up but must be confirmed - as if you needed more! Hah!
Paul Nathan (www.firemagic.com) will also be on hand to M.C. as long as he isn't shipped off to Europe yet!


Of course, there will be cake, as well as giveaways and prizes from our sponsors.

Don't forget, it's also St. Patrick's Day so do try and add some colour to your wardrobe instead of basic black!

The event is open to the public but the entire upstairs area will be open for those dressed up in either formal cocktail attire or strict fetish or costume. Make an effort!
(Sorry, but little black bootie shorts & bras don't actually make the cut).

When: March 17, 2010
Where: Glas Kat SupperClub - 540 4th Street, San Francisco.
Hours: 20h00 til 0230
How much: $10 - that's right. it's the normal weekly door price. If you seriously enjoy the shows, sure, we'll accept donations to help to help alleviate my costs in bringing in these acts. But otherwise, there will be no discounts offered at the door.


More details (sponsors, shows, pre-sale tix, etc) TBA!



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Got tix for the Jan 15 show.
I'm not going to be in town again for the other afterhour's series but the last one was so good.
This one should be really nice too.
and via Foursquare.com we got 50% off tix
(add me if you're on foursquare - i'm in san francisco right now).


George Benjamin conducts the San Francisco Symphony  
George Benjamin
George Benjamin, conductor


The magnetism of French composers of the 20th century will draw you into this program. Experience the charm of Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite, the exoticism of his Rapsodie espagnole, and the birds singing in Messiaen’s Oiseaux exotiques. This program also features two works by Messiaen’s favorite student, George Benjamin.

Davies After Hours On Friday, Jan 15, come to the 2nd Tier lobby-turned-lounge for this post-concert music event featuring 5-time Grammy®-nominated John Santos, who leads his Sextet in an evening of fiery Latin Jazz in response to the evening’s concert. Entrance is FREE for all ticketholders. Learn more.

Inside Music, an informative talk with Laura Stanfield Prichard and free to ticketholders, begins one hour prior to concerts. George Benjamin will participate in the Jan 15 and 16 Inside Music talks.

Off the Podium, an informal Q&A session with George Benjamin, begins immediately after the Jan 16 performance. 

These performances are part of Project San Francisco, an innovative composer and artist residency program.


Davies After Hours 3

Part performance, part reception, Davies After Hours offers concertgoers the opportunity to enjoy musical groups of other genres reflecting on that night’s program, in the nightclub-like atmosphere of a transformed top floor of Davies Symphony Hall. 

With its open air balconies, stunning views overlooking City Hall, and specialty drinks at a cash-only bar, Davies After Hours is a unique after-party designed to draw parallels between classical music and the many other popular styles that thrive in the Bay Area. It is free for all ticketholders to concerts held on January 15April 2, and June 11, 2010.

“From the symphony that’s won eleven Grammy®s, frequently gives back to the community, and is notorious for luring new audiences to fall in love with classical music comes a new event: Davies After Hours. It’s a three-part series that’s a little bit of concert, a little bit of reception and 100% inspiring, educational, and fun.” —Saturday Night Magazine

Watch a video featuring the March 20, 2009 Davies After Hours, on VidSF.


Santos 80x80

John Santos Sextet

Just Announced—John Santos is nominated for a Grammy® in the Best Contemporary World Music category!

Friday, Jan 15, 2010

Concert at 8pm: Project San Francisco: Composer Residency with George Benjamin

Davies After Hours Artist: John Santos Sextet

John Santos  congas and percussion
Saul Sierra  bass
Marco Diaz  piano
John Calloway  flute and percussion
Melecio Magdaluyo  saxophones
David Flores   drums

Four time Grammy Award ® nominee and “Latin music Renaissance man”, John Santos leads his sextet in a night of fiery Latin Jazz music that is sure to spice up Davies Symphony Hall’s second tier. Their unique arrangements from the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the US are combined with original compositions to create a musical response to the San Francisco Symphony’s performance of works by Ravel, Messaien, and Composer-in-Residence, George Benjamin.

“Brilliant, revolutionary… they drive the temperature through the ceiling… One of the Bay Area’s hottest discoveries.” - Larry Kelp, Oakland Tribune

Watch a YouTube Video of John Santos teaching, playing, and discussing the importance of the music of drums. 

