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waiting for kendra before our shoot
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ok. so after a long hiatus,
here's a photo i can post that didn't end up being posted at my moblog and featuring food, airports, airplanes or my feet.

it's from the shoot i did last week with Kendra James.
the yummy blackfoot stockings from [livejournal.com profile] mrstocking  too!

Quick edit from Mondays shoot with @kumimonster
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My flight to London is now pushed forward to the 31st of March.
Everything is coming together nicely for this next tour.

It looks like London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bologna, and finally back to London.
Hmm, it seems to be a lot in text, but it's works on the calendar I'm looking at.

I was in Glasgow shooting with Azrelle all day during my last visit to Scotland.
I liked Glagow - can't wait to revisit!

So then, me in a bunch of HW latex (tho the catsuit is actually from [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing )

and another with not so much latex
thanks [livejournal.com profile] mrstocking for the nylon ;)

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i just found a foto set - well a litle icon of one - on a website
i liked the little foto so i made it an LJ icon
i wonder if they'll kick me down a lil sample to show off!


Seems CyberNet is in town this weekend too.
Damn city is going to be filled of pervert porn web people.
Might be a good time to go out! - Or maybe hide inside...

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Club Von Überblingen

while you're at it
check out interview/article of me re:Fetish Freak party :-0


sorry, it's in Estonian :p

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i haven't posted some in a while. damn!

los angeles, CA
foto [livejournal.com profile] kellylind 
latex www.hwdesign.at

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working on tagging all the site images as they go up. :)
here's one from Doug from a long, time ago.

Seattle, WA
latex from madameS
foto [livejournal.com profile] hypnox 

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here is i
trying not to cry
while watching big ass waves hit the rocks not really that far away behind me.
yes. i got wet n splashed

south coast, AU
foto by [livejournal.com profile] dougfdoug 
hey and our hair chicky is on LJ too i just realized: [livejournal.com profile] candycov3red 
face ruby rouge
latex atsuko kudo - i love the new hat design!

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here's one from dougf

we did do a little bit of work during my stay in queensland :-)
we had to since atsuko sent this out to us specially

Bowen, AU
foto: [livejournal.com profile] dougfdoug 

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wow. i just realized it's been forever since i've posted an image!
well, here's one from the guy i was sharing a room with in tampa

today is my last day here (at the hotel)
i need to get up off my ass and get to packing!

Piraeus, GR
shot by [profile] stevedietgoedde
latex from HWdesign/Vex
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I've only used my pooh outfit in one shoot so far (with valentina)
it was about time i did another one

this is tina
(she makes a lot of the stuff over at HW design and designs most of the fancy new stuff too, including my new corset thingy)

vienna, AT
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so called Air Berlin in Wien and Berlin.
both offices say there's no phone in their lost n found.
the woman in vienna said that the woman that kicked me off the plane and didn't let me look for my phone that fell to the ground was not allowed to do so and i should have been allowed to look for my phone. :(
too late now with that info.
so now i have to write a letter to them explaining what happened.
well i'm still out a phone. i guess it's time for a new one soon.
it *is* nice once in a while to be phone-less, tho this will hinder my moblogging. grrr.
oh well.

here's a shot of my bustle to go with the hustle.

los angeles, CA
foto [profile] stevedietgoedde
latex SyrenCouture

no, it's not vex. it's Syren ;-)
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the models for the HW show are set (for the 3rd time)
i hope no one changes their minds again!
me n amrita
olivia and harriet
[profile] _yungfuktoi_


meanwhile, both parts of my photoset shot in Vienna with jean bardot in HW design's latex is up at the site!


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