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the show was fun and hanging out was nice too before hand
saw ppl there that i'd not seen in a looong time.
even out on the street.
but no stayin afterwards for me

but damn. i was tired as hell.
going to class in the AM wrecked me
i fell asleep between the hair and make up.

instead of hanging out, i ended up driving home directly.
supposed to meet up with tressa this evening
and juliesimone too
and shane keiko

i'm tired as hell once again.
i went to bed but started reading.
i dont think i stopped until 930.
prolly had to do with that energy thing ivy gave me.
i was tired and probably could have slept but got obsessive over finishing the book i started earlier in the day.
hopefully the information was somewhat absorbed.
there's still a couple more books to deal with.

i would rather call tressa and organize meeting another day - tho she leaves for amterdam on friday.
also, that mr S party is tonite too.
i guess i'll just have to see what i can do with my homework.
that needs to be done more than anything else.
and i need to take care of this exhaustion feeling.
not good that.

got the update on my site up last nite.
3 of them to make up for missing wednesday.
but once again, the site is down.
i set up forwarding on my account, but that doesn't seem to be working.
oh well. shit
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i got a pacakge today
from [livejournal.com profile] stevedietgoedde
it's fucking cool
and it's old
well, i guess old isn't the word.
people say classic.
but it's new too.
he's going to be all annoucing these things next week sometime.


and another book!

featuring the photography of
Frank Neßlage, Robin Cay, Steve Diet Goedde, Wolfgang Eichler

«f» - fetish & fashion
Die erotischten Bilder der ganz anderen Mode

Lack, Leder und Latex auf nackter Haut waren lange Jahre der Geheimtipp der SM-Szene. Fetisch-Mode ist längst gesellschaftsfähig geworden. Auf Dancefloors sieht man Hundehalsbänder an Damenhälsen, Gummikorsettagen und Latexkleider. Fetish goes fashion. Wir zeigen die originellsten und aufregendsten Bilder internationaler Fetischfotografen. »f« ist nicht nur für Männer, auch Frauen werden ihren Spaß haben – erotische Inspirationen für sie und ihn.

info and image and prices here


& more yummy latex!

i think i've put in 2 or 3 orders already to laura.
i just got something else now too

maybe i should take a break...
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i was in toronto a lil while ago
northbound wanted me to peform for them
so i did
i got bonus too
got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] blackwidowsweb
she set up shoot
this is one of the pix that JasonStroud shot of me.

well you can see it as long as my server decides to serve
tempted to go to SF still
cuz SK wants me to
but i'm not quite feeling it still...


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