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JanaS now has an LJ!!
[livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond

she's the one with me in the as of yet untouched contact sheets
(shot in berlin by marcus ewers)

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the other night i saw an infomercial.
but this was more than an infomercial
it was wank material.
at first it seemed harmless enough, but then i realized what was going on.
two women were selling some kind of pantyhose
they weren't young, but a decent age. giving off the impression of home-makers.
no biggie
but as i watched, i was able to notice the little things that otherwise people might just put off as simple gestures or movements.

the women touched each other. not in a super lesbian sort of way.
but they did carress each other. actually, no, they carressed the material.
the nylons and while doing so described how smooth the other's leg felt under the encasing fabric.
there were some pokes and little whacks too. but definitely something was going on there.
in my mind, i could see the total nylon fetishist imagining himself/herself in the commercial. certain camera shots were those that gave you a first person point of view - with your own hand reaching out.



y am i up so early?
school today.
by this time tomorrow i'll be on a plane headed for Arizona first, then Toronto.
i wonder how cold it is there
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for some reason i couldnt find the CD
and now i have
so i can prepare to put these on my site!

from an old paper factory in berlin

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while cruising thru LJ posts, i ended up making a portland connection.
not that i dont have any connections there, but i finally realized where [livejournal.com profile] amandajilesse was from although it didnt really click until now.
i saw a flyer on her lj that said Burnside.

one thing leads to another.
and i soon enough i seached through some folders and found this on my puter

note the young faces!

anyone familiar with Portland or KNRK may have remembered a DJ Gustav that worked there for quite some time.
He's married with child now too :)

anyways, here he is at 17 sitting on the deck of the SSS Intrepid.
oh and just guess who's sitting next to him...
some teen scout from the MSS Windward, that's who!

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saw ths last nite on the news.

UC Berkeley Computer System Hacked, Personal Data Compromised
By Ed Raymond
CIO Today
October 20, 2004 6:10PM

A computer hacker who broke into a computer system at the University of California, Berkeley, gained access to names, social security numbers and other personal information of 1.4 million California residents, many of them elderly or disabled.

State and federal authorities are investigating an incident at the University of California, Berkeley, in which a computer hacker gained access to a computer database containing the names and social security numbers of about 1.4 million California residents.

University officials called it the worst computer security breach the university has ever suffered.

The names and other personal data had been gathered by a UC Berkeley researcher who was investigating the impact of wages on in-home health care.

The information includes home addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth of California residents enrolled in In-Home Supportive Services, a state and federally funded program to assist elderly and disabled residents who use in-home care. The database also included similar information about healthcare providers.

link to story
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so when we left the abandoned paper factory, we walked down a path and then up some stairs.
it led to a bridge crossing over a street and these tracks.

i put most of my clothes back on and we kept taking pix
shot by andreas neubauer
berlin, june 2004


now off to pack some clothes for Toronto!
i hear it's a bit cold!
i must remember i'm not gone that long
only pack a few things
thurs(flying all day - going out at nite maybe)
friday (group photo shoot - going out again?)
sat (shoots stuff, bento party at nite)
sun (flying home)

i DONT need like 10 pairs of shoes... or do i?
i can prolly just skip most of the normal clothes.
some hair. some latex.
ok. one pair of jeans (which i will be wearing) and one pair of leather pants.
the rest will be t-shirts, tanktops, and hoodies to layer.
then more latex.
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so hung out on the phone with microsoft again
now my entourage is working better than before
turns out that some data was corrupt
well now i have to go back and color code all my categories and colorize the people in the different cities/countries but it's all G

[livejournal.com profile] blackwidowsweb and I are gonna have a BALL with all the Latex i'm bringing for us to wear!

just u wait n sseeeeee!!!

unfortunately, the shoes are taking up space.
i'm in 3 shows for Northbound and i need to take 3 different kinds just for that.
red boots, leather boots, black patent.
the boots usually dont travel with me... oh well.
i'm sure i can find the room SOMEWHERE to bring the other pairs.
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this is the great part
a few pieces of latex in
a few pieces out
add more stockings
remove boots
then i'll be set for LA
fast n easy simple as pie!

[livejournal.com profile] burkeizoid u will be happpy!

[livejournal.com profile] zille may join us too she says depending on her gigs
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i just bid on ebay
for one of emily's pieces

i just wanted to be high bidder dammit

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there's a vex piece on ebay .
i'd get it but er.. i suppose for vex i could just go straight to laura
but it's not at a bad price
it's one of those medical shirts
in all white.
i have one in pewter
no clue about the seller.
just posting in case someone i know wants it and ends up wanting to do a shoot with me in matching tops.
here be the link
da link

------ ------ ------

emily has her stuff up.
i bid on the one piece but errr.. i know the top wont fit me. i'll have to ask atsuko to make me one i suppose...

------ ------ ------

i have an urge for more latex
the thing is, i've an urge for really extravagant designs.
i have them in my head and they're ideas that just need to be put into reality.
i wish i could sketch better sometimes.
i have ideas for crazy shoots with time and effort.
time effort sets staging and work with all parties involved.
this of course costs money.

bags are packed n ready
but of course
i'm not tired


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