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Eureka, as i mentioned before, was super!
but then eventually i had to drive home and that was awesome too,
it took a while but i wasn't rushed and i got to really check out the scenery since it was dark by the time i got that far north on the drive up.
i stopped off in leggett to play tourist and check out the drive-thru tree.
i didn't drive thru tho. just took fotos.
(moblog photos are from Sept 02 - more at the moblog as usual)

i ended up with a tan, but also stupid lines.
shoulda drove without the straps on my top earlier

fucking awesome view in real life. my camera sucks

quick marina detour

uphill n downhill

right in front of city hall some healthcare people were demonstrating.
saw really cute cops
but then realized i was kind of weird looking with the pink hair on and they were like really normal cute.
then did the rest of the drive listening to blondie and the beach boys.

by the time i reached palo alto my butt was partially asleep!

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Eureka was great. and so was working with MedicalToys.com.
i'll be driving up there next year - most likely February and this time i'll be able to bring someone to shoot with as well.

I was a bit apprehensive about the drive.
I really did want to go somewhere as i was feeling a little trapped from not traveling
but I wasn't too excited about the 5+ hours i'd have to sit in my car.
In the end it was really a gorgeous drive and I posted quite a few images in my moblog
(look for aug 27 dates) http://kumimonster.tumblr.com (moblog)

Unfortunately, by the time I got well up north to the Avenue of the Giants it was turning dark so I decided to make any stops on my return journey.

We did a lot on the first day.
Shot quite a bit of product sets including a super cute outfit a fan sent from Japan
we also did some really cool plastic sheeting stuff in the evening.

on the 2nd day after arrival we went for breakfast at an old whorehouse
yummy food!

then went n did some errands. i got these awesome toe socks.
(mom has decided to take them so i get the pink ones with green frogs)

that day we also went to the animal/farm supply shop. they got a huge 6ft diameter feed bin for me to be dunked in
ended up doing a white/red latex set but didn't get it right-on. spent too much time on it as well so that's all we got done that day.
that evening we headed to a local casino for dinner. yum yum.

the next day, it was back to the whore house for eggs benedict. yum yum!
and a live jazzy music too

this day we did a lot better.
we did a set where i got to wear these crazy 'boot heel' shoes.
remember that W spread with bruce willis and his wife that came out recently?
well seems medical toys supplied some of the props and these shoes didn't end up getting used.
each 'shoe' is a single piece of metal which curves from the back of the knee to the ball of the foot.
leather straps hold it against the leg and it forces the foot into a high heel position.
well, actually, they're ballet trainers so you're supposed to be in pointe position but i wore them as heels standing up.
photos soon!

the night shoots were FREEZING. did video where i got SOAKED in that COLD COLD steel tub of water!

the next day more errands n more shoots.
n more food too.
nom nom.

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it's almost midnight here in Eureka.
we're about to shoot one more set (video).
just gotta wait for the lighting to get set up.

here are some webcam shots i took today between sets.

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paris, fr
shooting: Gilles Berquet/Mirka Lugosi
la maison témoin - kumi
12 may 08
this is from our 4th or 5th shooting session.
mirka shot behind the scenes while we worked.
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here's a photo since i had to upload some the other day

los angeles, CA
photo [livejournal.com profile] kellylind 
latex hwdesign

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got around to updating it, mostly shots from the drive up
All the images are at the moblog

2009 August 27 - Driving to Eureka (with a stop in San Francisco)

2009 August 28 - Eureka

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here's the first image i got back from the shoots in berlin with torsten solin.
no dead animals as the shop didnt prepare the creatures for him on time.
but teddy bear babies and massive amounts of grey paint (later for those)

berlin, DE
torsten solin

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i forgot the update all of the images from the Sacramento weekend - the last part when we (me and Samar) drove out of Sacto.
On the way we stopped off in Fairfield to check out the Jelly Belly factory. :-)

This is from today :-)

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Craig Morey is selling a few of his prints on ebay including two featuring myself.
Click on image to go to direct listings.

The closeup is also the image used on the TortureGarden TGX DVD.


Same quote for each image:

"This is an 8x10 signed original FCA silver print by Craig Morey, open edition. All prints from Morey Studio have white borders; artist's signature appears in lower right front; image info, studio label, and model name appear on back.  FCA prints are made on Fuji Crystal Archive silver gelatin paper from digital negatives.  Prints are shipped in archival acetate covers, unframed.  (Note: artist logo and copyright info do not appear on print front, only on web version)

This image, Kumi4661, was made in 2003.  It is featured (at size 24x36") in an exhibition at Madame S, in San Francisco, from July 23 until Sept. 15 2009.  (Madame S, 385 8th Street, San Francisco 94103, daily 11:00am - 7:00pm, (800)746-7677

For further info on larger prints, contact the artist at Moreystudio.com  Prints of this image are available up to size 24x36".

