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6 am wake up time this morning

bunch o pix up there

here's me n midori after our 14 girl show

new latex from polymorphe (her) and vex (me)

odd. i never thought that people would be taking pix like this only to have them up for sale/open usuage. or are they for sale? anyways, a lot more there! go take a look! i'll bet you might find yourself! especially if you posed in front of that white backdrop.
do a search under 'rubber ball'
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so here in SF, i've found a new latex designer.
it was at that OneNightStand party with the best dressed contest that i missed out on. anyways, i noticed the one outfit and i've been slowly keeping tabs.
i did write some time ago but then had to take off for my big euro trip.

this friday [livejournal.com profile] ivy_red is gonna model for her at this fashion show in SF. i'm gonna go watch AND i'm going to wear latex. But i'm wondering what i should wear...

1. A newer b/w vex set: full legged pants with accented white belt loops, black/white bra (actually a tg one), and the jacket with white trimmed lapels and cuffs. oh there's that black hat with white rose too.

2. a TG set like in the photo [livejournal.com profile] burkeizoid took some time ago. just a basic skirt trimmed in white with a matching single armed top.

3. Atsuko Kudo. my new dress is similarily patterned as the one on her site. but it's a simple boob cup dress pattern with thin straps over the shoulder. Black down the sides but the center of the front and back is transparent pink latex screened with the lace pattern.
oh yea. there's a matching rose collar and vintage purse layered in latex to go with.

tho now that i think about it, i still have those DAMN bruises and scabs on my knee from london... heh. that would be classy

hmmm the mayor will be there...
eheheh. he's cool.


direct link

Friday, October 15th
7:30pm - 12:00am

The Regency Center
1300 Van Ness @ Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA

The nationally acclaimed runway show comes to San Francisco

***Featuring 9 of the hottest new fashion and accessories
designers from the Bay Area, Los Angeles & New York***

Host Committee:
Honorable Mayor Gavin Newsom & Kimberly Guilfolye Newsom
Kimberly Bini
Hilary Newsom Callan
Geoff Callan
Stefanie Coyote
Lee Gregory
Peter Howes
Jennifer Marnach
Juanita More

Fashion Designers:
Bell by Alicia Bell
Cari Borja
Fierce Couture
Oliver Twist

Accessories Designers:
Elsa Smith Designs, Inc.
Stephanie B. Handbags
Susan Jane Designs

Doors Open @ 7:00pm

Fashion Show: 7:30pm
(on the 60 ft catwalk)
* Grand Ballroom

Accessories Designer Reception & After-Party:
8:15pm - 12:00am
* The Sutter Room

link above for tix

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to go out
so bondage a gogo
(it's mr bondage a gogo contest tonite)

then dark sparkle

i got +1 for DS

bagg is always free

who else is going?

come on SHIVA!
zille no gots energy!
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only thing making em bearable is the fact that i'm rolling around all my latex with lube
cleaning folding polishing...

what could make em better would be some fisticuffs



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