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yes bondage a gogo is back at the old location with a new name ( the GlasKat)
and this wednesday also happens to be St Paddy's day.
it also happens to be my birthday and the wednesday right before the SF FetishBall weekend!

well i figured i'd try and do something that's fun for all!
since quite a few friends were coming in from out of town, I've convinced them to do whatever i want them to do... ;)

my buddy [livejournal.com profile] bigalz who does fun sketches & caricatures will be doing his thing at the club. ok that's not sooo bdsm-y.

But there's also some friends from LA that can be found at SevereSociety.com and cory, darlin, & venus are gonna play on the main stage for a while ([livejournal.com profile] blaze_la, [livejournal.com profile] darlingsub, [livejournal.com profile] venusub).
I do believe that a certain local lady that goes by Midori is also gonna do some dirty things to venus or darlin. last time i spoke with her she said she would...

should be a super fun nite. :)
ack. but wait, there's more...

Great LATEX GIVEAWAYS & DEALS from VexClothing!!

laura from Vex Clothing is coming out to dress up a few friends for this evening.
She's also made me some latex accessories that will be given away during the evening.

She's based in Chicago and shared a shop with long-time leather corset maker PaulC.
He recently told her that he's going to close shop so she's got a LOT of latex to clear out for both men & women in various sizes at 25-50% off.
She should be arriving quite soon, but if you're interested, maybe you can catch her in time!
(sorry my bad for the short notice).
This is for SF peeps only.

if you go to her site VexClothing.com,
click on the news link.
There you can find an inventory list with size & pricing info.

happy & safe st paddy's day!
and come hang out with local & visitng fabo peeps like yourselves!
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hey people
who is going to my bday thing at Bondage A Go Go ?
i need names for the guestlist if you haven't emailed me already.

and i think i'm missing some emails.


hell, post in here just in case too!

oh and [livejournal.com profile] blaze_la email me ur last name plz!
cant remember it for some stupid reason
i'm not giving them BLAZE for a name.

plus.. u guys will be there early anyways. well at least u do, to figure out supsenstion rigging

and you people that I put on the list better come cuz i've got like 100 on there
dont flake n shit
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now i have twice weekly updates!
so today: 15 March 2004
i've got girlfriends all around!!

Paige Richards makes her first appearance on my site. Shiny blue and black latex for both of us! - well, at least until we get each other naked! And a photographer new to my site but not me: Steven Andres!

Another girlfriend gallery: Scarlet Mews returns! [livejournal.com profile] lucifire gets us all warm and gushy inside with these bondage set shot by David Hindley!

me lick paige

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and there will also be a giveaway for a VIP pass for the SF FetishBall too


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