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This all is primarily in response to a forum where alt- and fetish work were lumped together and described as being the same or interchangeable.

The first was a simple and quick response but then after a reply, I realized that I wasn't clear enough.
Since i took the time to write it, I figured I might as well keep it in my own blog too although some bits are edited out for clarity.


i don't associate fetish with alt-modeling at all.

alt-modeling usually denotes work involving alternative fashion and lifestyles which in turn are influenced by a variety of things including the sub-genres of goth, punk, mod, grunge, etc. These sub-cultures of music styles are the primary influential source for the fashion and styling used in alt-modeling.

fetish imagery (even fetish fashion imagery to a certain extent) is meant to trigger a sexual response. it is not about a social movement or reaction to social conditions in the world. Certain items frequently associated as being fetishistic have been used in various forms of media (tv shows, films, music videos) but they did not spring into being because of this use.


(in response to why my definition might differ from someone in the central US)
I don't know about San Francisco per se, although I'm from the area, I usually spend more time on the road within/out of the US. It's not necessarily the location that allows for the distinction between "alt" and "fetish", but the people one comes into contact with. I would say that in more populated areas where more people actively work in fetish or alt industries (not just models and/or photographers but also designers, writers, educators), then one is more likely to come into contact to those involved with one or the other as well as those that enjoy delving further into knowing about either genre.

There are a ton of new people that have "discovered" alt and fetish imagery in the past few years and quite a few have decided to jump into it. But most don't take an active hand in researching the history of the various sub-divisions of either theme. Some of them even think certain popular recent music stars 'discovered' fetishism and bdsm because of some inability to look beyond more than five or ten years into the past. Most enjoy looking at the highly stylized and fashionable images of made-up and well-fit models but they definitely don't think of Atomage or Justice magazine (which was in publication before Westwood opened her shop). [in response to vivienne westwood being a point where alt- and fetish began as a merged entitiy.]

What I find incredibly frustrating is that most people seem to miss the point entirely, including self-proclaimed fetish photographers and models. It's so easy to label an image fetish because the model is seen wearing a latex or pvc dress when the image is anything far from being an actual turn-on to a fetishist - or anyone for that matter.

For the forum, yes, I understand that they're [fetish and alt-] lumped together and it's easier for most people to discuss them that way because of whatever reason (simplicity, laziness, ignorance, or just because). But this also ends up perpetuating the idea that alt-modeling and fetish-modeling are the same thing and practically interchangeable terms. Many of the people that I know that work in fetish professionally would not think to label themselves as alt-models. I certainly do not and at times I find it insulting to be called an alt-model.

I work in an area that embraces sexuality and allows for individuals to bring their personal kinks to the surface to be displayed openly for all to see. It's about delving internally and bringing forth normally hidden sexual proclivities.

What I think I did not make clear in my initial post is that while alt- work does sometimes include elements generally associated with fetishism or even BDSM, it is still a echo to musical trends of a period of time which are generally influenced by reactionary social/cultural/political upheavals. But sometimes alt- is also simply about going against the norm for the sake of just being different - kind of like that phase one goes through after too many arguments with the parents.

Simply put, "alt-" is based in lifestyle trends. Not that all trends are bad, but few are everlasting no matter how influential they may be. Even I might have claimed myself to be goth at one period of time and my father was into the hippie movement for a while. But to categorize my sexuality as being akin to a fad is disparaging and disrespectful.
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[livejournal.com profile] ropemarks  asked in a bondage forum:
1) What do you consider "performing"?
2) Why would you want to do it?


my first response: because you can beat up innocent girls in public

then i went a bit further:

1) What do you consider "performing"?

Well, first of all, I would categorize bondage performances as performance art rather than putting it under the heading of one of performing arts (think traditional theater arts). In general, it is unconventional, non-mainstream, and sometimes more conceptual rather than aesthetically pleasing and easy to make sense of.

