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I went to Florida for several days in August.
I was lecturing at FetishCon and also manning the complaint booth.

2010 august 02 - SJC to LAS to TPA

Flew out of San Jose airport which was nice since I got to take more time to look at the changes there.

2010 august 02 - SJC to LAS to TPA

2010 august 02 - SJC to LAS to TPA

2010 august 02 - SJC to LAS to TPA

Spent the first night in clearwater and the rest of the days in Tampa at the swimming pool when i didn't have to work. when i wasn't there, i was probably eating.

2010 august 04 - Tampa

(from Gary’s phone)
2010 august 04 - Tampa(from Gary’s phone)

2010 august 05 - Tampa

2010 august 05 - Tampa

2010 august 05 - Tampa
jewel marceau and jean saying hello

2010 august 05 - Tampa

2010 august 05 - Tampa
lorenzo and anastasia pierce celebrating their wedding the following week

2010 august 06 - Ybor City

2010 august 06 - Ybor City

2010 august 06 - Ybor City
went out for dinner with gary (rev b dangerous - kendra was working), diana knight, jim and julie (from bondage cafe) anda couple of other friends too. yum.

2010 august 07 - Tampa

2010 august 07 - Tampa
kendra and gary

2010 august 07 - Tampa
genesis, mike, vesta at my booth

2010 august 07 - Tampa
early night for me at the pool. i had to wake up early...

2010 august 08 - Tarpon Springs
So Mike lent me his car so I could drive up north an hour to Tarpon Springs. I hooked up with Narcosis Scuba to go out with their boat on a dive trip. the water was like 80+ degrees!
unfortunately, the boat had issues so instead of diving, we had to turn back and the trip was canceled. I really wanted to go the next day but that night was also the final fetishcon party. And also, other things ended up making me miss the following day - and no, it wasn't anything related to alcohol or hangovers!

They were really nice though, and if i get back to Tampa, I'll ring them up again (Narcosis)

2010 august 08 - Tarpon Springs

2010 august 08 - Tarpon Springs

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Available for hire. new bondage model $75/hr. no ball gags due to tmj issues. no topless but loves bottomless.
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Kinky Festival: www.kinkyfestival.com

7-10 August 2008. Montreal, CA
Performance w/Midori


FetishCon: www.fetishcon.com

14-17 August 2008. Tampa, FL
Guest of Honor


LondonFetishWeekend/TortureGarden: www.torturegarden.com

02-05 October 2008. London, UK
Performance w/Midori


SouthernExposure: www.southernexposure.gen.nz

14-16 November 2008, Christchurch, NZ


New Zealand FetishBall: www.thefetishball.com

15 November 2008, Christchurch, NZ
Performing w/Midori


Hellfire: www.hellfiresydney.com

21 November 2008, Sydney, AU
Performing w/Midori


Hellfire Resurrection
29 November 2008, Melbourne, AU
Performing w/Midori
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August sorted for Montreal, Tampa, Chicago, and San Francisco!
Shit, still need to sort out Vienna for July

such a relief to have the August travel sorted before the ticket prices skyrocketed
(even tho my air is covered)
now if i can only get New Zealand and Australia sorted soon!

I am on Dopplr
it's kind of nice if you travel a lot
go join it and add me!
or ask me to send you an invite so you'll be linked to me automatically
(i'll need an email)


9 July
San Francisco International Terminal I
Heathrow (London)
16:50 11:00 +1

16 July
London STN to Dusseldorf DUS
16h50 - 19h05
Dusseldorf DUS to Vienna VIE
20h45 - 22h15

ibiza? elsewhere? return to London for TG performance
6 August
Heathrow (London) Terminal 4
Montreal (Trudeau)
17h40 - 19h45

