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so last nite was nice.
i got to see kip from atlanta! he's on the LJ but i'm too lazy for the codes n such
also saw a bootloads of other peeps last nite like misstiamaria n agent

me n monkey n ynl got there just after midnite
i wore my new kimono style latex n got nice comments from strange and not so strange folk.
kissed by some odd people and some bald guy in the balthroom fondled my butt as i was washing my hands in the sink. trippin on x i think.

drank JD. drank tequila cuz elviravixen was pouring the shots while standing/dancing on the bar.
i pants ynl and just after that allenTG n lily walked by and poured the glass of warm mulled wine down the inside front of my dress. so i pulled hers down to her ankles. heh.
said hello to mr david. saw stah do her thing with evilunletony. heh. someone wasn't looking n as she was flying from her rigging, her foot knocked someone in da head. i thought that was funny. their fault for not paying attention hehe.

i got a bit tired. actually started to feel a bit not right so i decided to return home. no after party for me. i guess i'm boring now since i dont do them drug things to keep me going. oh and it cost me £40 to get home dammit. shit.spent £20 getting there. fuck.

there was a party here but people were sleeping when i got home around 3:30 but just, so scott let me in.
ynl came home round 10 and monkey returned around 12:30
i guess we wont go to that rock n roll place i wanna see. borderlands or crowbar or some sort o thing like that.

monkey is still passed out. i think i will mak pasta n wake him with food.


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