I've done a number of performances in a variety of ways. Some require intensive rehearsals/pre-production work (staging, blocking, lighting, sound, etc.) and others don't require much physical preparation at all. Some shows have taken place on a formal stage, while others have occurred in other less-traditional formats.
But what each complete work does require is a theme or concept, regardless of whether or not the masses will actually be able to understand the message behind the (my) madness. Not all performances require formal lighting, music, choreography, or even a storyline (linear or otherwise), but they do require a concept, theme, or idea.
There's usually a lot of pre-planning in regards to formulating the ideas and actions that will be involved. I also end up drawing on previous experiences, for example, being able to predict audience reaction as some shows may actually hinge upon being able to foretell how spectators will respond.

A few of my shows have been driven by my desire to put on more of a conceptual based piece, but unfortunately, being able to contemplate simple blatant visual acts without having read between the lines is a bit too difficult in club environments where the next drink is most important thing for the most part. Trying to force an audience to watch a piece of art while demanding they ask themselves: 'is this really art?' is a bit difficult when competing against oontz-oontz music and a bottle of vodka.

I wouldn't necessarily classify all of the shows i've done as performance art though. There are quite a few venues that just don't care and just want someone dressed up doing bondage. I would probably categorize these as more of a demonstration - they require very little forethought, organization, and are simply there to either entertain, titillate, or even educate - but without an express intent to involve all of the aspects usually involved in performance art including the use of space, time, and audience reaction/interaction. There's no specific concept or idea driving the actions.


2) Why would you want to do it?

it's my job. it's how i earn a living.

I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically:

First of all I try to be innovative, experimental, creative. I try not to be boring (don't like people falling asleep during my shows Sad). Sometimes I'll attempt to put together a show that goes against what's expected. I usually pull inspiration from a variety of sources.

I try and watch as many shows that other people put on (as long as I can deal with my short attention span) so i know what not to do. And also so i avoid doing the same thing. It bugs the shit out of me to no end when i see people doing the same thing i did. (Actually, at one event, i saw someone end up getting rigged the exact same way and attempting to recreate my movements in her 'performance') Dodgy
Fuckin' A! Angry

As for the physical part, I enjoy the challenge to a certain extent. I'm so fucking lazy that I need to work my shit out. This is one way I can test my endurance and push my flexibility - although i'm realizing it helps to maybe stretch out more than once a month. Undecided

Maybe I do need to start that 'working out' thing like i've been telling myself for the past few years ...

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No, this is not about a suspension show with flesh hooks, or pulling some hot body at a club.
This is about the type of hook up one does when aiding someone in various ways.

In the past week, I've had about 3 requests for help in a particular area.
Since the beginning of the year about three times that.
For some reason, it's picked up lately but even before I'd get a decent amount of requests each month.
What am I talking about?
Hooking models up with ways to find work, particularly in Europe.
They also request to get set up for gigs at events as well as introduced to the designers I know and work with.

The majority of the girls that write me, to be honest, are probably nice enough - they usually are at first - but then I really couldn't know that since I've never actually spoken to any of them for more than 2 minutes - if at all. But three of the times I did help out in the past, I ended up getting fucked - well actually, it was the guy I was seeing at the time that ended up getting fucked or some kind of attempt was made. In any case it got kind of ugly, full of drama, and generally sucked for all except for me. (Supposedly I got rid of a crap 'friend' or two, learned something new from the experience, etc. And yes, I did get most all of her shoots canceled and recanted all recommendations so that no future work was ever likely).

When I first started traveling to the EU for work, there were no other US models that were going out there that I could ask. There were a couple but I didn't know them well enough to ask. I did the research on my own. After several years, I can mentally list off the individual times a US model has introduced me to a photographer or set me up with a paying gig: 1. Emily Marilyn introduced me to a CH-based bondage photog who turned out to be a egotistical dick (to me) in the end. 2. [livejournal.com profile] ivy_red  & Kendra James have sent me links to some UK-based producers after we worked together out there a couple of times. (If I'm missing someone do comment!)

I have invested time, money, and effort in order to nurture and expand my network. Some of it has been quite enjoyable and rewarding because I have also met some truly great people as well as established wonderful friendships with individuals that I really trust. And so, through hours of e-mails, phone calls, and face-to-face contact I've been able to put a decent sized string of fetish-friendly (to a certain extent) places together in the EU (UK, FR, ES, PT, IT, GR, AT, CH, SK, CZ, PL, DE, NL, BE, DK, SE, LV, ES). There are also more places, but those are still in progress but that's almost 20 years of being in the fetish "community" which means a lot of people had to suffer my yapping at them.