12 August
Montreal YUL to Cleveland CLE
0600 - 0743
Cleveland CLE to Tampa TPA
08h50 - 11h14

21 August
Tampa TPA to Chicago MDW
11h50 - 13h30

29 August
Chicago MDW to San Jose SJC
10h15 - 13h55

30 Sept - 1 Oct
San Francisco International Terminal I
Heathrow (London)
16h50 11h00 +1
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trying to book a flight from Montreal to Tampa
going with Continental as i can get Virgin miles
tho now i'm trying to pick which airport to connect through by seeing if they offer free wifi

no luck according to this site

i wrote travelpost yesterday to tell them that SJC did in fact have free wifi everywhere in the airport
and that Manila Intl offers it as well in their very inexpensive lounge.

Only an hour in either one
hmm... do i want that hour in Cleveland or New Jersey?


booked n confirmed

Aug 12
Montreal YUL to Cleveland CLE
0600 - 0743
Cleveland CLE to Tampa TPA
0850 - 1114

thanks to [profile] sleek_imager i have actually been starting to pay attention to aircraft.
This way I know when i'll be shoved up and packed away under a bulkhead and i can prepare accordingly.
though i was also thinking that if i paid more attention in the past, I could be trying to keep a list of the types of planes i've been on.

first leg: Embraer RJ145
second leg: boeing 737-800

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so [profile] fd_midori and I will be performing at the TortureGarden special. no rubberball performance this year.

we'll be working on another installment of our performance: Elements of Pain (and Suffering on my part).

Tampa, Florida
shot by [profile] zaaz
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so the other day, Bob Pomeroy stopped by Genesis' house in Tampa for a quick shoot and he also took me to the airport. He also gave me a CD of images from the performance i did with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori on Sunday night.

here are a couple o shots. almost like before n after

and one more, for good measure:

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let's try n do this quickly

arrived on the 7th in the evening.
checked in to the hotel and hit the bar. 
on the 8th, woke up early in the AM for overpriced room service. decided to request a fridge for my room. then 2 shoots. bar once again that evening then back to the room after getting nicely toasted for a phone meeting with [profile] fd_midoriand snuggle talk with [profile] ostanine. not much drinking after this nite.
more room service then three shoots on the 9th including one with [profile] moraxianfor his gameroom. the evening was the meet n greet so spent a bit o time there, then eventually escaped. lots of people were there. too many to list.
Friday and Saturday (10th and 11th) were full convention days, that is, sitting in the booth for 8 hours. *yawn* but i did it. kind of. had to take smoke breaks and lunch. [profile] zaazdid bring chocolate though! [profile] rubberbondagehung out, and [profile] lochaitoo for a bit. met chrissy daniels in person and she is super pretty. listened to [profile] fd_midorikeep herself restrained when one fan told her she wasn't japanese or something. Did not make it to the party on Friday, instead, headed out to the pool for a little read. Sat nite I had a quick shoot with [profile] m_bluenoteand then ended up hitting the party at the Chambers on Sat nite ([profile] fd_midori& I in full latex hoods), then after, we hit the pool in latex. later, Eden Wells & Berlin came to visit with a bunch of others.
Sunday the 12th was a half day in the convention hall. Did that, then escaped the hotel with [profile] fd_midorifor some sushi then rushed back to prepare the stage, props, and ourselves for our show that nite. Who would have thought that octopi legs would leave welts? someone was yelling BORING or loudly stating it in the ballroom and outside in the foyer area, but neither of us heard it. (a friend of a hotel employee).  oh well.
so far, the comments i've received are along the lines of what i expected to hear. i figured the show (as a longer installation piece) would be something a bit different for many to watch. many were expecting a quicky suspension show with a whambam type of feel, rather than a slow build up performance. well, lucky for them, it was early enough in the evening (for that reason!). besides, change is good. oh, and i'm sure we'd LOVE to hear critiques if anyone say it.
Didn't stay up late after the show. Instead, headed for bed since Monday (the 13th) was going to be tiring. [profile] james_the_evil1met up with me n [profile] fd_midoriand we headed off for breakfast. ([profile] rubberbondageended up in the same creperie too). Then me n james headed off for Orlando. Four parks in one day. Epcot, Animal Kingdom, MGM, & DisneyWorld. My feet are still a bit sore.
Checked out of the hotel yesterday (the 14th). Now i'm sitting at Genesis Lynn's house. Later hanging out with Vesta and Mike (FetishCon organizers). I think it's time for some steak or crab this evening. maybe a flick. I think we're shooting tomorrow as well. and the day after. i forget. they're not telling me anything.

