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stupid yahoo IM
for some reason no password working
must redo

but now still not working
takes a bit o time it says
so wait until morning

go join my fetish pix post community since [livejournal.com profile] fetishphotos went under for some reason [livejournal.com profile] fetish_monster
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watching charlie rose
panelists include newsweek, christian science monitor, newyorker n vanity fair

"a 2 hour snuff film" is what it's called byone
sado masochism and twisted morbidity
a facination with destruction and flagellation
must go see it i think
boycott or no

funny thing.. today learned a bit. someone was in class with some dirt on their forehead.
i was told it was a cross cuz of ash wednesday
see how much i know about religion?

kinda like how the pagel's book, the origin of satan, completely went over my head.
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hey hey

[livejournal.com profile] sinisher and [livejournal.com profile] imp_of_satan and [livejournal.com profile] alsana
shouldn't you guys be here: [livejournal.com profile] japanese_rope

and whoever else too ya know
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[livejournal.com profile] shanekeiko

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there are a few that really make me happy
they're of no consequence really
but they just make me happy

like when someone posts a link
and they took the time to make it open in a new browser
hurrah for _blank !

and the other thing..
when people post images

and they're not so overly large that it fits nicely on the page and you dont have to move back a few feet to actually see the damn thing.

got a message today
do you remember me?
Body: the last time i saw was with my Friend Matt Sorum at Le doux? in hollywood and you and i made out? it's been along time and you still look as beautiful as ever....

that was funny n good

things that annoy me today

people trying to message me thru myspace
i mean wtf?!?!
how many steps to check a myspace message vs. simple email?
(for me - i use entourage (outlook on steroids))

simple email:
*brrring tone*
bring app to the top
click on new email

myspace message:
*brrring tone* in email program
bring app to the top
click on new email saying i have a new myspace message
go to myspace
log in
click on inbox
look for new message
click to respond to new message
this shit takes time
plus i do write on my damn fucking profile not to do this
unless of course u dont mind your message sitting in there for a month - maybe longer without a read. and then whether or not i respond is another question. blarh.

back to studying for big test for tonite
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time to go take test now


icky school tests
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grr i love them
when they show up
to my house

for meeee
i got buffy season 5 today
yummy gift

but dammit
hate packages too
when they come from me
because they were sent out
and for some reason returned in shambles
[livejournal.com profile] silver_aj
i have to resend your package because some kinda monster chewed it up and ate it
sorry ur waiting so long


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