(BTW, last year I did a month+ long tour of New Zealand and Australia - and as far as I can recall, there were no other US fetish models I could talk to about getting hooked up for shoots).

It can take a lot of physical as well as mental energy - sure anyone can just go and buy a ticket and fly, but I enjoy doing things personally and often without having to depend on people all the time. I've sorted out the best ways to travel for certain routes on my own, and luckily I've also avoided getting lost too horribly. Learning another language, or two, or three, or more also helps. Oh, and of course, I've experienced shooting with some photographers no other models known to me have worked with before. I'm not bragging about getting there first, what I'm saying is I couldn't just trust a familiar model I knew for a reference if I wanted to know if a particular producer was safe.

What else? I have attempted to recommend some model/performers for gigs and those producers have gone forward to book them on my recommendation. Sometimes no one shows up, or if they do, things go horribly wrong due to lack of professionalism from the person I suggested. I refuse to back someone who will end up breaking down any sort of trusting relationship I've built up. If I want to screw things up with a promoter or producer, I'm well-capable of doing it on my own. If someone's going to ruin my reputation in fetish, regardless of what its current status is, I can do that myself too.

Another thing? Why would I want to introduce you to my designers? Sure, I want them to make money and sell their clothing. Here's the link to their site, here's their address. Go buy lots of latex! I want them to sell a lot because that's why they use me. But you want me to introduce you to them so you can work for them the way I do?
(I think Darenzia put it best "Kumi, can u just give me money? And latex. All of it.")

Understandably, the economy sucks for a lot of people, but it's not necessarily better across the pond, it's just different. But as it is in most parts of the world, people that work for a living in a competitive area are highly unlikely to simply give up their contact lists, unless of course they enjoy slitting their own throats.

So then, will I help anyone? Perhaps, on the rare chance the opportunity arises and I'm feeling charitable (and my brain takes a dump).
However, I am lecturing on the subject (Models-A-Broad) at FetishCon in August this year.
I won't give up my contact list or phone numbers of the best paying producers, but I will have information some might actually find useful since it's obvious most are too lazy or incapable of doing the research themselves.

oh, and sometime photographers that i've worked with do ask me for models. And I do give those out, but I'm highly selective and chances are, I usually help out models that have helped me out ... er... yeah.
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Just about finished up English text in the gloves and gauntlets over at the HW design website in both the bizarre rubber and fashion sections.
Some gloves are missing though - because I know I have them.
But here are some :-)
(German text on the way).



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Right now I have 3 events confirmed for New Zealand and Australia.
The first is the Southern Exposure Weekend and the New Zealand FetishBall in Christchurch (Nov 14-16).
The second is a smaller party in Sydney on the 21st of November (Hellfire)
The last one is in Melbourne and takes place the 29th of November.
I'll be performing with [profile] fd_midori and each performance will be a different show :)

I will be returning to Sydney after the Melbourne event to fly back to San Francisco but not sure if I'll stay a bit longer (I think by the end of the trip i'll either want to get back to Cali or head home after so much traveling!)

So I'm trying to figure out which dates I will be traveling to/from cities in Australia.
How many days will I need for shoots, hanging out, sleeping,etc.

The sooner i can figure these out, the sooner i can book the flights before they get too costly.

i'm not looking for TFP. Although i have a lot of fun with it, this is my job and the way i pay for rent (and latex!)

if you're interested, please write as soon as u can and also do say which city is best! (saying "australia" doesn't help me as it's kind of big!)
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here's the info from Lori's site

Dates: June 21-22, 2008
Times: exact times to be determined, but approximately 9-5 both days
Location: Lancaster, CA
Cost: $995 (50% required to reserve your spot, balance due one week before the workshop.
A $25 discount will be given to you if you pay the full amount up front).
Spaces: 15 spaces are available in the workshop -- 6 SPOTS LEFT!
(as of my posting, 14 may - 00h00 GMT)

Please Note: This is an advanced class.
A portfolio review is required for admission unless
either Allan or I are familiar with your work.

Features of this workshop:

* Co-taught by both myself, and digital artistry genius Allan Amato (www.venuswept.org)

*2 days of photography and photoshop

*Day 1 we will be shooting here: www.waldhaus.com

*Day 2 we will be on a ranch with barn, water features, open desert, etc.