Watch a video of John Santos live at the DeYoung Museum. 


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um, yeah.
well this coming Sat is the VonGutenberg FetishBall up in San Francisco.
It used to be called the Marquis America or Marquis FetishBall up until a few months ago (July) when the first one happened.

I'm not performing at this one, unless stumbling around in latex is considered a performance of sorts. In any case, i'm currently in negotiation for the March fetish weekend. It should be settled by the end of next week.

Probably end up going with [livejournal.com profile] sokkmonkey and [livejournal.com profile] vienna_la_rouge and a buddy from local bar. Hopefully the sokk-ed one will drive, then I can drink. um.... not sure what i'm wearing. maybe another HW catsuit n hood outfit or else i'll go girly with the atsuko kudo or maybe even that white/red Syren thingy. I really do think i should do the heavy rubber though cuz everyone always dresses nice and pretty at these things and i can actually go all out with the crazy stuffs.


In other fun & fetishball-y news, I'm confirmed for April 17 at Wasteland in Amsterdam next year. Going to do a big show using gear from MedicalToys.com and maybe even [livejournal.com profile] mirja will do it with me...

I really like the job they did on this video from last April. The one from November is up and it's good too, but it just doesn't have me in it since I didn't go (yet i was going to be booked for it too grrrr). lol. Someone played this song the other night at the local bar and I couldn't stop thinking about the video. hah!

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so tomorrow I'm driving up to the Armoury in San Francisco.
Seems the Kink.com wardrobe dept wants to check out what I am selling.
It'll be nice to get rid of my things en masse like that because it'll save a bunch of time
but it kind of sucks too.

I like knowing that my items are going to nice individual homes & owners.
not that the people at kink aren't nice, but well, i don't know.
it just seems different than dealing with a fetishist that might appreciate a particular item a little bit more. Once it lands in the wardrobe dept, no one there is going to care that a certain dress might have been the first dress i designed for a particular company and the only one of it's kind. Almost each of my garments holds a bit of my personal fetish history and is capable of triggering fun memories or initiating a reflection of the past.

it's almost as if i've turned my fetish garment into a... fetish - but the other non-sexual definition of the word!
that is, the latex item which normally elicits a sexual reaction due to my affinity for the stuff has now been transformed into something that now embodies and inspires much more than just a sexual reaction - it holds my past.

hmm. maybe i should take a few things out of the box i've prepared for tomorrow.

today i found these pants and this jacket

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flights booked:

03 November
14h05 - 18h35
London Heathrow to Atlanta, GA

27 November
19h50 - 14h00 (+1)
San Francisco to London Heathrow
British Airways
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Craig Morey is selling a few of his prints on ebay including two featuring myself.
Click on image to go to direct listings.

The closeup is also the image used on the TortureGarden TGX DVD.


Same quote for each image:

"This is an 8x10 signed original FCA silver print by Craig Morey, open edition. All prints from Morey Studio have white borders; artist's signature appears in lower right front; image info, studio label, and model name appear on back.  FCA prints are made on Fuji Crystal Archive silver gelatin paper from digital negatives.  Prints are shipped in archival acetate covers, unframed.  (Note: artist logo and copyright info do not appear on print front, only on web version)

This image, Kumi4661, was made in 2003.  It is featured (at size 24x36") in an exhibition at Madame S, in San Francisco, from July 23 until Sept. 15 2009.  (Madame S, 385 8th Street, San Francisco 94103, daily 11:00am - 7:00pm, (800)746-7677

For further info on larger prints, contact the artist at Moreystudio.com  Prints of this image are available up to size 24x36".

About the artist:  Craig Morey is an award winning photographer, based in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. He is well known for his black and white studio nudes, and has published four monographs of this work, including Studio Nudes (Penthouse, 1992), Linea (Korinsha Japan, 1996), and 20th Century Studio Nudes (Glaspalast, Germany, 2001). His photographs are included in hundreds of books, magazines, and art photo web sites. Morey is also available for private commissions and tutorials at his Oakland studio.

