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so i was searching thru the course catalog n freaking out about what i could take that would be feasible

one class stood out and when i looked at the numbered codes that described further requirements and incidental notes, i noticed that the class i was looking at was listed as "online" !
hot damn
wonder why i didn't look sooner!

a bunch of my lower division history and political science courses were all taken online and most i got A's in.

one of these satisfies the Earth & Environment upper division GE and the other one satisfies the Culture, Civilization & Global Understanding section.
Too bad that alternative cinema was full. that course looked good and the professor seemed kick ass.

i wrote the professors. hopefully they'll let me add at this somewhat late date.
the anth course was listed as a blended media class tho. i wonder if that means physical prescence at sites or what, cuz then that would kinda suck

what i want:

ANTH 160
Reconstructing Lost Civilizations

Explores scientific archaeology and the reconstruction of civilizations. Topics include framing hypotheses, site selection, excavation, analysis of artifacts and ecofacts, and reconstructing social systems.

POLS 150
War and Peace

Fundamental human questions about causes of war, definitions of peace and approaches toward achieving peace from perspectives of historical and contemporary thinkers, including philosophers, political leaders, military strategists and diplomats.
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nawashibari.com has been updated with bondcon pix of me n mayan lee

not work safe of course

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well, that anth 160 online course really wasn't entirely online
class met sat am from 9 - 1200
well, there's another secion available on thrus before my history course so i'll try that

today will be in the 60's
the sun is out

def a nice day

i'm eating blueberry pancakes

and i have new latex
i just opened the fed ex box
just in time for valentines day in denver!

must try it on now!
thank u laura and da VEX
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it's light pinkn with transparent pink too

just simple halter dress with skirt cut all at a slant

only the halter bits are actually straps of latex.
and there's a bunch of extra that just hangs...

ya. so the latex straps that go over the boobs have to be distributed evenly or else it makes em all lumpy looking. :D

here are some fuzzy pix cuz [livejournal.com profile] cyka wanted to see my boobs hidden with matching latex pasties.

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rope by midori
snaps by mr blue

we will be in Denver this weekend at the Cupid's Fetish Feast
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[livejournal.com profile] misscon
where da hell u be?

gettin dressd for BAGG now
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does eyelash glue hold on pasties?

a lil bit?


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