*Plenty of opportunity for after hours shooting and partying

*Full use model releases

*Amazing models are confirmed including:
Kumi (www.kumimonster.com)
Mosh (www.themoshroom.com)
Ulorin Vex (www.ulorinvex.com)
Trishy Trashy (www.trishytrashy.com)
Natalie Addams (www.natalieaddams.com)
Berlin (www.becomingberlin.net)
plus more not yet confirmed

(Please note that two of these models will
be flown in from Europe and one from D.C. for this event.)

*2 makeup artists, 1 hair stylist and 1 wardrobe stylist will be on hand.

* Wardrobe will be provided by Antiseptic Fashions
MM link

*Marquis Magazine and Coilhouse Magazine will both be featuring
photos from the workshop.

This is THE ONE not to miss kids!

To sign up for these workshops, or to get further information, email me at lori@lorimann.com


the location looks really damn cool
shit. it's like
[profile] ulorin_vex and i are trading in London for Lancaster. it better be cool!
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my sleep is still screwed up.
i'm going to bed too late (early in the AM)
and waking up too late (almost afternoon)

my room is a complete distaster here.
boxes of latex all over with contents strewn about.

i need to finish going thru emails re:latex sale.
i need to rewash and prepare for shipping/packing any latex that was sold.
it's a process.
i need to prepare the latex for UK sales made and put them aside for my trip.
I leave for London on the 12th.

I have to put credit on my US fone. it's been quite nice not having it on for these past couple of weeks.

I need to prepare updates for my site. webmaster has not posted the updates that should be up now. he's late by 2 just about (updates happen on Mon and Thurs). I need to get Thur's update done. I need to get next Mon update done. I need as many as I can actually. Behind in content. waiting on others but I guess I should know by now NOT to.

I need to ship things off tomorrow or Wednesaday if i can close on these last domestic latex sales.
I wont have time after Wednesday.
Dinner with family for brother/sis in law bday. - and mine too since  i leave too before it arrives.

I need to prepare the latex for the Vex show and bring it up to SF with me.
Must remember eyelashes for the girls.
The new Vex latex and gifts for the models should be here by Wednesday.

Thurday  AM i go to San Francisco to see Midori.
We have to check out the venue for our show on Friday night.

I need to discuss with midori our plans and fees for Rome mid April.
If That doesn't happen, I will go to Vienna for LifeBall.

Must meet up with Paul Nathan and discuss Fetish Evolution stage issues. (it's in Less than Three Weeks).

I need to set up rehearsal schedule for FE.
I need to get emails from the rest of the designers who don't seem to realize that communicating with me is  important - even though i'm just the stage manager.

Need to go to the Gallery event at DNA.

i need to not be hungover so I can perform well on Friday
more puter work to do this day.

i have to run rehearsals on sat day. first group.
i will have the latex that people wanted to buy.

i run the Vex show Sat nite.

Sunday more puter work and updates.

Monday i see family

Tuesday I leave for London
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ok. so to clarify more on the model search thingy for the SFball:

i will need 7 models total.

the theme this year is Metropolis.

Vex already has an idea in mind for the latex pieces that will be shown.
We will be presenting a show featuring the architectural/franklloydwright-inspired things.
Some of these pieces will also include part of my personal wardrobe (they've never been shown before in such a form).

That means, at the very least, the models should be able to fit into my pieces (have measurements not larger than mine).
Of course, new garments will also be produced which will allow for some leeway.

Think fierce and fashion, rather than alternative or freaky fetish. Think skyscrapers and deco glamorous.
no, there will be no platform chunky shoes in this show. (i hate those and it wont look good with the clothes)

i hate big fancy routines at fetish event fashion shows. there are no big spectacles planned and no big dance number for models to memorize.
The models will simply walk and pose (not vogue though). So i need the girls to be substantially striking and be able to carry off the designs.

