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sometimes when i do a show, afterward i reflect back on it and remember the parts that didn't quite go as i planned or wanted.

this time, considering the amount of real preparation that went into the final delivery, it went very well - in fact, there's nothing that really stands out that i would have changed except for one thing - more wax.

i'm waiting on images from the show still, and there was also video taken too
but here's a preview

i think people enjoyed it.

i updated the moblog with all the rome images so far including sat nite main event shots.
here's a couple!

and from sunday nite's bondage party:

again, the rest are at the moblog

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2010 May 01 - London
Torture Garden BirthdayBall @ Debut
performance w/ SukaOff
foto: julien reynaud [livejournal.com profile] anticmos 

These were posted at facebook too, hence the editing.

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    Rachel Freire


    Marchella & the Forget Me Nots




    Suka Off


    Anna Fur Latex

@ Debut London (formerly SeOne)

Western St, London SE1 3QX (London Bridge Tube / BR)

The world's largest & most famous fetish, body art & burlesque club celebrates it's birthday with the biggest Ball of the year! The headline event of the TG Birthday Weekend at London largest club venue...

Club Arena

Fashion Performance by:

Rachel Freire Couture Fashion Show & Body Suspension

DJs: Ed Real, Fidelity Kastrow, Mike Koglin, Allen TG

Sexy Electro House, Dirty Electro

Carousel Ballroom

Performances by:

Satomi (Japan / France)

Roxy Velvet

Anna Fur Laxis



Carousel Fun Fair Decor & Visuals

Pole Dancers

DJs: David TG, Jimmy Mofo, The Secretary, Lydia Darling, Tony Trauma

Mash-up: Neo Swing, Burlesque Grind, Glamour Trash, Electro Clash, R n B Booty, Drum n Bass

Burlesque Kabaret Boudoir

Performances by:

Marchella And The Forget Me Nots - Live

Anna Fur Laxis

Suri Sumatra

Joe Black

Ophelia Bitz

Kabaret Stage & Seating

Boudoir Beds & Pole Dancing Podium

20 Ways - Erotic Dancing Installation

DJs: Duncan De Morgan, Joe Black, Mark Charade

Kabaret, Burlesque, Boudoir, Freak Show

Trauma Unit


Car Crash Decor

Auto Erotic & Medical Visuals

Medical Beds & Play Equipment by Playpenz

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After Lyon, instead of staying on the continent, i flew back to London in time for the London Fetish Weekend.
First thing I did was visit Holloway Road to see Atsuko Kudo, then spent some time at Fettered Pleasures. Ended up meeting up with Samppa and Aneta for sushi at Bento in Camden. Then back to the house.

I think I became slightly addicted to the xbox and Guitar Hero. not good!

I was planning on getting to TortureGarden a little later but forgot about the fact that i'd need to do the rehearsal for the fashion show thingy.
Ended up getting there a touch before 19h00 where me and [profile] helene_atsuko got to see the HW Design outfits for the first time. They ended up looking like pieces from Flash Gordon/Superman - but think more along the lines of the evil characters! (Ming or Ursa from Krypton!)
The latex featured was the transparent but paint patterned sheeting with smokey black trans and black accent with a little bit of trans.

I wanted to head back to the house but realized that would just be a waste of time so I stuck around the club and got some food nearby.

The bondage show with Amrita was a smaller version of our Lyon performance - must less rehearsed and I planned on exerting less energy but during the show I kind of changed my mind and ended up becoming completely inverted for a while. Owie on my shoulders!
And AUA on my back too after Amrita sat on me.
Of course, I only realized how much it hurt the next day!

These one is from Mathieu Richardoz:

And this one is from Siberfi:


After the show, I put the latex back into the box and threw on my latex track suit n flip flops and ran to the bar. Ended up dancing around and having a blast. I didn't get home until sometime near 05h30. I even left after the TG office crew so I didn't get paid out for my show even! lol!

The next day I felt the pain, but ended up meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond and Sacha, Eden and Heiko, and [profile] hyperion_101 for dinner in Shoreditch. [livejournal.com profile] ynl and his work buddy came too. After eating we stumbled over to Hoxton for some drinks before stumbling home.

The following day, I packed up my things and headed for the airport for my trip to Edinburgh!

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[livejournal.com profile] torturegarden   is looking for video submissions for their new website Torture Garden TV
Especially for the Art Porn section.

Currently online now are short interviews with guests in the club chat and confessional booths as well as videos of performances and talks with the artists of Torture Garden.


"Give a man a mask and he will tell the truth" - Oscar Wilde

Roll Up! Roll Up! - Welcome to Torture Garden TV - the new online TV channel created by the worlds most famous fetish, body art, burlesque & fantasy club.

TG TV will launch fully in October 2009 as a members subscription site, but for now here's a sneak preview for free! Check out extreme freak shows, exotic burlesque, erotic performances and couture fashion shows from Torture Gardens notorious club nights. Plus fetish celebrity interviews, club chat with outrageous party freaks and the confessional interrogation booth where all is revealed! Look out for future updates and new additions such as Torture Garden archive, artist & performer submissions, viewers gallery, art porn, historical fetish imagery, weird culture & more!

Step inside...