About the artist:  Craig Morey is an award winning photographer, based in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. He is well known for his black and white studio nudes, and has published four monographs of this work, including Studio Nudes (Penthouse, 1992), Linea (Korinsha Japan, 1996), and 20th Century Studio Nudes (Glaspalast, Germany, 2001). His photographs are included in hundreds of books, magazines, and art photo web sites. Morey is also available for private commissions and tutorials at his Oakland studio.

Here is the LINK to his complete listings

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Went through the catsuit section over at the HW design site.
Need to go back through and clean up the text a little more but at least the first part is taken care of.



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here's a pic of me and [livejournal.com profile] uglydiamond  at the marquis fetish ball

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ok so that was fun!

ended up driving up to San Francisco a little later than i wanted
instead of getting to Samar's place early, i drove straight to the venue and headed directly backstage to put on my latex.
i decided on my green catsuit n hood - and green flip flops because i could.

wandered around n saw lots of people which was really nice and i wasn't stuck backstage.
watched the shows and ran around some more before finally deciding i was over it and really tired.

there was a bed in the dressing room so i took advantage of it and used it.

they tried to get me up but i was too tired.

then samar got me when it was just about over and we headed to hers where i passed out.
she continued on at the W hotel with friends.

all the blurry photos are at the moblog now


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yesterday i decided to walk to my local business area to get my nails done.
usually i'd drive but seeing how i've been such a lazy shit these past few weeks, i  figured i'd use my legs.
it's only an 8 minute walk and the sun was out n everything.

instead of black, i got red. i like black more but this is a nice change.

So in the evening I jumped into my car to go downtown to check out the book signing I posted about the other day.
On the way, I ran into my ex that i posted about the other day - the one that was not getting back in touch with me so i could get my stuff.
well, there are a couple of those, but this is the one that happens to live 5 minutes away from me. (i wont be doing that again).
He was all nice n friendly through the window of the car and suggested I follow him to his place which i did so i could get my stuff.
yeah! now i can watch battlestar galactica again and the Fog of War again and other stuff again too!

so back in the car and up to the gallery. it was really cool. Glad I went.
University Ave is really nice. Lots of restos n stuff.

good reminder to see on the street

Ended up getting sidetracked on the way home though.
played a few games of pool at the Nuthouse

then went home
then things went a little downhill from there.

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montreal, Canada
madria and me

latex hoods from HWdesign

x-posted in [livejournal.com profile] latexhoods 

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i was supposed to head up to SF this evening but now it looks like i have to stick around Palo Alto to support a friend/photographer.

i worked with him some time ago and he actually helped [profile] fd_midori  and I out with ukiyo-e props for our Elements of Suffering show.

he's just self-published a book so i'm going to go check it out



I published a book of my photography work, focusing on one model I've
worked with for several years. The book was made during a class at
Stanford Continuing Studies on creating a fine art photography book.
The class was taught by Brigitte Carnochan.

A book signing will take place this Friday Jul 17 from 7 - 10PM at
Modernbook Gallery on University Ave, Palo Alto. There will be 20
books from the class, exhibiting a wide range of styles and

You can find more information in my blog on the work:


A friend did a brief blog also about the class:


The book can be ordered on line through
Blurb.com (follow links off my

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it's the 17th over in Europe


happy bday [livejournal.com profile] mirja  !!

dendermonde, BE
[livejournal.com profile] mirja  n me

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sorry no make up...

but... she's trying to decide whether or not to give up the iPhone and go for the bigger laptop.

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too much text, not enough photos!

so here's another one :-)

berlin, DE
foto by [livejournal.com profile] zuckerrotermond 

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finding some shots online that i never got around to posting or really taking a look at!

here's one from my trip to Montreal

montreal, CA
me and madria
shot by michael andrews/roperookie

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the weather here has been wonderful since i've been back
and this weekend i decided that i've been wasting too much time keeping myself hidden away in doors.
my brother invited me to meet up with his wife to go visit the Obon Festival in San Jose.
I ended up going with Samar and meeting them down there instead.
She's been needing distractions too and so together we've been attempting to avoid being sedentary with our own thoughts.
(although she's been more successful at keeping busy under much more saddening circumstances).

it was already quite warm and we kind of knew it was going to get warmer.
we got there a little early and found parking easily but since the shows hadn't started yet, we walked around the area instead.
oh, and my brother was late in arriving too.

All the photos are at the moblog

we also submitted ourselves as donors for the national bone marrow donor program thingy.
for ethnic minorities it was free
but it seems they have an overabundance of people, uh.. well of white people. so they had to pay $52 to put themselves up as donors!
filling out the forms was kind of funny because they actually had several different boxes to check for 'white' people.
i know different types of 'white' people exist but i think it's the first time i've ever seen it.

my brother showed up and we got him to sign up as well while the baby just wanted to go everywhere especially the places where she would win toys or else watch taiko drummers.

then we got food n stuff but she didnt get to play with Samar's iPhone.

then baby got tired so they left. we stuck around for part of one more taiko group and then jumped in the car and headed north.