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found my SIM cards for my phone.
got UK number.
got DE number
tho, hmm i wonder if i should just pick up an italian one for fun.

got paper done for class this evening.
ended up being decently longer than was required. but i explained to the professor how the topic was too difficult to cover in 2 short pages.
she's got no prob with me missing class as much as i need to for this trip. and papers are easily done and i can turn them in online. cool.

today a shipment of boxes came in. large ones. full of books.
some time ago a man donated a 18th century musket to the school's burdick military history project. well, the same man just sent us books! so many of them and quite a few decent looking primary source material.
that's kick ass.

in other news...
some people need to realize that when i dislike someone, i usually hold grudges for quite some time.
i hate it when they cant just stay away from me and those around me that have nothing to do with them.
fucking get a clue.
all it make me want to do is fuck with them if the opportunity allows.
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this is where i'll be in Rome...

yum yum
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so the other day i got my phone bill
not too bad except i noticed a big section that needed help.
i thought i had some unlimited texting going on, but i was wrong.

378 messages x .10 a message.

1343 kb x 5.10 = 6.66 for internet access
for those $44.46

MMS service with 75 msg at 9.99

that's like half my bill right there dammit

so i call... i say save me.
what do you got?
they have a media package
1500 text/instant messages (.03 for over)
200 MMS messages (.20 for over)
unlimited intraweb

all for $20.

my texts fingers can become sore once more
my wallet wont be as sore
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lj drama?
hah bahahha

if one is told/asked to leave well enough alone a couple of times by friends and others, why do they do persist at doing stupid little things?

last nite 2 LJers IMed me to tell me that [livejournal.com profile] alsana has now added the new guy i'm dating to her friends list. of course, on his lj user page, it's hidden. so that way if i went to look at his info, i'd not see her name. he mentioned it to me too and found it odd.

he takes photos. he likes working with me. but he's definitely not in the 'fetish scene' nor wants to be another photographer that fucks a bunch of models. (note to fotogs: not that you all do, but well, i've heard stories about you perverts! hah!)
anyways, he gets chances all the time at his job but turns em down.
so what would she want paying attention to my new guy?

of course, when she first started contacting the guy i was seeing off n on some time ago who lived half way round the world, she did not hide the fact he and some of my other friends had been contacted by her. fine, no biggie. until i found her IMs with plans to "hook up" and make use of the fine basement in dirty ways. and yes, i have those saved for entertainment value.
luckily i'm patient enough and i have time.

no matter how much school some people go to, they still come across as idiots
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[livejournal.com profile] rubberella and [livejournal.com profile] gurlesque i added to the rubberball show!
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me n [livejournal.com profile] sassetteopants on the couch
and check out the perverts with cameras...
[livejournal.com profile] zille and [livejournal.com profile] burkeizoid

how many sexceteras can i find myself in?


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