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Unfortunately, Satomi can't make the party we were going to perform at in Lyon.
But luckily, I have a perfectly wonderful back up!
I've already performed with Amrita in London several times, Essen, Rome, and Athens.
It'll be our first time performing together in France.
It's a new show I've come up with and instead of a super messy ink and paint covered girl, I'll be getting a little crispy!
(actually, i hope not).
There will be bondage (of course), suspension, and fire.
I can't wait to dress the stage. I've become used to the idea of performing on a stage that's been completely set rather than just jumping up and trying to do a show on a club stage which usually leaves a lot to be desired. I prefer being able to create an actual environment and this piece will require it in order to look good!

london, UK
torture garden bday ball - elements of suffering show

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these are from [livejournal.com profile] hedonydesign 
he said he liked the show
and he didn't get messy either - til after

you can find the rest at FetishBoudoir.com ( > blog)

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here's a shot of the stage set up after [profile] fd_midori  left rehearsal
nice n clean n white - but not for long...

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here's another shot from the TG sat nite performance

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here's a shot from the sat nite TG show in london
me n [profile] fd_midori  in the background making a mess

london, UK
fotos by http://www.manolo-photography.com/

more at his link!

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this is me. friday nite at the TG intl ball.
wearing the new Atsuko Kudo dress and mini petite hat made just for me

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Saturday 14 March - 10pm - 6am

March Ball

@ Mass (Including Babalou)

St Mathews Church, Brixton Hill

London SW2 (2 mins Brixton Tube)


*Lacing Lilith Fashion Show


*Honey Lulu

*Joe Black

Installation Performance:

Trauma Unit

Bondage Installation:


Multi-Screen Fetish Art & Body Mutation Visuals

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slutty, me, [livejournal.com profile] glamourtothemax , [livejournal.com profile] allentg , kaori
london, uk

i really had a good time at this TG, and I wasn't even working!
this is my new outfit from atsuko, with matching gloves, hat and even earrings :-)

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and there are fotos here too
me n [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori 

go to The Fetish Saloon

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[livejournal.com profile] tgb_photos  posted shots from this past weekend's events!

here be me
waiting for [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori  to get in the cage
and yes, that's a carrot vibrating thingy

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not gonna be there
not performing

just being bloody on the flyer

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i'll be performing at this one...


Saturday 2nd August - 10pm - 6am

Torture Garden Summer Mass

@ Mass

(new smaller 3 room layout for the summer)
St Mathews Church (2 mins Brixton Tube)
Brixton Hill, London SW2

Twisted Performances by:

Ruby Blues

Lazlo Pearlman

Live Electro Performance by:

Leigh De Vries

Japanese Bondage Installation by:

Amrita & Kazaya (and Kumi dammit!)

Drag Freak Podium Dancers

Multi-Screen Fetish Art & Body Mutation Visuals Throughout

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(i'm on the flyer, but i wont be at this one - October though!)

Friday 5th September - 10pm - 6am

Torture Garden Rubber Ball Weekend Special

@ Mass

St Mathews Church (2 mins Brixton Tube)
Brixton Hill, London SW2

TG stages it's big Rubber Ball Special as the official Friday night event of the famous international weekender. Don't miss a massive line-up and a unique international crowd at a full scale Mass experience.

Fashion Show by

Renee Masoomian (US)

Twisted Performances & Burlesque by

Roxy Velvet

Laser and Fire Performance by

Perish (US)

Interactive Sensory Art Installation by

Katz Mffioletti
Drag Freak Podium Dancers

Japanese Bondage by

Amrita & Kazaya

Multi-Screen Fetish Art & Body Mutation Visuals

Club Arena

DJs: Fidelity Kastrow (Tressor Berlin), Mike Koglin (The Gallery - Electro set), Allen TG, Ritual (Ritual & TG Rome)
Hard-on House & Sexy Electro
Video Mixing by Nuroptics

Ballroom Blitz

DJs: David TG, Pandora's Jukebox, Gimme-a-Fix, Jimmy Mofo
Mash up: Neo Swing, Sleazy Rock n Roll, Glamour Trash, Electro Clash, Booty Drum n Bass


Equipment by Infernal Mechanix
DJ Eyeball Licker: Atmospheric, Ritual, Post Industrial, Erotica, Boudoir, Soundtracks

Couples Playroom

Enforced Fantasy Dress Code - Explore Your Imagination!

Fantasy * Fetish * Body Art * Drag * Burlesque * Uniform * Medical * Militaria * Berlin Cabaret * Boudoir * Moulin Rouge * Oriental * Carnival * Circus * Surreal * Electro Freak etc

No Casual Street Wear / Club Wear / No Cotton T -Shirts
No Cameras / No Refund!

Advance Tickets: £20 TG Members / £24 Non Mem
Online: www.torturegarden.com (£1 booking fee)
Tel: + 44 (0)20 7613 4733 (£2 booking fee)

Shop Outlets: Torture Garden Clothing @ House of Harlot - 90 Holloway Rd, London N7
Liberation - 49 Shelton St, Covent Garden WC2
Expectations - 75 Great Eastern St, Old St EC2A
Regulation - 17a St Albans Place, Angel N1

On the Door: £24 TG Members / £28 Non Mem