Email: If you send me email, DONT put things like Hey", or "what's up?" or just "Kumi". it ends up going to spam.
at least if there's SFfetishball or Vex in the subject line, i can search for it and pull it out of the spam folder and forward it off instead of just letting it sit there forever.
here are images of the style we are going for (latex-wise)

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So in addition to performing with fd_midori at Club Enslaved, I will also be running the Vex Clothing fashion show.
This year's theme for the San Francisco FetishBall is Metropolis
so instead of the regular featured pieces currently at the Vex site, we're working on presenting some new and old pieces based on my stained glass/architectural outfits that Laura made but really hasn't featured anywhere.

This means I'm looking for models if you aren't already obligated to walk for someone else.
There will be compensation, but I have to confirm the details with Laura as to what they actually are.

Some of the items will take time to make so the sooner the better if you're interested.
post here, or write me at my email
(kumi @ kumimonster . com)
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so i have been going through my entire website preparing galleries to transfer into a new website.
A lot of my older gallery sets are just full of images that i consider to be sub-par or too similar to others so i have wanted them off for some time.
Well it's had some time to build up. Right now on my site i have about 26,000 + images.  ugh! So I have the task of personally cutting down those sets since I'm the only one who can do it the way i want. I also feel that it's someone deceptive (to the paying members) because sometimes those sets contain images that are too similar (i'm talking like 5 in a row). I could just leave it all, but it's really difficult to promote your own site if you don't feel that it's worth promoting. Plus, it's got my name on it.

After I weed out the ones I dont like, i have the wonderful job of photoshoping out any watermarks on the image. For some reason, many of the images just happen to have (www.kumimonster.com) slapped across the face or an obtrusive part of the image. sometimes it's in some garish color. annoying to all hell. So now, sometimes pixel by pixel, i am trying to fix this. i've gone through almost all of one photographer's gallery (Christine Kessler). Since she used to be my webchick I have a LOT of images from her. So far I've done about 3000 images (cut down to about 1000). My eyes hurt.

It is neat to see the work i have done in the past. Though sometimes it's not too fun to think 'wow, i look different' or 'wow, what a flat tummy.  i better start doing sit-ups!' heh. But one this is certain, there's a shitload of work i've done over the years!
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so wow. i have to get an email together for a new show idea for Torture Garden's May birthday event. It's 6 months away and there seems like there's so much time, but for what I have in mind I suppose i will need the time. unfortunately, fd_midori has other commitments though.

For next year's show, i already have an idea in my head and there are scenes that pop up, but i still need to work out the flow of action.
I also need to realize that the budget wont be unlimited and even though i'd like to have a lush and extravagant garden as well as a decadent lounge setting for the performance, i still have to restrain myself. But then, just a few props and a lot of fabric could make things work, especially in a darkened club - but only so far.

 I want the stage(s) to look like a real scene, completely dressed. not just a couple of props thrown on a blank and incomplete canvas. i want a complete environment that the audience will be forced to be a part of.

Obviously, there will be scenes of torture, but I dont think I want this show to be overtly bloody. there are so many shows at TG that feature extreme pain and blood and piercings. Instead representational props will be used. the Violence has to be erotic and sensual.

i have the perfomers in mind, and i have a MUA in mind. hopefully the budget wont be too extravagant.

i think it will work out nicely.
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getting stuff done is a good thing.
getting stuff done ahead of time is a very good thing.

so far, my website updates are queued up through the month of august!
i have a couple more to add to the month of september but im' trying to space out the sets featuring similar themes (latex, heavy rubber, bondage, etc).


need to get around to shooting eventually.
but now i have this huge bruise on my arm.
i fell off the bed when i was playing the xBox.

but we did get a package of wigs the other day, and really neat extensions too!


Easter falls in March next year. it's the weekend right after my birthday.
I will be in Essen again for FetishEvolution.
most likely walking for HWdesign again, of course.
but this time i am also going to be running the shows as the Bitch-In-Charge,  aka Stage/Production Manager
 ! ! !

