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i got contact sheets from him in email
huge files to work with on my baby mac.

but still
some are nice
different feel than what i usually do
this is one he sent me.
janaS is the girl behind me who met me originally at the abgehdrecht bar when i was with those crazy berliners.
i think i spelled that right!

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why am i up?

woke up an hour ago
once again working on updates for the site.
need to get well ahead so that i dont have to worry about it

oh, and i have school this morning
er, day time.
then i have to go bug [livejournal.com profile] ivy_red up in SF at that fancy schmancy fashion show thing.
i lost my cash last nite tho. not sure where it is. prolly in my room somewhere.
that's what happens when you only unpack halfway thinking to save time and energy. it makes an even larger mess.
i found my cutthroat razor tho and $10. car has plenty enough gas so all is G.
just gotta worry about parking.

i snotted out juice on my keyboard due to a thread in [livejournal.com profile] lee_chaos's LJ.
something about the homLordsPrayer.

ok. off to waste more time.
then prep for midterm test study group. ack
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skipping class to work on updates n stuff
i can study here just as well.

i need to buy a burner
for some reason i couldnt work in photoshop with an image cuz the scratch disk was full. i was like wtf??!? so i look and realize i only have 2.5MB left on my puter. shit.
i go and look around and ended up deleting 250+ worth of caca. yeah me!
too much porn i tell ya.
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going thru the preview contact sheets from marcus ewers
picked out a few
i didnt clean up the dust specs cuz hey, it's only LJ right?
and the big X's well, deal with em, cuz i gotta wait til i get the good scans. hah!

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but oh no!

my baby was in an accident! what am i supposed to ride around on when iget to berlin!
but martin is ok


ok off to drive to sf to see [livejournal.com profile] ivy_red strut her shit with pro models.
i'm wearing vex. not the atsuko cooch length thing. heh.



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