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My Tumblr MoBlog has 1179 pages of images. The first post is "2007 sept 18 - ma'alaea"

I still have yet to post Dec & Jan too


My first mobile blog was on Blogspot but something happened with the feed so I switched to tumblr. The BlogSpot MoBlog started in 2005. That's a lot of images!


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Where I get to talk about and show off those images shot with venuswept and styled by boozebitch (can't find her lj name atm)
(the images are in my SK gallery)

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My next blog is up at Social Kink
it's all about the performance [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori  and i did in Montreal at the KinkyFestival weekend
There are also a bunch of photos included in my gallery over at the SK site


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So I'm going to be blogging over at Social Kink a bit.

Of course I'll keep my LJ but once in a while you'll find me posting over there as well.

It won't be the same text copy/pasted though (not like I do between myspace and here sometimes).

by the way, SK is on LJ too: [profile] social_kink

Here is my profile there.

Here is my first blog there on the Torture Garden Bday Weekend (with fotos). Just a simple play by play of what I did n stuff and how i suck cuz i missed Fri n Sun, but i can blame it on my house guest at least. And at least I didn't miss the WHOLE weekend like some slanty types over in San Francisco!

(Actually, I was going to link [profile] fd_midori's SK profile but the BondageBall peeps left a comment that has a video on it and personally, I find it DAMN annoying to have to listen to. And there's no fucking STOP button on the thing!)

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