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1997 vs 2004?

[livejournal.com profile] antoniusrex is bugged
i think everyone will be that gives 2 cents.

greedo vs han in sw is whack.

switching out the two anakins at the end of jedi bugs me
maybe cuz i'm used to seeing that other dude's happy face. why does he have to be switched out?

oh well.

cool things... jabba was redone again. looks better in his first meeting with han in sw

and replacing the english with imperial font Aurebesh is kinda nice lil detail

more at the digitalbits site
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oh yuck
the weather has turned

it's now raining
the hot temperatures that were so kick ass the last few weeks are gone :(

i knew it wouldnt last but what i did promise myself was not to complain. i prefer the heat over the cold.
grrrr. and now that it's wet and my room is starting to become chilly, i dont like it.
no more sittin around the room nakey
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So then

what's the weather like in London & Rome?

today i finish that one paper then start to pack
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grrr. i wish the sun was out today
i hope it eventually burns away all this grey

trying to clear up my puter
and found these...

a friend wanted make up images for her wedding work. she wanted one side of her card styled more 'wild' and the other was more conservative.
my other friend made the headpiece for me

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retook the test

i dont remember if it's changed since the last time i took it

this time i got a 4.166

If your score is... You are...
Less than 2 A whining rotter.
2 to 3 A liberal airhead.
3 to 4.5 Within normal limits; an appropriate score for an American. (The overall average score for groups tested in the original study is listed in the 1950 publication as 3.84, with men averaging somewhat higher and women somewhat lower.)
4.5 to 5.5 You may want to practice doing things with your left hand.
5.5 or higher Have trouble keeping the lint off your black shirts?

at least i dont whine
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that was fast

to think, i have to write a paper on a subject i've no skill in whatsoever


what is your understanding of biological evolution from your prior exposure? please include your definition of biological evolution (not cultural evolution) in your own words.

what kinds of exposure to this concept did u have? how was evolution presented? favorably or unfavorably?
etc etc..
there's more..

for someone that doesnt know much about it, i've blathered on for over a page now on what i think evolution is and i've been using small words too since i'm avoiding encylopedias and online dictionaries!

so far...
...biological evolution as the inherited changes that take place over time and through history relating to all living and natural things in this world.
...also examine all possible changes taking place at the chemical level since living matter is made up of naturally occurring elements like carbon and oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. </>
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yummny blue stockings sent so long ago by [livejournal.com profile] mrstocking
too bad u cant see the true 6" heels

[livejournal.com profile] zille snapped this last month :)

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5.5 pages completed
was only supposed to be 3
but i had to get shit in there.
i suppose i could reduce the font to 9 point. heh.

must make to do list soon before i leave.

day after tomorrow!
ooh shit. and i get more latex 2morrow too!

to do:
( )unpack from LA
( )organize latex
( )figure out school books/greensheets
( )pack for UK
( )send off guestlist for RB
( )check for dario for rome list
( )email self contacts for girls

DE plug for adapters
AZN DVDs for the flat !!
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rosaleen young and anyssa added to the monday nite RB tie up fest


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