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So onwards!
We then headed into the Los Hoyos area of town.
Conga las Hoyas makes sense for a name now, eh?
The place was called Foco Cultural, Conga los Hoyos.
And it was loud!

After this we headed back to the hotel for a break before going to dinner. I decided to go with the group because we were told it'd be some Chinese place. That really got my hopes up at least, but it was far from it!
From the journal:
Today was full of history and culture. Just like every day. I really need to study and learn about this region's history. It'd be more helpful in being able to keep up with the information dump being thrown into our heads each time we board the bus. It's great info but I'll bet if I had prepared better then I'd be able to connect the dots and absorb more. Even still, it's great to listen to - even if I consistently fall asleep most of the time.
When I get home I'm going to start looking up Cuba history.
I'm also going to eat Chinese food. For real. With lots of spicy red chili peppers.
I am deaf. Thank you conga los hoyos. I will pretend the faint sound in my head are my other personalities being more vocal than usual.
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Yup. I went back to Mexico.
But this was a few weeks ago. In November. For Thanksgiving.
And it was awesome.

Did a lot of diving. Here's one of many videos posted to my Vimeo page.

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Nothing extraordinary happening.
But all is well.

My last post mentions a trip to Cabo Pulmo. I've gone and booked another for November as well!

Also, once again participated in Camp Challenge for the Me-One Foundation. This year I hosted a family of 4. :-)

Here's the video that was made:

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So this guy that does RockMed posted about a Me-One Camp Challenge weekend.
It was the same weekend as Pride SF and a few other things too but I chose to volunteer for them in order to experience something different.
(I guessed that Pride would probably consist of mostly ETOH patients and dehydration, etc).

At Camp Challenge, adults with cancer / cancer survivors have the opportunity to spend valuable time with their family and friends, leaving the stressful routine of doctor visits and treatments behind.  This cost-free camp offers arts and crafts, singing, dancing, photos, sports activities, spa amenities, and much, much more in a unique and beautiful setting.   Camp Challenge is a place to laugh, cry, and embrace life; here, families can create memories they can treasure forever.

While we call it "CAMP", the accommodations are not tents.  We enjoy comfortable hotel style housing with private bathrooms for each family.  The staff at Mission Springs utilize a wonderful kitchen to make hearty and healthy buffet style meals that are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

One word: awesome.

Instead of doing RockMed, I volunteered as a family host. Basically I was assigned to a family to take care of all weekend and that pretty much meant to have as much fun with them as possible :-)

Can't wait to do it again next year.

Me-One Foundation
Camp Challenge

video from the 2013 weekend:
(i'm in there a couple of times)

my photos:
Day One
Day Two pt1
Day Two pt 2
Day Three
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I was in Paris during the same time Shakti ( _[livejournal.com profile] mouth ) was there.
We both ended up in front of Gilles video camera this time.

it'll be allright from kumimonster on Vimeo.

Gilles Berquet
Paris, FR

Shakti & me

if you can't see the video
then maybe this link will help
oh and NSFW
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um, yeah.
well this coming Sat is the VonGutenberg FetishBall up in San Francisco.
It used to be called the Marquis America or Marquis FetishBall up until a few months ago (July) when the first one happened.

I'm not performing at this one, unless stumbling around in latex is considered a performance of sorts. In any case, i'm currently in negotiation for the March fetish weekend. It should be settled by the end of next week.

Probably end up going with [livejournal.com profile] sokkmonkey and [livejournal.com profile] vienna_la_rouge and a buddy from local bar. Hopefully the sokk-ed one will drive, then I can drink. um.... not sure what i'm wearing. maybe another HW catsuit n hood outfit or else i'll go girly with the atsuko kudo or maybe even that white/red Syren thingy. I really do think i should do the heavy rubber though cuz everyone always dresses nice and pretty at these things and i can actually go all out with the crazy stuffs.


In other fun & fetishball-y news, I'm confirmed for April 17 at Wasteland in Amsterdam next year. Going to do a big show using gear from MedicalToys.com and maybe even [livejournal.com profile] mirja will do it with me...

I really like the job they did on this video from last April. The one from November is up and it's good too, but it just doesn't have me in it since I didn't go (yet i was going to be booked for it too grrrr). lol. Someone played this song the other night at the local bar and I couldn't stop thinking about the video. hah!

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paris, fr
shooting: Gilles Berquet/Mirka Lugosi
la maison témoin - kumi
12 may 08
this is from our 4th or 5th shooting session.
mirka shot behind the scenes while we worked.
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here's a video with a sampling of the guests and shows during the April 2009 event
I posted it over at [livejournal.com profile] fetishparty  but since I never posted it in my own blog, here it is!

