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I've only used my pooh outfit in one shoot so far (with valentina)
it was about time i did another one

this is tina
(she makes a lot of the stuff over at HW design and designs most of the fancy new stuff too, including my new corset thingy)

vienna, AT
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still going a lil crazy dealing with images n such
and then i almost forget about the update i'm supposed to do twice a week.

here's a shot from the last update i had on the site

vienna, AT
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in just a few days i'm leaving Greece soon.
I wonder how cold it is in Vienna/Copenhagen/Amsterdam.
More than here i'm sure!

the weather has been nice, but obviously, not like summer!
The water was so nice here. After we snapped some pictures, we went and jumped into the water.
this is the tiny island that's near Aegina.

Moni, GR
for fetish-live.com
latex from HWdesign
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here i am
being lame
the rest is up at the site now though
(my kumimonster.com one)

Vienna, AT
latex by HWdesign, FierceCouture, and super hood from Demask!
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another new hood and neck corset to match
i can't wait for the rest of the outfit!

vienna, AT
from HWdesign

yea, it's a bit hard to see with this thing on

also posted in [livejournal.com profile] latexhoods
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so here's another pool shot

[livejournal.com profile] mistress_sandra and myself working hard during a shoot

perdika, GR


i posted another images at [livejournal.com profile] fetish_monster where you can see the corset and tail better.

also, i posted a couple of images at [livejournal.com profile] latexhoods too
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perdika, GR

shot for Fetish-live.com
latex from HWdesign.at

whee that was fun!!
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Perdika, GR

this is from when HWdesign came over to visit [profile] ostanineand me in Greece.
fun fun!

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my new pink dress...

first part of the set up at my site now

vienna, AT

also available at www.hwdesign.at
(though they've not put it up on the site yet. grr)
i'm getting one in olive trans dammit!
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so yeah
pink n stuff

vienna, AT
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so in Europe, they've got these fields of yellow in the countryside.
food for animals, and also for bio-fuel production from what i understand.

it also makes for a great background

that's Alice from the SMartCafe behind me.

Vienna, AT
for Fetish-Live.com
latex by Demask, HWdesign, and Vex.
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working at HWdesign office...

vienna, AT
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vienna, at

new white latex all from www.hwdesign.at

my new white tights, hood, and gauntlets.
yum yum yum!
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so cramping like a bitch
but it's friday which means weekend
which means i need to put on some face and get ready to hit the local pub in bremen and see how well i can hold da whiskey!

until then, new bilder from Fetish-Live!!!

latex from DeMask
Wheel/Rad by www.stylefetish.de
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here's another shot of the blue catsuit!

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here's a shot of that blue catsuit idea i had
trans blue w/trans & trans olive bubles.
i worked my ass off.
heh. most people start with a skirt or something, but nooo
i had to go balls out for a pain in the ass catsuit with hoods even!
this is the one-eyed hood.
(betty and tina helped me with some glueing, but the pieces, and bubbles i did on my own.
hours and hours and hours...
it looks fucking great up close too.

vienna, AT
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today was filled with air and more air!

jumped into a big balloon then blew up little ones inside
then the air from the big balloon was let out and i got trapped inside.
finally did escape though...

here's a shot from the end

vienna, AT
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so yesterday left town to hit a nice secluded area where i could run around and play a bit in latex.

ppl looking thru their car windows at me cuz i was all dressed n stuff.

funny looks and some laughs from kids
my new white hood and gloves (can't see the socks tho)

vienna, AT
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it tasted awful


vienna, AT
me n [livejournal.com profile] mistress_sandra


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