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I was in Paris during the same time Shakti ( _[livejournal.com profile] mouth ) was there.
We both ended up in front of Gilles video camera this time.

it'll be allright from kumimonster on Vimeo.

Gilles Berquet
Paris, FR

Shakti & me

if you can't see the video
then maybe this link will help
oh and NSFW
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and one more from Gilles Berquet

open the image up in a new window as it's at 800 pixels here but should be 1000 - can't really see it when it's small.

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and since i'm behind in posting, here's a photo

paris, FR
Gilles Berquet


i'm headed back to Paris in a couple of weeks
and I'm shooting with Gilles again

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Gilles Berquet
Les voyeurs modernes
20 mars - 18 mai 2009
Montpellier. Galerie des Chantiers boîte noire
Les photos de Berquet, portraits de femmes, viennent questionner les rapports entre le photographe et sa muse mais aussi du modèle face à l'objectif, de son rôle et de son ressenti.

Communiqué de presse
Gilles Berquet
Les voyeurs modernes

… « Chez Berquet, à la différence de chez Serrano, le portrait est anonyme. Si le sujet photographié s’offre comme modèle universel plus que comme personne désignée, sa pose devant l’appareil photographique s’accompagne en revanche d’un exercice physique toujours absolument singulier, de l’ordre de la mise à l’épreuve sinon de la torture.
Tel modèle, ainsi, sera soumis à un bondage sophistiqué avant d’être offert à l’oeil indiscret de l’appareil photographique. Perché sur de hauts talons aiguilles, tel autre en bas et jarretelles voit le haut de son corps enfermé dans une malle. Tel autre est entravé pieds et mains par des liens et suspendu au plafond, ou maintenu au sol jambes comprimées dans une boîte.

Sans détour, l’image de la femme que crée Berquet entend susciter le voyeurisme.
… de quel corps au juste est-il question ?, — du corps comme sexe ou comme texte ?, du corps comme chair ou comme image ?, du corps comme matière maîtrisée ou comme substance irrémédiablement énigmatique, tirée sans trêve du côté du secret ?
Parfois, devant un Berquet, on songe à la superbe Bacchante endormie de Fragonard : corps posé là, dans le monde, et qui dort, et qui est occupé tout entier à son rêve,
capturant qui le regarde sans plus livrer son être. Comme à dire : le corps, toujours plus complexe qu’il n’y paraît. » …
Paul Ardenne, Figures de la sexualité dans l’art des années quatre-vingt dix (extraits)


In other words, Gilles Berquet is having another show and i'm in it.


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my friend Mirka Lugosi has a new site.
She's the one who is usually taking behind the scenes videos of me during my shoots with Gilles Berquet and being a little spy in her own house.

She models, she draws, she writes, she makes videos and she makes yummy dessert!

Her site is here:

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I really wish I could be at this one.
Perfect timing had I been attending this year's weekend Démonia events, but nope.
i'm stuck here diving downunder and enjoying the sun when it decides to pop out!

This is a huge show for Gilles & Mirka - 100 pieces of work or the 2 of them.
And I really love working with both of them. Someday they'll have a show i can actually attend (and give me enough notice for!)

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i haven't posted a photo in a while
so here's an old one
it's the one that's on the little Angelique booklet i mentioned below

paris, fr
photo by gilles berquet
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so i tried to sleep. but it didn't happen.
just a bunch of tossing n turning for the past 6 hours almost.
time to give it up.

maybe a bath will help me relax and give me a bit of energy.
trying to watch a horrible copy of The Golden Age isn't helping.
And the thing is all in Italian too.

headed out for this in a bit
so i can see gilles latest book and say hello to mirka!
grrr. so tired. :(

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at the Mondo Bizarro gallery in Rome
Dec 1 - Jan 17 2008

there will be an exhibition featuring Gilles Berquet's work.

(and i'm included in some of the pieces)


Mondo Bizzarro was born in 1995 as Alex Papa’s odd creature. The original idea was to establish a bookshop about cool art, erotic photography, underground comics and cult movies in his home town, Bologna. 1998 saw the birth of Mondo Bizzarro Press, the publishing company, which produces some surprising books of deviant Art.
A lucky meeting with Gloria Bazzocchi in 1999, gave way to the decision to establish the Art gallery, having the same name. The gallery was opened right next door to the bookshop, in December 2000, in a new big space. Mondo Bizzarro Gallery exhibited a number of celebrated, controversial, and sometimes young unknown artists. The exhibitions rotate approximately every four weeks with a new opening the first Saturday of the month.
A selection of works by the gallery’s favourite artists is available at all times. Original artworks and limited edition prints can be purchased in person and online.
Mondo Bizzarro Gallery moved to Rome in September 2004 in an exciting new location, next to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO). The same premises are the headquarters of the bookshop and publishing company.


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i kind of wish i was in paris for the weekend... er, TONITE

du 21 Avril au 26 May 2007

Envois De Lenoir
Une Expostition de Gilles Berquert Chez Air De Paris

Vernissage ce Samedi 21 Avril

big invite foto under the cut
(i think that might be me in the top corner on the right wall
Read more... )
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it's ME!

unfortunately i wont be able to attend this event - it's even my birthday month, but oh well, I'll be in Los Angeles.

otherwise, enjoy since you'll rarely see Gilles Berquet images on flyers:

front n back


get more info at
(check out their new site too !)
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hmm. working on updates. [livejournal.com profile] ostanine went to the gym. i can't seem to get myself to go with him. excercise. eventually. someday. not today. here's a photo. loukas wants to play now.

dec 2006, paris
shot by Gilles Berquet
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i need to try and sleep.
ate some food. blue cheese meltied on bread n prosciutto.
i go to bed now. grr. 7h40 now in athens.
but here's a foto. i thought i posted it in here already.

paris, FR
shot by Gilles Berquet
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still resting while slowing prepping myself mentally for what i need to pack.

distracted a bit.

so i will post a pic

dec 2006, paris
shot by Gilles Berquet

i like this one