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woke up too early
ppl here get up early now cuz of work n so i did too
630 am

dealing with fri update
gotta get it together
also gotta go thru the disks i have here too
fuck this fetish friend shit
not many real ones at all exist do they now?

do that now

my dad told me that i have a great fault,
and that is going out of my way for friends more than i do for my family.
in fact, i go out of my way more often than not to ensure that what i do, does not incur bad feelings or hurt to them.
well at least i know about that. i think he is right though. i must attempt on fixing that.
i suppose i judge people. everyone does.
i also feel that although many are allowed their own beliefes and moral opinions, that there are some basic tenets one should abide by.
i think i put too much trust into people or at least i expect them to act as i would them.
perhaps i am too hot or cold
regardless, i do roll over a lot on things that bother me. i let things go oft times.
thinking on what to do... always thinking
thinking i do not like to be fucked with or deceived
i dont think i will let what is buggin me now go for a little while
i wont let it hinder my work of course, or school, but nor will i sit idle and let myself be shit on
fuck that.

and last nite was a blast!

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[livejournal.com profile] _yungfuktoi_ likes to put it in
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must wait n see on certain gig i have here
if it can go to fri, then i go to milan 2morrow i thinks...
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going thru the CDs that i got from germany
well actually just a single CD at the moment, all the behind the scene shots from shooting with Thomas Rusch when i was in Hamburg.
These are the images that Matthias and his girls took while we were working and there are a lot.

still have the images from [livejournal.com profile] roman_93 to go thru but he has some already worked on so i guess i wait for those. hmm but the chouraqui ones I can go thru. better do that too yup yup.

hmm... ok.
got some interesting mail today
but i no post it here
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thinkin bout posting some of my buddies to that one community called asian_boiz

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