Here is the LINK to his complete listings

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here's a pic of me and [livejournal.com profile] uglydiamond  at the marquis fetish ball

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ok so that was fun!

ended up driving up to San Francisco a little later than i wanted
instead of getting to Samar's place early, i drove straight to the venue and headed directly backstage to put on my latex.
i decided on my green catsuit n hood - and green flip flops because i could.

wandered around n saw lots of people which was really nice and i wasn't stuck backstage.
watched the shows and ran around some more before finally deciding i was over it and really tired.

there was a bed in the dressing room so i took advantage of it and used it.

they tried to get me up but i was too tired.

then samar got me when it was just about over and we headed to hers where i passed out.
she continued on at the W hotel with friends.

all the blurry photos are at the moblog now


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I ended up driving back to San Francisco Friday evening and on the way I decided to yank Samar out to distract her.
The weather has been spectacular and there wasn't even that much traffic like I feared - being Friday night n all plus the Pride weekend starting. Then add to that the Cybernet Expo convention...
*my camera on my phone sux so it looks like crap weather.

Going by city hall we saw the preparations for Pride happening...

We headed over to the Holiday Inn Golden Gate to meet up with the other models and people with the convention before taking the chilly walk over to the Red Devil Lounge.
This was the party sponsored by AsianDivaGirls.com but unfortunately the club got booked for something else so it wasn't all 'industry' people from the convention. Things had to remain a little bit calm.
Oh and when I went up to the bar i saw my friend Teddy from AGES ago. he directed an independent movie I participated in: Love Will Travel.
It was pretty good too.

This is Annie and her friend Chris. Later she will be naked and covered in sushi ;-)

Inside the bar, the girls were having a lil fun posing for the cameras. i forgot that I was supposed to be in that bunch.
of course, i was trying to snap while other flashes were going off so this is the best i got.

So back to the hotel where we all helped Annie out after her cold shower by covering her in seaweed, then sushi.

I started getting into some sort of discussion on Robert McNamara and stuff after that.

After a while, Samar and I left and I dropped her off before heading home.

so then
more pix at the moblog as usual.

Today's been all about being a lazy bum.
The weather is still great.
I'm still feeling a lil depressed.
But trying to fight it.
At least i'm not crying my head off or anything.
Just a basic feeling of... lethargy and blah.

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The tickets for Pink Martini and the San Francisco Symphony were announced some time ago and I don't know why I put off getting tickets.
There were much cheaper ones than the $110 seats we ended up getting but by the time we got around to getting them both shows were just about sold out. Friday nite was sold out, but Thursday only had the 2 seats and we ended up getting those.

I was disappointed to see so many empty seats for a sold out show. I suppose some of them probably belonged to the scalpers on craigslist charging too much money. buttheads!

In the end, they were wonderful seats in the Loge and happened to be right above the box I was in the last time I was at Davies Symphony Hall.
I think we probably couldn't have chosen better seats although I know at the end of the show I wished I was down in the general audience when Brazil came on and Thomas Lauderdale left the piano and jumped into the audience to grab people for a conga line. I think Samar wanted to jump in too.

I don't recall the line up of songs. I don't have the program (samar has 'em) but I do remember that the show was super great overall.
I was elated to be there and some of the pieces were just amazing to watch and hear, especially those that featured individual musicians including Pansy Chang on cello and Nicholas Crosa on violin (his playing made me think about how sore my arm would be).
Watching the pianist was always fun, even if he wasn't actually playing.
I'm actually starting to recognize some of the regular symphony players. A few of them were featured during the evening and they were wonderful.
Oh and I liked the trombone dude Robert Taylor singing Veronique too :-) Me n Samar kept watching him play with his knees all bent.

This is Crosa playing at the Crystal Ballroom dec 08. (lol, last time i was there, i jumped off the stage to chase a pig's head)
Praeludium & Allegro
It was quite thrilling live and the sound at Davies is awesome - the video doesn't quite do it justice.

I wish I could find a video of Pansy playing her cello piece.
Well, I hope it's on the symphony album they're working on

I wasn't too thrilled with the version of "Ebben..." from La Wally but then I'm used to hearing Callas or Tebaldi sing it.
There was also another piece I could have done without. i wished I could have heard La Soledad or Mar Descondido instead.