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During my last visit to London I got to shoot a few videos with LatexGirlsHD wearing latex - of course.
There are some behind the scenes styled shots of me putting on hoods and stockings (without added sound for the fetishists that enjoy the noise that latex makes!)
Lots of hoods and stockings actually (all latex!)

Just do a search for 'kumi' to find the ones with me in them!


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sept 22


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From the Moblog

(the food WAS good tho!)

(matt & [profile] ynl)

gulit by association
(matt & [profile] ynl & [profile] craigclare come to visit)

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so a couple of people that i've met at the scuba center actually left China to escape to a place where it's not celebrated and where the climate is much nicer. they're not wrong, it's lovely here.

today i woke up a a bit early and walked over to the lobby/cafe to get breakfast.
-the building on the left is where i am staying, the one on the right is the main center.

big birds - don't know why they're here, but there are about 10 of them.

having breakfast in the lobby

heading back from the dive center to Bigfoot Studios - there's a statue there. supposed to be the site where Magellan was killed.

this was taken yesterday. at the place i've been training at.

i posted some other photos and videos from yesterday/last nite/today.

i got finished with work today around 11h30 and now i've got a day with nothing to do.
tonight i'm supposed to go do some test shoots in a pool.

work is hard but someone has to do it!


I'm even getting some history lessons too.

I'm actually not in Cebu City or on Cebu Island, but another place called Lapu Lapu on the island of Mactan which is just Southeast of Cebu Island.
It is still part of the province of Cebu though.

In 1521, the Battle of Mactan took place (the first between local Filipinos and Europeans). Lapu Lapu was also the name of the local chieftain and when Ferdinand Magellan landed on the island of Cebu, the king of Cebu convinced him to go to Mactan and kill the ruler of the island, Lapu Lapu. During this battle, Spanish soldiers were defeated while under the command of Ferdinand Magellan who was killed. (the video i posted 2008 February 7 - Lapu Lapu, Mactan (heading back from ScubaWorld to Bigfoot) has the statue of where he died. it's posted above).

Lapu Lapu is pretty much the first Philippine hero. Magellan is given the honor of being the asshole that brought the first Europeans over in the form of Spanish colonization.

All the photos and video are HERE
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Moblog time!

Last nite a bunch of us met up and went to dinner (Sota & Roger, Allen, Kaori, Samppa, Alicija, etc. Charlotte, Darcy, Kazaya, etc.
DavidTG and Viktoria eventually showed up too.

After a couple of shots of JD, my jetlag faded but after a few more, it came back so i left the others and headed back to the hotel. Alicija tells me they ended up at karaoke and kept drinking...

Laura from Vex is in town with emily and ruby but they're some place else in tokyo.

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here i am after the show
i didn't realize i had ink in my mouth
(video taken by [profile] kwouk)

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The rest of my Moblog images are up finally!
From Paris to London to San Francisco.
I was also able to start uploading some mobile videos i shot of various things.
(a train ride from rotterdam to paris, some concert shots in paris, being stupid with [profile] ostanine. really lame and probably uninteresting stuff).

2007 december 15 - London

2007 december 15 - London

2007 december 15 - London

2007 december 17 - LHR to SFO

2007 december 20 - palo alto -  [personal profile] sokkmonkey doing i don't know what.

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so half way through the video you have a quick flash of  [profile] misscon and [profile] emilymarilyn as naked bookends

and HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED in a headlock by yours truly. bahahahah

so dont look if you dont wanna see some suicide girls shaking their bits, naked girls, girls with bras and knickers, boobs, bloody naked girls (i bailed on that part of the filming. i had to go chase down a bottle of JD somewhere), meat being hammered, blag being hammered, selene luna, velvet hammer girls, etc. this is the not clean video


found a review

Description: Videos don't get much more excessive or insane than this one for The Dwarves. Yes, it features the Suicide Girls and various fetish models and yes, they are indeed naked more often than not. But, that's one of the tamer aspects of "FEFU, " which looks a bit like a Manson Family reunion. The X-rated video proudly features a crucifix, buckets of blood, violent orgy scenes and a whole lot more that you will either find cool or totally offensive. PS: Queens Of The Stone Age fans should keep an eye out for a cameo by on and off again Dwarves member/former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri. -- watch "FEFU" (if you dare)
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he's got a video trailer up at youtube
Run Up

FIFTY24SF Gallery in association with Upper Playground Films

The Run Up

An Artist Documentation Series.
Featuring films covering 27 of todays top visual creators.

Directed by Shaun Roberts & Joey Garfield.
2 Disc DVD Set in Stores - 09/2006

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