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in just a few days i'm leaving Greece soon.
I wonder how cold it is in Vienna/Copenhagen/Amsterdam.
More than here i'm sure!

the weather has been nice, but obviously, not like summer!
The water was so nice here. After we snapped some pictures, we went and jumped into the water.
this is the tiny island that's near Aegina.

Moni, GR
for fetish-live.com
latex from HWdesign
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here's a shot for [profile] mrstocking !!

piraeus, GR
by [profile] ostanine
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here's one from some time ago (last year, dec 06 actually)

ahhh i think i was a lil thinner then...

paris, FR
shot by Eric Martin
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here i am
being lame
the rest is up at the site now though
(my kumimonster.com one)

Vienna, AT
latex by HWdesign, FierceCouture, and super hood from Demask!
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here's a closer shot of my stockings!
(from [profile] mrstocking)
yum yum.
i'm always so afraid to wear them out though. i'd hate to get a tear...

piraeus, GR
shot by [profile] ostanine
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so [profile] ostanine and i got around to shooting today, the light was in and out and since the 'pop' thing wasn't around, we ended up doing some natural light stuff.
these are stockings from [profile] mrstocking from some time ago. a different set of blackfoots i've not yet had a chance to even wear!

more later with the front half, maybe.

piraeus, gr
shot by [profile] ostanine.


hmm, my lj thingy is acting odd.
oh well.

in other news, the 6th circuit court of appeals rules 2257 unconstitutional.
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new atsuko stuff

london, uk
shot by [livejournal.com profile] dougfdoug
latex from atsuko kudo
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i just saw he posted this over in his dA account
so i snagged it

shot by steve arwendur
latex from HWdesign
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so in london, i performed another installation of the Elements of Suffering show with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori. [livejournal.com profile] erosartist snapped away (though i'm wondering where the end of the show is...)

The first performance featured earth, fire, and water themes. This one used wood (in the form of bamboo poles).

sorry, no cut for you

mores later maybe
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another new hood and neck corset to match
i can't wait for the rest of the outfit!

vienna, AT
from HWdesign

yea, it's a bit hard to see with this thing on

also posted in [livejournal.com profile] latexhoods
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this thing took me so long
but it'S finally finished
(another catsuit and hood i will probably wear once or twice! hah!)

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so today we were supposed to shoot
but i have cramps

instead worked on more latex

T finished the zip for me on my trans hood
the catsuit and matching hood is done
i started a new hood to go with my soon to be started neck corset
(trans purple with scarlet and black)

my hands are covered with benzine, powder, and glue.

more photos posted at the moblog

this is part of the no-man's land shopping are near znojmo
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i woke up too early this am. oh well. most of my packing is done. a car has been ordered for 15h45.
i really want to take a nap but maybe it's best that i dont so i will sleep easier on the flight.
photogs are picking me up from the airport and we're headed directly to the shoot place i think.
damn. tomorrow i'll be back in london. nice!

so yesterday evening my bestest friend from high school, adrien, came over and we got to catch up.
he's been living here for about 4 years now.
we went out for a few drinks at this bar down the street that had sam cooke blasting.
followed up by reggae which i'm not too fond of. i got a nice piece of art for [profile] ostanine too.

i tried to catch up on intraweb work and crap. which i kind of did.
and i got my phone cleared of extraneous files and things.
though i'm not sure how i can send myself the video files.
oh well.

here's a shot of me getting tattooed taken by [profile] psycholibrarian
i can't wait for my next session. i'm jonesin'!

oh, and i was late for my tattoo appointment because of:

from the calendar photoshoot:

more at the new moblog!

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so yesterday i set up a new moblog account at Tumblr

some nice things there, like the fact that the images i post are much larger compared to the blogger.com/blogspot page.

and i've had to change the format of my posts a bit
at the blogspot i would have the title be the city or airport, then have an image, then the text below would be the date.
at the tumblr page, the subject of the message becomes the text after the image.
not much of a biggie i suppose, but it doesn't really help as far as separating the posts.

unfortunately, i'm only able to send ONE image at a time!
instead of marking several images from a single day/place, i have to send each image individually.
(at least my phone as copy/paste). that's a pain in the butt, especially at $.25 for each one.
i guess now i have to make sure those images count!

the tumblr posts are being burned at the blogspot page under a single long post.
i'm not crazy about that so i might just shut it off.
i'll figure that out later.

anyhoo, there are new posts up!


new moblog!
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so [profile] fd_midori and I will be performing at the TortureGarden special. no rubberball performance this year.

we'll be working on another installment of our performance: Elements of Pain (and Suffering on my part).

Tampa, Florida
shot by [profile] zaaz
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so here's another pool shot

[livejournal.com profile] mistress_sandra and myself working hard during a shoot

perdika, GR


i posted another images at [livejournal.com profile] fetish_monster where you can see the corset and tail better.

also, i posted a couple of images at [livejournal.com profile] latexhoods too
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perdika, GR

shot for Fetish-live.com
latex from HWdesign.at

whee that was fun!!
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here's another shot from [livejournal.com profile] mr_chris_cam during my trip to WI

milwaukee, WI
latex: VexClothing (hat:AtsukoKudo)
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a new one

milwaukee, WI
shot by [livejournal.com profile] mr_chris_cam

latex from Vex (hat from Atsuko Kudo)

another photo posted in [livejournal.com profile] vex_clothing
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so the other day, Bob Pomeroy stopped by Genesis' house in Tampa for a quick shoot and he also took me to the airport. He also gave me a CD of images from the performance i did with [livejournal.com profile] fd_midori on Sunday night.

here are a couple o shots. almost like before n after

and one more, for good measure:


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