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here's the mailer dealio thingy!
and after my playboy tv shoot in the east bay,
i'll be ready for some more at this event!




Good (bye!) Friday

Date: Friday, April 9, 2004
Time: 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Location: The Rawhide
7th st.
San Francisco
Web site: http://www.sinfusion.com
Info/Media Line: 415-626-4561
Age limit: 21 & over, ID required.
Price: $5 dressed before 10 p.m., $10 dressed after, $15 drab
(all night)
Dress code and special promotional discounts online.
DJs: Kit (house) & Jezzebella (guest)

What started as the First Church of Second Thursday at Club NV and transmogrified into the First Church of the Second Friday at our new parish at the Chapel of the Raw Hide is about to change again. Join us this Friday for our last Friday service as the First Church says good-bye to Friday and becomes the First Church of the Second Saturday!

Special guests the Porn Clown Posse will be joining us for a
night of supercalisatanisticcrucif*ckingtastic mayhem. Please be aware that the cable show "Sexcetera" will be in the house filming the Clowns and their willing victims. We were so impressed with how these folks behaved in their recent filming of the Knotty Boys at Bondage A Go Go that we made an exception to our thou-shalt-not-film commandment just for Friday night. Below I've included a word from Angst the Clown on Friday night's special fun.

Father Dan Welle Nosebest


"The Passion of the Klown"
"Its About Fucking Time We Had Another Crucifixion!"

The Porn Clown Posse & SIN! cordially invites all Sinners to come on down to the last Friday night SIN! on the celebration of the crucifixion of that Jesus guy, Good Friday, April 9th! (And if that ain?t a reason to celebrate what is?)

What's the buzz, you ask? I'll tell you what's a-happenin! Klown
Crucifixion! Sin all you want, we're having an absolution sale!
Tell Jesus Klown what you want for his birthday! Open your "pearly gates" for him, and he'll open his for you! Witness an actual res-Erection before your very eyes! Klown Whores! An ominously ominous looking soldier with cute little hat & a mean fuckin' whip! Come and milk your own "Holy Water", as the new and improved Grope-A-Klown-Box makes its first appearance in over a year!
You ainât NEVER seen a crucifixion like this one, baby!


PLAYBOY will be there filming us for their show : Sexcetera &
anyone who doesnât mind being in the background or interacting, please bring TWO forms of ID (License, and pretty much anything else (credit card, Living Will (notarized, of course) or something of the sort with your name on it for verification). As Playboy is super-professional and incredibly respectful of us and our friends, we hope that we might get some of you to join in the fun. Any questions, ASK!

We'll be startin' at around 10:00-ish, so don't be too late!
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opinions please!

i was asked to be a part of wedding.
bridesmaid in fact.
it's my cousin's wedding and her maid of honor chick is her best friend and her 2 other maid things are myself and another cousin.

it's a summer wedding that's to take place june 12.
nice considering my plans for germany. i supposedly will fly home june 10 to make the wedding.
sonoma county in summertime is hot. sometimes unbearably so.
the bride chose these light violet dresses that are strapless for us to wear.
they go down to the calf. somewhat pretty i suppose. nothing garish or seafoam green...

anyways. she aksed me to be in her party several or a few months ago.
And now, there seems to be a small conflict about my tattoos.
she knows that i have a huge backpiece on there. it's nothing i've ever hidden from my family. i heard from my cousin (the bride) that it was my mom that brought up the complaint. but then my mom says it's the cuz that's got an issue now.

u know, at first, i was ready to tell myself that it's *her* day afterall. and i should do all i can to make her day go well.
i told her i'd go and shop for a matching stole to wrap around my shoulders.
but then the girls wont match.

Now i'm hearing make up. That's a lot of make up. well not as much as in the movies perhaps, but my entire upper back?
a small point: this will be very uncomfortable in California Wine Country heat and if she doesn't hire a pro (i'm not paying for such a thing) then it'll get all over the dress.

mom told me i had better call her today and tell her if i intend to be in this thing.
she actually bought the dress for me. it wasn't some crazy thousand dollar thing. just a couple hundred. so i wont mind reimbursing her for it in case it doesnt fit the a replacement for me.

i know i told her i would do this, but now i'm not sure about the tattoo thing. i've never covered them up for anything. of course, i've dressed more conservative for certain occasions and i've also worn wigs to be less conspicuous, but never gone all out with the make up deal. i just never felt strong enough to hide my skin in such a way. i realize that being in her bridal party is not a place for me to show off my exhibitionist side, but to be a part of her special day.
But then I also feel, that if she asked me to do this, then i should be able to be comfortable as well - to a certain extent. I'm not that selfish. though i'm sure my family and others will see it as that. a simple request to hide some disturbing scrawls on my skin. but somehow i feel like it's a request to be something i'm not. I don't do that for anyone.

She was the one to pick out the style of the dress. my mom mentioned perhaps that she should have picked something that covered the shoulders. perhaps a little audrey hepburn styled thing. that would have been fine for me. but she didn't.

Also, she knows i shave my head. But there's been no issue over that - yet.
i think the family assumes i'll wear a wig. i haven't decided tho.

now i'm thinking. hell, if i dont do ths thing then i can skip the wedding entirely and stay in germany - depending on when school starts that is - and do boundcon in munich!

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so spoke to my cuz
have to figure things out and decide by tomorrow

my dad says i'm being selfish and once in a while i need to compromise myself

my cuz says she doesnt want people looking at my tattoos and taking away attention from her on this the most happiest day of my life.
she doesn't want ppl talking about tattoos at all.
i told her that asking me to be in something and yet have my tattoos covered and wearing a wig was being a bit unaware about who i am. i told her that i did full well understand that it was her special day, but i do want to be a part of it, but i would have to decide how much of a sacrifice on my part i'd be willing to take on.

of course i know full well, that her requirements for the wedding is final.
the bridemaids will walk down aisle with the dresses she picked out and bareshouldered.

so i have to figure out whether or not i'll do this make up thing
i told her i would call her tomorrow with my decision.


i need a devil's advocate here...
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so uhm...

she tells me, it's only two hours. it's my wedding. it's my day.

and i agree, yes i do know that, so it's up to you to decide what happens in it. you don't like my suggestions and that's fine. so basically i will call tomorrow and try to figure out whether or not i will be in the party and you can think of some replacements to fit my size 2 dress. (not that it will be hard for her since she only hangs out with um.. well nevermind)

she once more repeats, it's just that this is going to be the happiest day of my life!

and i say, yes, i know. i totally understand... but what? happiest day? shit i guess u better off yourself on the 13th then.

uncomfortable silence on phone...


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i finally got my copy from [livejournal.com profile] chadward

my dad saw my two pix in there
one is me nakid

he also saw [livejournal.com profile] misscon
and [livejournal.com profile] masuimi
(he's met them both irl)


he said it looked cool
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there be a couple o pix online

at eros guide

a bitty article on the SF ball

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[livejournal.com profile] misscon

do up ur damn yahoo!

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thank u all

i gotta call 2morrow.

think i know what i will do

but some of ur words help me figure out what to say a bit without blathering on da phone...
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gotta be in da oakland 2morrow for another playboy segment
[livejournal.com profile] sassetopants is gonna do footsie stuffs with me!

then off to SIN tomorrow nite
playboy will be there as well!

and so will the porn clown posse!

u know u want to come!
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*nod to missC*


[livejournal.com profile] ivy_red n [livejournal.com profile] babydollbound yah!

james rocks!


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