Cutting people who show up late does wonders for making new friends. ok, maybe not that many actually..
but it really *does* feel incredibly GOOD!
plus, i'm not afraid to do it and i'm quite willing to abuse my authoritay!

since earlier is better, i'm already trying to get certain performers/groups booked.
though obviously, any final decision isn't actually up to me/
but at least i wont be suggesting crap shows.
(crap being highly objective and from my point of view, of course)
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i love being able to travel around europe and not only take the time to work and earn a living, but to also visit and hang out with the same people.

this week i've received over a dozen - almost 20 - emails from girls. asking me to give them leads for finding gigs in europe. oh, excuse me. PAID gigs.

i'm not saying i know everything and everyone out there, but i'm wondering if other models get emails like this? i can't be the only one. ?

i work my ASS off sourcing new photographers and producers, both online and in real life. why should i just simply give up the information? am i getting anything out of it? am i getting a cut? or should i just be nice?

i can't remember the last time someone actually hooked me up with a lead. i mean actively contacted me and said, 'hey kumi, this guy wants to shoot you and will pay you such n such money.'

i'm not saying it hasn't happened because i know it has. it's just been a very long time and it would take some thinking.

i spend a lot of time traveling and meeting people. some of my introductions took several visits to a particular city or country. so for example, if i spend the time to fly to a city, sometimes more than ones, to physically search for and eventually - hopefully - meet up with someone i'd like to work with, why should i give up their personal contact details to someone else?

sure it's nice to help people out, but then this isnt my hobby. this is my job.

and for the record. this next trip to europe already has me helping out one model who asked for contacts and that's it. so dont bother writing me if you're going to europe in april/may/etc. i'm not an agency. but if you'd like to offer a cut of your earnings, then sure.


screw this. i'm going to the bar.
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it's going to be a busy time

flying down to Los Angeles in a few days then to Denver after that...

04 - SJC to BUR
05 - shoot (eve)
06 - shoot (eve)
07 - shoot/clint catalyst (am)
08 - off day with FetishNation peeps. KBBQ and 300
09 - shoot (eve tent)
10 - shoots (9am - 9pm)
11 - shoots (9am - 9pm)
12 - shoots
13 - shoot (am), BUR to SJC
14 - off/pack
15 - SJC to DEN
16 - off
17 - bday
18 - performance/party
19 - DEN to SJC

I'm think I'm going to be worn out from exhaustion
i'm also thinking i might be lucky i have no shoots to do in Denver.
we'll see if anyone decides to pay me enough to do one.
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it just took me several hours to edit (weed out the crap images, crop the crap bits, and resize) photos for ONE fucking set.
didn't watermark them yet. nor deal with color correcting.
holy fuck.

what is up with strange people trying to IM you for cyberShit and when you say you're busy they get all upset. I haven't dealt with that in a long time.

At this rate, it'll take me the rest of the week before i go to LA to finish up 2 weeks of fucking updates. This is BULLSHIT. At this rate, I might as well not have a website. Fucking irritating. No time to eat. No time to piss. No time to get other work done or deal with booking shoots.

Dealing with these galleries and getting them prepped to transfer over to the new site is a pain. What's worse is finding all the GLARING errors that i distinctly remember asking my webmaster to change. And no changes were made. Things like pages where gallery titles were the same as the prior weeks' update but was missed due to lack of caring or giving a shit, being rushed.

I will be in Copenhagen in April to finalize the new site with my new webmasters. i get TWO of them and they're super cool to hang out with as well know how to generate sales and market my type of site.


In other work news, I'm running the show for Vex Clothing at the Fetish Evolution event in Essen this April. Laura just got back from a nice week of snowboarding. FUCK. I wish I was with her. The models have already been selected so don't even bother asking.


Pasta with a littlel garlic and olive oil tonite from [livejournal.com profile] ostanine's olive trees.
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this time i woke up at 4h30.

oh well. good for quiet work time.

every image on my site needs to be checked before it goes up on the new site.

i have over 23,600 images on my site.

currently they're divided up by photographer name. when i first started my site, i wanted to feature the photographers i worked with. i might have been more selective at one time, but then having a content driven site and members that probably don't care much for the actual names of artists doesn't really work. i knew it didn't, but i was stubborn.

now it's time to go with simpler divisions: me, me with friends, guests.
i'll also be adding: performances/out and about/events, kokopuff, print (flyers/magazines), and video.

each gallery has to have a paragraph or two describing it for the search engine.
that way people that want everything to do with me in stockings, can just type in 'stockings'.
people that want to see latex from a particular designer can just type in 'latex' or 'hwdesign'.

then i've got these galleries where there are a hundred images and some are so similar that there's no real difference. those are going out.