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so i'm going to be bouncing around a bit...

Aug 07 - London Gatwick to Tampa, FL. *booked*
Aug 19 - Tampa, Fl to Chicago. *booked*
Aug 27 - Chicago to San Jose, CA. *booked*
Sep 13 - San Francisco to Hawaii
Sep 21 - Hawaii to San Francisco
Sep 22 - SFO to NYC *booked*
Sep 27 - Tampa, FL to London Gatwick. *booked* - must change this to JFK to London Heathrow.


hmm, kooky lady at reservation desk in greece said AA was no longer a British Airway partner, so i called back to recheck and they are.
so i guess i'll fly with them to NYC so i can get BA miles.
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so i had a flight from ATH to LHR booked for the 18th June.
yikes! well, that just got pushed back for 1 Aug. Confirmed.


for my trip to the US looks like
07 Aug Gatwick to Tampa
27 Sep Tampa to Gatwick.

yeah british airways!


29 Sep, i have a flight booked from London to Glasgow. just because i had to pick a destination. hmm. maybe. or maybe i'll change it to Copenhagen or Vienna (since i have to go there in October anyhoo).


i still have a ATH to SFO flight booked for the 25 June and i need to push that back as well, like around mid Jan 2008
but i have to call them... grrr


so then!

Athens/Piraeus/Perdika, 25 March - 01 August 2007.
London, UK 01-07 August.
Tampa, FL 07-20 August.
-Guest of Honor: www.fetishcon.com
San Francisco, CA 20 August - 25 September.
London, 27 September - 09 October.
Glasgow, Copenhagen, Vienna, Athens. Sept/Oct 2007
Australia/New Zealand, Nov 2007
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i august, i will be a guest of honor at FetiishCon in Tampa.
i hope no hurricanes.

a bit sooner (next month) i will be one of the models at the FetishPhotoBox in Los Angeles.
i doubt there will be hurricanes

now, i need to eat. my head is killing me and i wonder if it's because i've neglected my stomach all day. dammit.
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so last nite we cruised over to Orlando for Arabian Nights dinner theater show. there were horses and even a unicorn, but the princess didn't have siht to do with unicorn cuz obviously she was lil whore and not allowed near the pure beast because of her slattern status. she got to roll around with the black stallion though. she did get her prince though.

the best part was when the gladiator dude fell over his chariot and landed on his face. he didnt die though. oh well, if only wishes could be horses and horses could be wishes.

Genesis was like, OH WOW STUFF!!!!

and i was like oh shit. poor horses. they need more room to run. walking like that is unnatural.

the western bits with country music made me puke a lil in my mouth.

overall a pretty fun night. and actually quite amusing. worth going to with good people, but dont take a date there. instead try and impress your girl by taking her to some kinda posh gentlemen's club where you can show off by ignoring the strippers with huge jugs that float across your field of vision.


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kind of

was woken up by loud guests outside of my room
this was around 5am
lasted for 20 minutes before i got up to call the front desk
by then they left

no sleep
so went to the gym for a bit
then a walk outside
very warm out already!

gotta go get ready for the day...

past couple of nites have been great
lotsa ppl, lotsa fun!

more pix added to the moblog
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room service
being on same floor as the pool / gym


not much computer time tho

but i do have my fone
and my MoBlog
which i have been updating

here's another [livejournal.com profile] steendaddy shot
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So i'm still prepping a bit for fetishcon.

i've been getting all sorts of calls too about friday nite.
i am attending the Officially Sanctioned event that JSin is promoting.
That would be the Vamp & Vixens ball at the Castle.

