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so it's been busy here - kind of. busy doing nothing at all with a little bit of "work" thrown in.
but lots of little snap shots.
i need an underwater mobile phone for my moblogging

2008 December 06 - ADL to SYD
i prefer the lounge in syndey a bit more. plus sydney had the snooker table.

2008 December 06 - ADL to SYD

heading south

2008 December 07 - Gerringong
down the road from the house - killer pelicans

location scouting :)

im going to sit right there...

 a little perspective

ewww. couldnt get the taste outta my mouth. like spraying perfume on my tongue. even the horses wouldn't eat it.

2008 December 11 - Cambewarra Mountain
after my am dive in jervis bay, we drove up this road to see the view and have a bite to eat. saw kookooburas (however it's spelled)

kiama harbour
who woulda thunk all those rays under there! (boats off to the left)
numby rays too!

kiama harbour - pool cut into the rocks. to the right is one a bit shallower and protected for kids. might shoot here.




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The report on the kinky kiwis is up over at the Fetishistas site :)
with photos too!

click on the image to read a ton and see more shots

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the day after my shoot in melbourne, i had a free day so i scheduled a shark dive at the aquarium.
Kim n Sally came with me and shot some images while i was in the water :-)
it was really cold too.
i'm not sure if i enjoyed the actual dive or watching the penguins more!

oh. and i'm seeing more Krispy Kreme shops here than i do in the US!

(melbourne airport)

all lounges need snooker tables

approaching adelaide

hahndorf - when i was in bremen i learned this are called negerkusse

went to korean bbq and for desert had some chocolate cream tia maria fondue thing

[livejournal.com profile] mrgone  does coffee

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here's one from dougf

we did do a little bit of work during my stay in queensland :-)
we had to since atsuko sent this out to us specially

Bowen, AU
foto: [livejournal.com profile] dougfdoug 

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so as i mentioned before, i was supposed to fly from mackay to melbourne on nov 28.

here's [livejournal.com profile] dougfdoug  and fiona at the airport with me when they found out my flight was just delayed, and then delayed again.

this is me. i think i look very calm and not irritated for someone about to have their flight canceled after sitting at the MKY for 4 hours

the next flight out was 2 days later. so the following day, went into town for internet access and a movie (Australia). It put my butt to sleep *yawn*. we ended up at Shoal Point before driving back for a big BBQ.

airport attempt number 2 was more successful. (nov 30)

while [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori  taught workshops at palookaville, i ended up playing snooker n drinking a few shots (with those guys at the bar).
i think next time i should attempt a workshop, after a few shots. might be fun. maybe i'd heckle people less - or not.

the next day i had a photoshoot. this is me. i don't look that hungover - kind of.

of course, more at the moblog.


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some moblog fotos

from nov 25th

[livejournal.com profile] dougfdoug  n fiona

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I'm staying in a town called Bowen. Pretty soon it's going to be a famous little place as it's where part of Australia (the movie) was filmed.
Tomorrow night is the big movie premiere here and I guess everyone is excited since the town and a bunch of the locals were used in the film.
I guess this is what took the place of shooting in Darwin.

It's quite nice here and much more quiet than Airlie Beach especially since the schoolies have pretty much taken over that town. We did take a drive over there and enjoyed the lagoon. After that we drove over to Shute Harbor to check out our options for the next day :-)

Bowen is home of the Big Mango
hence the giant mango shots in my MOBLOG


airlie beach

airlie beach

shute harbor (that's [livejournal.com profile] dougfdoug  checking out the boats)

bowen (bowen arrow motel... heh)


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sydney airport

there was a krispy kreme shop!!!


Mackay Airport

Can't really tell from the images, but it was humid and hot.
about 95 F or 35 C

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spent the saturday in sydney with peter/mastertouch driving me around.
first breakfast over in newtown and a visit to the local latex shop.

checked out the casino by the harbor

luckily it was a nice day!

i made him go to the aquarium with me.

took a ride on the monorail. nice adverts

afterwards to food, then back to Uber where I met up with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori  and the others to go check out the james bond movie.
then yummy indian before heading back to Uber to pack up and get ready to leave

more MOBLOG here

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updated again!

from palo alto (one drunken shot o me) to christchurch

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ooh foto!

[livejournal.com profile] mr_chris_cam  just posted this in his LJ
so i am stealing it and posting it here

shot in the milwaukee
interchangeable panel corset from HW Design
skirt from vex

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i got one of the mail in ballots so i didn't have to wait in line.
instead i get to play on the puter more.
and figure out what i'm packing for oz/nz


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performing with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori 


and not the same shows as Sydney and Christchurch

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my new body suit.
all white with open boobs
(n open crotch too. yowza)
gonna use it for the show in oz prolly

waiting for [livejournal.com profile] mistress_sandra  to get dressed in her new red/white/trans pieces
then gotta take some real shots

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vienna, AT

taken with that fotobooth thingy on my puter

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i hope it's fun!

but first i'll post something i've been holding out on!

lancaster, CA
me with [livejournal.com profile] ulorin_vex 
my latex from Syren Couture
(yes! syren. woah)
her latex from [livejournal.com profile] redlickorish