there are also images that photographers sent to me so incredibly small. i have images on my site that are only 400 pixels at the largest! those are going down and photogs are being chased to send me images at a proper visible size (800-1000 pxl). for some, i might have CDs of images so i wont have to bother the shooters quite yet. of course some images from photographers that have passed away or have disappeared off the radar will just have to be posted in the smaller size.

i've gotten quite a few galleries done:

Gerhard Aba
Steven Andres,
Gilles Berquet,
Michael Blue,*
Christopher Burke,
jeff c,
peter czernich/marquis,*
Anna Devia,
Stephan Doleschal,
Wolfgang Eichler,
Marcus Ewers,
Aaron Hawks,
karima cherif,
Kelly Lind,*
Ken Marcus,
Eric Martin,
James Mogul/Nawashibari,*
Andreas Neubauer,
Jana S,
Andre Sanchez,
Sebastien Solo,
Adam Walsh,
Ben Westwood,
Emma Wilcox
Chris Young...


i have yet to do:
bolder productions
bondage project/matthias grimme,*
marcus caruso,
dan chick,
geoff cordner
jody cortes,

peter dasilva,
fatal photography,*
ashley fontenot,
paolo frunzio (asstard sent 2 images to me & laura/vex. he wont return emails).
perry gallagher,
charles gatewood,
gothic image
steve diet goedde,
gwen media,
kevin h,
eric hansen-hansen (owes me fucking fotos)
bridgett harrington,
lee higgs,
david hindley,
jerry johnson
roman kasperski,*
christine kessler, *
daniel knutsen,
greg kulz
tom kuoh,
tiger lee,
bob libby,
lithium picnic,
john louie,
elin marklund,
stephen mcclure,
craig morey,*
christophe mourthe,*
melvin moten
rob nay
llednor nadirehs,
dave naz,*
john nystrom,*
harlan overlike,
dorabla picerno,
martin pelzer,
matt peterson,
tim polecat,
tom porta (fuck this ass. still owes me money and i've not a single photo)
amy rivera,*
thomas rusch (wondering where my damn photos are still after 3 years),
gili shani,
ronan spellman,
gary & pierre silva,
chris taylor,
manuel urquizar,
valentina fetish doll,
rachel varla,
toni veziris,
chad michael ward,

*Some of the galleries are massive. so much content. I have a ton from Christine Kessler to go thru. and Christophe Mourthe as well. Dave Naz too (most of his sets are too small to repost yet unfortunately).

wow. i needed to see what this looked like in list form.
i've got to get cracking!


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looking at fares on ba.com for a return to europe (end of march thru june - longer if my visa stuff goes thru)

right now, san francisco to london in march is just $222 (one way, but based on round trip travel).



today i prepped more galleries for transfer to the new site which will be based in europe.
i'm going thru each photographer gallery and adding a description that includes key words (latex, leather, bondage, bald, heavy rubber, hoods, stockings, etc) that can be used on the search feature for the site. A simpler pay site with easier browsing and not so many distractions and links-out. No more links out (not sure if i'm keeping the toplist, but i will be keeping guest galleries).

i went thru the galleries for Gerhard Aba, Steven Andres, Gilles Berquet, Wolfgang Eichler, Kelly Lind, NawaShibari, Andreas Neubauer, Adam Walsh, & Emma Wilcox. Only

Only about 100 more photographers to go through. (each of those galleries contain anywhere from 1 to 40 sets. Shit). But when it's done, it'll be GREAT!
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starting to fall into place
14 fly in from somewhere
15 shoot
17 shoot
18 shoot
20 fly to athens

i think i keep the other days off.
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2007 is already getting booked up.

march vienna
april essen
may athens london

september lyon
october london
november milan
november-december australia-new zealand

need to settle oslo and copenhagen gigs

need to buy airplane

need to shower w/ hot water
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so much for free time

busy is good, but aieeeee

oct 19 to milan
oct 20 milan, shoot
oct 21 to modena, shoot
oct 22 to bologna, shoot
oct 23 bologna, shoot
oct 24 to köln
oct 25 solingen, shoot
oct 26 solingen, shoot. to copenhagen

my entire order list from VEx is arriving soon too!
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