The one that has the other Guests of Honor and models performing and attending which include: Eden Wells, Paige Richards, Natalie Minx, Zadora Dare, Jami Deadly, Emily Marilyn, Rubberdoll, Jewell Marceau, Anastasia Pierce, etc.

I figure since we're in town for FetishCon, and working at FetishCon, we should support it and others that are also going to the event. Also, as a Guest of Honor, it would be bad business to attend an event that was set up to directly compete with FetishCon and its affiliates. Oh, and if I'm not mistaken, participating in convention events is also part of our (guest of honor) agreement with the convention organizers.

As far as free market and all that, if a promoter wants to throw a party, that's fine, but i think it's crappy to use another event to try and snake away numbers for your own party. it's bottom feeding. In addition, the first email that was sent out that trashed the other upcoming event was pure shite. to use fetishcon for the contacts, and then to talk shit about an party to be put on fetishcon is completely irresponsible and shows a lack of professionalism. (Making unconfirmed and erroneous claims like "dita does fetishcon" and her booksigning at fetishcon doesnt help either). hell, i'm only on the mailing list because of the promoter's participation with fetishcon last year.

it also shows a complete lack of respect to the performers/models attending the fetishcon's sactioned event.

Oh, and I have no idea if Dita is in fact performing. I did call the organizers of FetishCon (not depending on other people's guesses or gossips) to see if she was doing any sort of signing at FetishCon or even appearing, but i received a negative on that. She was not registered at the time of my phone call, nor had anyone from the conventioned gotten any sort of correspondance about it at all. She doesn't have a booth and it's not like they're going to set her up in the lobby by the snackshop.

still trying to figure out what i want to do on the 8th.
i do want to hit DisneyWorld but it IS a bit far from Tampa...
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and so it starts...

Flight 1225 Q
Depart SAN JOSE CA(SJC) at 6:50AM and
Arrive in CHICAGO-MIDWAY(MDW) at 2:05PM

Flight 1404 Q
Depart CHICAGO-MIDWAY(MDW) at 3:05PM and
Arrive in TAMPA INTL(TPA) at 6:40PM

Last shoot in Tampa is on the 17th.
wondering if i should stay around Florida the weekend or not.
Either way, heading up to Chicago for a week or so for Laura/Vex Bday before heading back to Cali.
Of course, a little bit of time there before heading off to Europe in September again.
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so i am going to fly in early... like the 7th. i have the 8th free and my shoots start on the 9th.

i wanna do something fun on the 8th.
disney has 5 parks. er, 6 i guess.

who is going to FetishCon anyhoo

1 day pass $63
water parks are $35
more days and options available with savings too...

magic kingdom...

hmmm. tho i think nothing with big thrills here of course. aside from space mountain, and a day at SixFlags can beat a week a riding on that rollercoaster.

misson: space and soarin are new attractions
maelstrom is kinda like pirates, but in the north sea and with norway.
gah. prolly skip

animal kingdom
prolly skip it.

Disney MGM studios
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror GAHHHH I WANT TO DO THIS

multiple not-so-free falls (motors push drops faster than free plumets) and also forward movement(not in the cali ride, just the fla version)

2 water parks!
blizzard beach

typhoon lagoon

looks like typhoon lagoon is more for younger sorts n families tho
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from fetishcon last year

hotlinked from [livejournal.com profile] lithium_picnic
latex from da vex
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august in florida
confirmed for guest of honor at fetishcon

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almost got my latex all straightened out.
about to add over 25 pieces tomorrow so i need to make room.

still need to finish up the outline for tomorrow's discussion and pick images to show.

here's a shot by lochai
post tampa suspension

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