In the end, I wish we could have gotten tickets for both nights and with other people too because I kept thinking how great the show was and how I wished other people could see it too. Hell, I think my parents would have totally loved it!
They're playing again in October in Santa Rosa,  but it will be without the symphony.

Some photos:
(again, better shots are from Samar's phone)

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Wednesday night (June 24) I drove up to San Francisco and picked up Samar so we could hit Bondage A GoGo.
it's been quite a long time since i've been.
We danced a bit but I think I failed at being all gothy because I was told i'm not supposed to dance n smile at the same time.
oh well.
We left before it got too late.

So the next day Samar had to do her beauty appointments while I stayed in and played the SF car parking game
(trying to move my car every 2 hours and avoid getting a ticket)
luckily the nice men at the autoshop were able to tell me if they'd see the ticket cop as they have to keep their customers' cars parked on the street as well.

we ended up at Brothers Korean BBQ and ate - a lot.

(samar's phone takes better photos)

At least playing the car parking game got me out to see how great the weather was. I almost wanted to take a nap on the sidewalk.
But I ended up distracting myself with a videogame inside, so I didn't even get to take a nap before the big show!
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So last night I drove up to San Francisco to check out the first afterhours evening put on my the SF Symphony.
My buddy Richard met me at Davies Hall and I got the car parked and my ass into the venue on time for us to get into the 2nd set of the evening.

I got the tickets from the SF Weekly. Really nice ones too, none of this back of the hall type of thing.
Oh, and complimentary drink ticket (although the champagne was free  while it lasted too!)

We waited outside the hall for the usher to seat us since I was a little late, but then another usher told us that since we had box seats, we could've just gone in earlier. Oh well. So we listened to the KODÁLY: Galántai Tánkoc (Dances of Galánta)  while waiting outside.
The box seats were great. They were the ones closest to the stage by the cellos and basses.
The second part of the program was LOCH: Schelomo and I really enjoyed that one. It reminded me of a movie soundtrack or something.
The BRAHMS: Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Opus 98 was really nice though I started getting really sleepy during some slow portions. 

The featured cellist was Michael Grebanier and the future music director of the SF opera was Nicola Luisotti. If I stalked married Italian men he'd be one of them cuz he's damn cool to watch, though not has super cute like the motoGP racers I used to dig so much.

Ran into Cleo Dubois and Fakir Musafar as well as a few other kinksters during the evening!
Whoda thunk so many perves and it wasn't even a Wednesday night at BAGG!

The after hours event was great and Alex Kelly featuring the Mark Growden Sextet was damn good!

I'd love to check out the other upcoming events that are lined up, but I'll be in Europe the next couple of months.
I'd definitely suggest going.

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flight booked. gonna try out this Virgin America thing
irritating i can't get VirginAtlantic miles on it though.

Monday, 3/2/2009 Depart: New York, NY (JFK) 4:40 PM
Flight 25 Arrive:  San Francisco, CA (SFO) 8:35 PM

three weeks in cali to chill out
but now thinking about hitting Hawaii with mom n pops!
it's birthday time after all!

march 10-19 on oahu with a jump over to Maui :-)

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back on BA

Flight numberBA2227
FromGatwick (London) Terminal N
Depart17 Feb 2009 11:50
Arrive17 Feb 2009 16:25

see you [livejournal.com profile] kippiepoo !!!

Flight numberBA0284
FromSan Francisco International Terminal I
ToHeathrow (London)
Depart25 Mar 2009 17:15
Arrive26 Mar 2009 10:25

then to amsterdam, essen, bologna, vienna, etc...

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my friend just posted this photo in facebook

val, [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori , traci, me @ Folsom Street Fair in SF

i know it's from the 90s.
i'm thinking like 1996-ish...
maybe '97

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all in one piece. didn't run into crazy drunk drivers which is good.
didn't see many cops out at all curiously enough

and even odder, not a bit to drink ;)

and my hat stayed on my head all night!

though it did shift massively down to the side

[livejournal.com profile] fd_midori  and [livejournal.com profile] sfracerx  made a late appearance

surrounded by booze
and none for me

probably why i kept my clothes ON
herro! it's a slant pile up on da bed tho